Tuesday, 20 October 2015


I just want to first of all apologise for not blogging at all for the last two weeks. My laptop once again broke and had to be fixed and I got it back last Sunday and then I was quite behind with my Uni work and spent most of my week studying and preparing for seminars. But I am not up to date with all my work and I can turn my attention back to my blog. I know its not a Wednesday or a Sunday but I wanted to write this as I feel like I need to make up for not blogging over the last two weeks.
So I have never really been into wearing scarves, as I never thought they looked good on me and all the scarves I like are either Alexander McQueen or Burberry. Obviously I cannot afford either and right now I've gone off them and I don't know why. I think it is because they are so expensive and I prefer to show you all affordable pieces of clothing that you can also go and buy. So I try to keep a balance between expensive and affordable products.
But recently I have gotten into scarves and especially Primark scarves, as you are all aware I go into Primark quite a lot and I buy the essentials from there, like my jeans, leggings and long sleeve tops because they are so cheap. And I can't afford to spend £300 on a pair of jeans that will only last a few years. I always use to buy my Mum scarves for her birthdays and Christmas, and when I use to buy a scarf for myself, I would always give it to her. But I was in Primark the other day and just fell in love with this scarf ...

I feel like everyone is wearing checked scarves because they are in and I just think its a must have in any wardrobe. A lot of the time in Autumn and Winter I will wear dark clothes, my Winter coat is black and I have my black leather jacket and I wear my jeans a lot, and I just find that I don't wear colourful items when it's Autumn. Now I know what you are probably thinking, that the scarf is still quite a dark colour as it is burgundy but when I'm wearing my jeans, a  black long sleeve top and my leather jacket, it just adds a tiny bit of colour so not everything is so dark. Plus I love the fact that there is the white and burgundy/purple check print. Also I love the fact that there is a hint of pink as well in the scarf which just makes it feel a bit more girly but isn't too over the top. 
Also it is so warm, it has been fairly cold up here and I have worn this scarf every day for the last week and all my friends have complimented my scarf and asked me where it was from, and no one can believe it is from Primark and only cost me £4. I don't think it matters how much you spend on a product, its the way you wear it which makes it look more expensive. I have seen my friends wear clothing from Primark and people think that it cost them a fortune where in reality the whole outfit probably cost them £40. But I love this scarf and I love the fact that it is frayed at either end and it does keep me warm as I have a bit of a sore throat and I will be wearing this the whole time in Winter and I am definitely going to go back to Primark and buy one for my Mum for her birthday in November and see if they have the same scarf but in different colours.

I am soon going to be doing a little challenge with one of my friends where we are going to have to create a whole outfit from Primark and stick to a budget. I have done this before and I have gotten a whole outfit for £20. We might have to up the budget because the last time I did that it was the Summer and we didn't have to buy jackets or cardigans. So I think I will be doing that in the next couple of weeks, maybe the first week of November because I have to get an outfit for my Mum's birthday, so keep an eye out for that. Plus don't forget next Thursday I am going to be doing my Christmas/holiday presents series, and I am very excited for that because I love Christmas and it will hopefully be something you will all enjoy.
I hope you are all having a great start to the week and please check my blog tomorrow and Thursday because I have two more blog posts going up and I am starting my Christmas Gifts series on Thursday which I am pretty excited about!!!!

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