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 I love the gift sets that Boots have in stock over the Christmas period, and I always buy quite a few for my family members and I sometimes buy myself a gift set but this year I got told not to buy anything for me because my family don't want me to buy gift sets that they have got me, plus I know I have asked for a couple of sets and I don't know whether they have got those for me or not.

I think Boots is one of the best stores for Christmas gift sets and from around the middle of November each week they will have a gift set which is roughly £45 and they will have it reduced to £22.50. This can vary though and I know there have been gift sets which were originally £60 and reduced to £30. These are known as there star gifts and I love these because you get great quality gifts at a reasonable price. At the moment it is the Sanctuary gift set (priced at £22.50) which I was going to get for my Mum but the problem with Sanctuary is my Mum only likes a few of the products so it's actually better if I buy them separately for her instead. But they actually have another gift set on offer this week which I did buy her. This is the Joules "Ready for the Weekend" bag which was reduced from £45 to £22.50.

I think this gift set is perfect for Mums and Grandparents but it would also be perfect for anyone really. I really like the fact that it comes in a canvas bag which can be used when you go away for the weekend, as a lot of the gift sets come in boxes which never get used and just get thrown in the bin. I think the pattern is really pretty and I love the fact that it is a grey background which the pink, yellow and blue flowers which just makes it feel quite girly and I know my Mum will love it. It's just a simple canvas bag which could be used for anything but would obviously be perfect for weekend getaways. I also like the fact that the lining of the bad if pink and white stripes as it just makes it feel like they have put some effort into this bag. It's actually a really big bag and was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be; because I ordered it online. The Boots website says that the measurements for this bag are approximately 36 x 36 x 11cm.

You don't just get the bag in this gift set but you also get six toiletries which I think are a decent size and range between 125ml and 250ml. Sometimes with gift sets you get miniature toiletries and they can be just as much as the full size toiletries, so you do have to watch out for that in some gift sets. The one criticism I have about these toiletries is the packaging. For me they are quite old fashioned and I would have preferred that all the toiletries have the floral theme because some are striped and some are floral and it just looks like they threw a load of products into a bag. But I love the fact that the toiletries are products that you can use, because I have found that in the past some brands will put in products that people don't ever use and they just get wasted.

I can't really tell you the smell of these products because they all have a protective film on them and obviously I don't want to peel that off because I don't want the toiletries to leak in the bag. But I did open slightly and I really liked the smell and it wasn't too floral scented and is a toiletry that I would definitely use as well. I am going to give a brief list of what toiletries you get in this gift set and these are ...

Brilliant Bubbles Foaming Bath Soak (250ml)

Very Handy Hand Wash (250ml)

Feel Good Floral Body Wash (200ml)

Smooth The Day Away Body Lotion (125ml)

Fantastic Fingers Hand Cream (125ml)

Lovely Scrubbly Body Scrub (125ml)

I'm not completely keen on the names that they have given each toiletry but I love the fact that they have put in toiletries that everyone uses and they will not be wasted, because my Mum is quite fussy about skincare. I also like the fact that the toiletries are wrapped in a bright pink tissue paper but the paper has already ripped so I think I'm going to go buy some more tissue paper and then individually wrap each product. I think the reason why it has ripped is because obviously I have had to take pictures of them for this post but also they haven't individually wrapped each product but they have put two products together and wrapped it that way and they have ripped the paper when the bag actually moved. But I am fine buying more tissue paper and obviously if you buy this you won't be taking the individual toiletries out before you give it as a present.

I think this present is great for any family member and I would actually buy one for myself as a little Christmas present to myself if I hadn't already purchased my new laptop. I am so impressed with this gift set and really my only criticism is the packaging of the toiletries and everything else is amazing. I am also loving the Ted Baker gift sets as well as the Champneys, No 7 and Sanctuary gift sets and I will have a link below. There is a teddy bear from Champneys that I have my eye on for my little cousin and maybe one for me as well. I think Boots always do brilliant gift sets and they have sets that are for every price range, so they do have gift sets that cost £100 and they have smaller stocking fillers that only cost a £4.

So I hope you liked this post, I said I wasn't able to write any posts this week because I have been busy and its been fairly stressful and it will be like this for a while, but I am going to write a post on some of my favourite make up items to give at Christmas and a lot of them are actually new to No 7, so that will be going up around half 8 tonight. Don't forget I am going to be writing a blog posts every day from Tuesday up until Christmas Eve and I will have two stocking filler gift guides up in a couple of weeks because a lot of the items are back at home.

I hope you are all having an amazing weekend and I will have another post up at 8:30pm tonight and then my next blog post will be this Tuesday around 5pm.

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