Saturday, 12 September 2015


So these nail polishes have been out for a couple of months and I'm not sure why I didn't review them at the time but I thought I would finally tell you what I think about them. This is the 12 piece collection with all the nail polishes having festival names with them. I actually purchased the last two only a week ago and I wanted to make sure I had all the collection to include in the blog.

I have three of the Kate Moss nude collection nail polishes from Rimmel and I love them but unfortunately I'm not as keen on the Rita Ora collection.

Firstly, I want to talk about the packaging as this is something that I do like about this collection. I think they just look so pretty with the flowers in the same colour as the nail polish and then having her signature in the same colour as well. When they are all lined up they do look really good and are nice to just look at.

There are obviously 12 different colours in this collection and some of them I would wear like the taupe and peach colour but I wouldn't wear the bright oranges or the red as they are not my colours at all. I only got all of them because I wanted to show you the full collection. But the one colour I love the most is actually the teal blue shade and is called "Port-a-loo Blue" and I have worn it a couple of times and it has looked good especially in the Summer. But the "Tangerine Tent," which is a bright orange, just didn't look right on me and I don't wear much orange and I just would never wear it. So I probably like 6 of the 12 shades from her collection.

I have found that the formula isn't very consistent amongst all of the 12 nail polishes. Over the last couple of months I have purchased them from Boots, Superdrug and some Supermarkets, as some of the shops I went into only stored certain shades and I wanted to get all 12 nail polishes. I found with some of the nail polishes that it was a great formula and was easy to apply and only needed one coat and then there were a few where the quality was awful and it didn't apply well and needed four coats which I don't have time to bother with. So I think it depends on the store that sells it and maybe I stored it wrong and that affected it but all my other nail polishes stay in the same place as my Rita Ora collection and they are fine. So if you want to buy these then hopefully you will get nail polishes in a great formula but it just doesn't seem to be consistent. I actually got two of the peach coloured nail polishes and one was a great formula and then the other one was awful and was so watered down almost and I got them from the same shop.

I don't know how much longer these will be in stores but I still see them everyday I go into town but I wouldn't buy them again in the future which is a shame as I love the bottles and I usually love Rimmel nail polishes. But the Rita Ora collection is just not as good as the Kate Moss collection, in my opinion, and I would stick with the nude collection created by Kate Moss recently.

My favourites are the blues and greens which are shown below and are called:

  • Bestival Blue
  • Roll in the Grass
  • Port-A-Loo Blue


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