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I love to travel and I have been very fortunate to have visited some amazing countries and gotten to experience other people's culture, food and environment. I really wanted to write a blog post on where I have travelled to but I thought instead of just writing about my holidays, which would go on forever, I would try and find a TAG that I could answer. I found this TAG on a blog called and it is actually run by a good friend of mine. So I thought I would answer the questions on this blog to make it a bit more interesting ...

1. Where are you from in the world?

I am from the UK, although I am half English and half Scottish and then I also have relatives from Ireland, America and Canada.

2. Have you been overseas? If so, when and where?

I must admit when I made a list of everywhere I had ever been too, the list wasn't that long. Although I have been to Spain three times and I have been to America over ten times, so I guess my family prefer certain holiday destinations. I have been very lucky to go on some amazing holidays with my family and friends. The countries that I have visited and absolutely loved are:

America, Scotland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Lapland and Canada.

3. Do you prefer Summer of Winter?

Definitely Summer! I feel like there is more you can do on a summer holiday and most of mine were during the summer because of time off school and things like that. Plus you can relax on the beach and then also explore the city in the sunshine. I have only been on one Winter holiday and that was when we went to Lapland when I was six or seven and it was so cold that it was difficult to do anything there. Plus I am not a massive fan of skiing or snowboarding.

4. Do you prefer Summer or Winter fashion?

I actually prefer Spring and Autumn fashion the most. But in terms on holidays I definitely prefer Summer because I can wear bikinis and dresses, whereas when I went to Lapland I had to layer up in this horrible coat and skiing gear which was really uncomfortable.

5. Where is somewhere you would love to travel to?

I have always wanted to travel to Australia and spend six months there, plus I also really want to go there to see the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix live as I think it would be incredible.

6. Name your essential makeup items for the beach?

My holiday makeup look won't change much from my everyday makeup look. However, I always remember to put sunscreen on, and then I probably won't wear much eyeshadow and I definitely won't contour or highlight. However, I always make sure that if I wear eyeliner or mascara that it is waterproof in case I decide to have a swim.

7. Are you currently saving up for a trip?

Next Summer I am going to America for a month and then next Christmas I am planning on going to New York but I'm not sure whether that will happen now or not.

8. Do you like/dislike travelling?


9. Name a place in the world you would love to shop?

Probably Los Angeles or Paris.

10. Who is your favourite beauty gurus and where do they live?

Fleur De Force - UK Blogger/YouTuber
Tanya Burr - UK Blogger/YouTuber
Louise Pentland (aka Sprinkle of Glitter) - UK Blogger/YouTuber
Ingrid Nilsen - US YouTuber

11. What accent is your favourite in the world?

It has to be Australian or Irish.

12. How many countries have you visited?

Roughly 8 countries but I have been to the same country multiple times.

13. Why do you travel?

I am only 20 so most of my holidays have been with my parents, so when I was younger it was them who decided when and where we went. I have been fortunate to visit some amazing places, like Florida, Hawaii, Barcelona and Rome to name a few. I just remember meeting new people and getting to experience a new culture which was different to ours and holidays with my parents are some of my best memories.

14. Where is your favourite city/country?

It has to be America because there are so many states that you can visit. But my favourite city is Rome as it is absolutely stunning.

15. What is your most memorable memory abroad?

My most memorable memory is the last holiday I went on with a very close family friend. It was the last holiday before they passed away and I will always remember having incredible memories of just laughing with them and I will never forget it.

16. What is the best item you have purchased abroad?

I have two dresses that I got in Florida when I was little. I remember I saved up all of my pocket and holiday money to pay for these dresses from the Disney store. One was a Snow White dress and the other was a Christmas Belle dress. They are still in my wardrobe and of course they don't fit me but they are pieces that I will never get rid of and I like the fact that even though I was seven I didn't waste my money on sweets and instead bought something that will remind me of my favourite holiday.

17. Have you any advice for those who want to travel but can't?

I think if you really want to travel somewhere then you just have to save, even if its a small amount each week, it will soon add up. Plus always do your research before booking hotels especially when trying to find a cheaper deal.

18. What accessories do you take on the plane?

I always take my phone and headphones, plus I usually take my laptop and have a book (if it is a long haul flight). These are the items that I must always have with me on a plane otherwise I will get really bored and I really struggle to sleep on planes.

19. Can you recite your passport number from memory?

I cannot recite it off by heart.

20. What is your preferred method of travel, e.g. cars, planes, trains etc?

Definitely car and then planes, although I do have to take the train a lot when I travel between my parent's house and my flat at University when I go home for the weekend.

21. What are your top three travel items?

Laptop, Camera and Phone (plus the main priority is buying a converter when I get there so I can charge everything).

22. Do you prefer hotels or hostels?

I must admit I have never stayed in a hostel so I can't really comment too well on this question as I have only ever stayed in hotels when I have been on holiday. But I think if I was to travel around Australia then I would definitely stay in a hostel if I was with some of my friends. However, for the time being I prefer hotels.

23. Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?

I must admit looking at past holidays, my family like to go to the same place which is mainly Florida. However, there are places that we really want to go to and we love to explore new places as much as we like going back to some cities and countries.

24. Do you read up on your destination for culture, history or safety or do you chance it?

I definitely research the place before we travel there and I have learnt that from my Mum. You can easily complete the research online and don't have to worry about buying expensive travel books. It's always handy to know a bit about the place before you go there, especially in terms of where there are landmarks and where some of the best restaurants are.

25. What are your favourite travel websites?

It depends on what this question actually means but one of the best for checking reviews on hotels and places to visit, is to go on TripAdvisor.

26. Where would you recommend a friend to visit and why?

I would say Spain for the culture and for great food, Rome for culture, great food and if you are planning on a romantic holiday and America for adventure.

27. You're leaving tomorrow, money is no option, where are you going?

Probably to go to Australia for 6 months and then travel to New Zealand as well.

28. What is your favourite landmark that you have ever visited?

Definitely when I visited the Colosseum in Rome. It was absolutely incredible as was all the landmarks in Rome, but I am a massive history geek and I just loved learning about it's history in particular.

29. Do you prefer a beach holiday or an adventure/exploring holiday?

I love beach holidays, but that is probably because I grew up by the seaside. However, I would get bored if I just went to the beach everyday so I like to balance out my time at the beach and exploring the place as well.

30. To travel it to ...

... explore new places, cultures, food and meet new people!!

I would love to hear what your favourite holiday was and to tag you to complete this TAG as well!!

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