Saturday, 25 July 2015


I really wanted to complete another TAG as the last one I did was on travelling and I thought it would be quite interesting for me to write another one. I found a simple one that I think every blogger has done at some point and it is the 50 facts about me TAG. It's not really a proper TAG as there are no set questions and instead you just have to say 50 facts that people might find interesting.

1. I was born in a very small town on the coast in Suffolk, England.
2. My Mum is English and my Dad is Scottish.
3. I am in my final year of University and I study law.
4. My name is Victoria Louise Caldwell, but everyone calls me Vicki.
5. I have family in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Canada and America.
6. I get quite annoyed when people spell my name with a y at the end even when they have known me for years.
7. My first plane journey was when I was six months old and we went to Scotland to see my Grandparents.
8. I was born in the same hospital as Ralph Fiennes (who plays Lord Voldermort in the Harry Potter films).
9. I once got to walk out with the Scottish Rugby team, that was mainly due to the fact my Dad signed me up.
10. My star sign is Cancer.
11. I have been lucky enough to travel to Florida five times.
12. I have no siblings.
13. I love to play tennis and golf.
14. At school, I use to go to a dance class and my oldest friend made me enter the school talent show with her.
15. I can speak some French and Italian, but all I can remember is "Can I have some cheese please?"
16. I love to watch Formula 1, snooker, tennis, athletics, rugby and golf.
17. Touch wood, I have never broken any bones, although I did chip a bone in my finger when it got caught in the door when I was seven.
18. I use to suffer from really bad anxiety until I went to University.
19. I cannot sleep unless I have my TV on or I have a video playing on YouTube.
20. I really want four dogs; a St Bernard, a Westie, a Golden Retriever and a Springer Spaniel.
21. My Dad once got to have dinner with Michael Schumacher and the Ferrari team in Australia and I remember being given a Ferrari shirt as a present.
22. My first kiss was when I was 4 and it was with my best friend at the time Jack (it was only a peck and then I didn't kiss anyone until High School).
23. I didn't even know about blogging until I started reading Fleur de Force's blog in 2011.
24. I have been kayaking, abseiling, tobogganing, rockclimbing and I have taken part in the leap of faith (which was the scariest thing I have ever done).
25. In Primary school I use to be really into drama and always took part in the school play.
26. I was definitely a teacher's pet at high school.
27. I love baking!
28. I have seen over 20 musicals in London and even got to meet the cast of Wicked backstage and the cast from Les Miserables.
29. No surprise I love shopping, especially when it's buying clothes and makeup.
30. I have got a signed poster from David Tenant (who use to be Doctor Who) and he wrote a message for me on it as well as I was such a fan of his.
31. I don't have any tattoos and only have my ears pierced once.
32. I use to sing at school and definitely wanted to be a singer at one point.
33. I have 13 GCSES and 5 A Levels.
34. I hate coffee!
35. My favourite film of all time is the film Rush!
36. My favourite song at the moment is Love Yourself and What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber.
37. I use to study fashion at high school and sixth form and got recognised for my work by the local rotary club for my design.
38. I am a perfectionist!
39. I use to be scared of clowns and would refuse to watch anything with a clown in.
40. The only pet I have ever had is a rabbit called Pixie, who was named after the pixie dust in Peter Pan.
41. The most influential person in my life is my amazing Mum.
42. I love to draw, especially flowers and buildings.
43. I have been lucky enough to go to Hawaii and cut my foot on some coral in the Ocean.
44. I am very easily distracted.
45. I have never been in love, although I am only 20 and a couple of times I thought I was in love when in fact I wasn't.
46. My favourite flowers are peonies.
47. I am so competitive and I am even competitive at Monopoly.
48. I am allergic to cats.
49. I have never watched Titanic or the Notebook.
50. I am obsessed with Twitter and now Snapchat.

I would love to know something that is interesting about you all and for you to also have a go at writing 50 facts about you. It's a lot harder that you think it is!


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