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At the moment, I have been travelling quite a bit between my parent's house, London and my University and I have realised that I always take the same items with me no matter what. Also, I am going away in the Summer on a couple of holidays with my friends and family and I knew that I would probably be taking the same essentials with me when I go on holiday but I will do a blog post on what I take in my carry on nearer the time. These essentials are really what I have in my handbag all the time, especially when I'm on the train or if I'm in the car.

Like I said this is more my travel essentials for when I'm just travelling round the UK and I will be doing a blog post on what I take when I go abroad and I'm on a long haul flight. So this is everything that I keep in my handbag when I am travelling, whether its on the train or in the car.

iPhone - I always have my phone with me when I am travelling. When I am on a train I will often write emails or listen to music and the same goes for when I'm in the car but when I'm not driving obviously.
Earphones - I always keep my earphones in my handbag, and it's obviously handy to have a spare pair in your bag so you can listen to music whenever you want, it is especially useful when on the tube in London.
Laptop - I always have my laptop with me, and similarly to bringing my iPhone I will draft emails, or work on blog posts while I am travelling, especially if I know it is going to be a long journey.
Purse/Wallet - This is obvious, but I always have my purse with me and I will always have spare change, especially if I am going over a toll bridge or if I want to buy sweets for the journey. I will also keep all my train tickets and my Oyster card in my purse all the time just so I don't lose them.
Keys - House and Car - I obviously bring my house and car keys with me, unless I am not driving my car.
Charger (phone and laptop) - I always bring my phone charger with me, even if I am just going somewhere for the day as I can charge my phone in my car and if I am on the train then I can just charge my phone through my laptop.
ID (passport/driving licence) - This is something that I just always keep in my handbag, as I know I will forget it if I don't have it in there all the time. It's just handy to have some form of ID on you when you are travelling.
Hairbands - I always keep spare hairbands in my handbag, especially when I am returning home and I just want to put my hair up and have my hair off my face. Plus I am always loosing hairbands so I always keep some in my handbag for those times when I don't want my hair down.
Bobby Pins - You never know when you are going to need a bobby pin. I keep a handful in a zipped up compartment in my handbag because if I put my hair up then I may want to use bobby pins or if my hair starts to look a bit rubbish as the day goes on then I can fix it with a bobby pin.
Makeup Bag with my everyday makeup in - I recently did a blog post on what is in my makeup bag which has all my everyday makeup in. I always have to bring my makeup bag with me especially if I am travelling to a special occasion or to a meeting and I know I will have to touch up my makeup quite quickly. I will only keep the essentials like my foundation, concealer, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. To see my blog post on What's in my Makeup Bag then please click here.
Hairbrush - I take my Tangle Teezer with me all the time. It is so compact and I don't have to worry about it taking up too much room in my handbag. It is great if it is a slightly windy day and you just want to fix your hair before a meeting.
Notebook and Pen - I like to plan while I am travelling so I will always have a notebook and pen in my handbag because sometimes you can get inspiration for blog posts from travelling.
Hand Cream - I will always have hand cream on me, especially if they are getting quite dry.
Hand Sanitizer - This is a must-have especially when using public transport because you don't want to be spreading on germs and getting ill.
Sunglasses - I will always have my sunglasses on me, as sometimes it can be raining in one place and then it can be sunny in your destination. I just keep my River Island oversized sunglasses in my handbag as they are my current favourites.
A Book - When I am travelling I will always bring a book with me because it is really the only chance I get to read nowadays. I'm actually in London for a few days and I didn't bring a book with me, so I had to choose one of my friends books to include in the photo but usually I go for a fairly lengthy book, like 500 pages. But usually when I travel I am either on my phone or laptop so I need to get back into reading.
Makeup wipes - Usually I won't use makeup wipes to remove my makeup because I know they are not good for the skin, but when I am travelling I will always bring some with me. They are just so handy and it is easier to remove my makeup on a train or in a car with makeup wipes. Also I hate travelling in makeup, especially after a long day, so it is nice to just remove my makeup while I am travelling so I don't have to worry about it when I get home.

These are just a few of my essentials that I bring with me when I am travelling within the UK and I will be writing a blog post on what I take on a long haul flight very soon.

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