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Last week, I decided to sort through my wardrobe and get rid of clothes that I don't wear anymore. I realised that there are some pieces in my wardrobe that are what I would consider are essentials and I will always have them in my wardrobe. A great foundation to any wardrobe is to have a few simple pieces that are classic and may seem simple but they can be dressed up or down. My essentials are timeless and will always be in style because of their simplicity and are the basic foundations for any outfit. I have found twelve wardrobe essentials that I always need and they are the foundation to my wardrobe and any outfit I wear.

Little Black Dress

A little black dress is a classic and a must-have in any woman's wardrobe. There are so many to choose from that it can seem quite daunting which one would suit your body shape and be the most flattering for you. I will be writing a post soon on finding the perfect little black dress for your shape very soon. I prefer more simple little black dresses that are fairly tight but have more of a skater skirt. Little black dresses are perfect for any occasion, whether it is going to a party, going on a date or even going shopping with friends; the only difference will be the style you choose for each occasion. I have a couple of LBDs in different styles which I think is the best choice to go for but I wear there so often because I know they will go with anything.

White Dress

For me having a white dress in my wardrobe is just as essential as having a little black dress. However, I find a white dress harder to wear than a LBD. I do find that I wear a LBD in the Autumn and Winter months, and then in the Spring and Summer I will wear a little white dress instead. I have so many summer dresses in white because they always look amazing with a tan and I love taking them on holiday with me. You can also wear a white dress for any occasion (although I never wear a white dress to a wedding!) and it is just a nice alternative to the classic LBD. Plus I find that a white dress can look really elegant with a pair of tan heels or wedges and a matching handbag.

Black Jacket

Whether it is a leather jacket or a blazer, a black jacket is a must-have in my wardrobe. I find that they just bring a simple outfit together and are just a classic. You can never go wrong with a black leather jacket or a black blazer and are perfect all year round. Plus they go with anything and although I love brighter blazers as well, I find that I hardly wear them whereas with a simple black blazer I can wear it with anything and it will look amazing. These are a must-have in my wardrobe and I wear them all year round, and I always wear them when I am travelling because they are lighter to carry that a thick trench or Winter coat.

White Shirt

One of my favourite outfits to wear it a simple white shirt tucked into a pair of high waisted jeans with either a pair of flat shoes or a pair of court high heels. A simple white shirt is perfect for any occasion and even a £10 white shirt from Primark can look fairly expensive depending on what you pair it with. I just think even though it is simple, it can look really elegant and feminine. I really love slightly oversized white shirts tucked into jeans or trousers. I own three or four white shirts and they are all in different styles and materials which I really like. Even though a white shirt is fairly plain, there are different styles that they can come in and I think they just look so elegant and look amazing with a tan.

Tank Tops

Tank tops of vest tops are just essentials that I always have in my wardrobe. They are just so handy and I always wear them when I am just having a day at home working. Also I have a few tops that are either lace or are quite sheer, and you just need a tank or vest top underneath. I have so many tank tops in my wardrobe in a variety of colours and I never buy really expensive tank tops because I know they will always get ruined. So I just buy the tank tops from Primark which are only £1.80 and I know that if the top gets a stain or it stretches out of shape then I can chuck it out and buy a new one.


Now everyone will probably own at least a couple of pairs of jeans in their wardrobe. But there are so many styles out there that I always get confused which ones look best on me. I have worked out what is the best style for my body shape. I am going to be writing a post soon on finding the perfect pair of jeans for your shape, because I know how difficult it is to find what style suits what shape. I love skinny high waisted jeans, just because I think they suit me better plus I love to wear crop tops and tuck shirts into them as well. Also, I love how jeans can come in all different shades so I have a pair in the normal dark blue denim, then I have white jeans, black jeans, light blue jeans and grey jeans. Plus some are distressed and some are 3/4 length so there are so many styles out there than you can choose from. I just feel like jeans go with anything and they are just so comfortable to wear during the day or can be dressed up for going out in the evening.

Black Skirt

If I could only choose one skirt to have in my wardrobe then it would have to be a simple black skirt. I love skirts and I have so many because they are perfect to wear all year. But you cannot go wrong with a simple black skirt. I have a couple; one is a skater skirt and then I have a more fitted pencil skirt. They are just perfect for when I have to go to meetings or I have to look more professional at University. I just think that a black skirt is a must-have in my wardrobe, although I do wear it the least but I know that I always need one in my wardrobe just in case.

Basic T-Shirt

This is another essential in my wardrobe, and like the tank tops I have so many T-shirts in different colours. I also have a variety in short sleeve and then I have some that are long sleeve. I have recently gotten into wearing denim dungarees and the denim pinny dresses so I got loads of T-shirts to go under and I now have so many. They are just great to throw on when you want to be casual and I just throw a jacket over the top with a pair of jeans and then I am good to go. Also these basic T-shirts are sold everywhere and you can get them fairly cheap from shops like Primark and H&M. Also you can get some basic T-shirts that have crochet or lace detailing which I have from H&M and I just love how they are casual but then they have this pretty lace detailing as well.

Black or Nude High Heels

I love high heels and I have so many pairs but my must-haves and the ones that I wear the most are either black or nude high heels. These are just classic colours and they are always the shoes that I grab for when I have a special occasion to go to or if I am going out for the evening. Black and nude are the most popular shades because they will go with everything and I have had high heels in brighter colours before and I have had to get rid of them because I hardly wore them. I also always buy a more expensive pair of heels in black and nude and then a cheaper pair as well just in case I am going somewhere where I don't want to wear anything too expensive. But I just think that if you only have one pair of high heels then go for a pair in either black or nude.

A Pair of Black Flat Shoes

My go-to shoes during the day are always a pair of flat shoes. I usually have to walk quite a bit at University and whenever I'm in London so it is always easier for me to wear a pair of flats, just to be more comfortable. But my must-have pair of flats is always in black. I usually buy cheaper flat shoes and more expensive high heels just because I wear flats more and they often get ruined after wearing them so much, so it is always best for me to buy cheaper flat shoes. I have so many pairs of flat shoes in a variety of colours but the one that I wear the most is a pair of black flat dolly shoes. They just go with every outfit and I find that in most styles of shoes it is always best to own a pair in black just because they are just so versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down.

Black or Brown Boots

Every Winter I always buy a new pair of boots and I will always buy a pair in black and a pair in a dark brown or tan colour. I just think that these colours are the most practical for a pair of Winter boots and I always wear those two colours the most and I don't really buy boots in any other colour. They once again will go with every outfit and are perfect shades for boots.

Tote Handbag

Handbags have been a love of mine since I was little and I have noticed that I have one style that I always go for when I am buying a new handbag. I do have a real mixture of handbags in my wardrobe; varying in size, style and price. However, there is one style that I always buy and I will always pair with most of my outfits; this being the tote handbag. I love this style the most because it is so practical for University and travelling, and I can carry my laptop in my handbag because it is so big. I really love the fact that the tote handbag is such a classic style and will always be on trend and can turn a basic outfit into something that looks amazing. There are designers like Mulberry and Kate Spade who love to keep to the signature tote handbag, but what I like is high street brands will have a version of the designer styles for much less. I am always drawn to the tote handbag but I always try to stick with classic colours, like tan and black just because they work really well with any outfit and can be used for work and school. However, my Kate Spade tote handbag is in a pastel pink and that looks amazing in the Spring and Summer months.

Let me know what your wardrobe must-haves are?


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