Monday, 9 November 2015


I recently purchased the L'Oreal Paris La Palette Nude last week. I have so many palettes and I don't really need anymore but my friends have been obsessed with this palette and told me that I should definitely add it to my collection. I have been wanting to try it out and I am going home for my Mum's birthday this weekend and I wanted to have a smaller palette so I could fit it in my bag and it wouldn't take up too much room. It is still quite bulky but it isn't too big and I could easily fit it in my clutch bag when we go out for dinner. I think it looks amazing and I love the gold on the black case. The one thing I don't like is that it looks like it is still open when its closed so I almost freaked out thinking that the eyeshadows were going to go everywhere in my bag until I realised that it was definitely closed. I've also found that when you shut it, it doesn't click so you're also not sure whether the palette is actually shut or not. One thing that I love is the fact that the mirror is a reasonable size and is quite handy because I never carry a mirror with me so it is quite handy.

This is quite expensive for a drugstore brand and it cost me £14.99, which doesn't sound too bad but obviously if you are like me then you will eventually want all three palettes which would cost me more than buying an Urban Decay palette. I don't know if I would buy the other two palettes because I think it is quite good for the money I spent on it but I would rather buy an Urban Decay palette instead.

I got this palette in the shade number 02 which is beige, I know they also come in the shades Rose and Smoky, but I wanted something quite subtle and I have a lot of palettes that are for smoky eyes and have some colour in it, so I just wanted a palette which had just neutral shades. I love every single shade in this palette, and you get ten different colours in each palette. I would definitely wear all of them and I love the fact that they are all neutral colours because I prefer wearing those shades rather than going for brighter colours. There is a gorgeous cream/pink shade which is incredible and then there are a variety of different shades of brown and then a black shade. I love the fact that there are a few shades that are matte and then there are some shimmer shades as well. Because sometimes I don't want to wear shimmer eyeshadows during the day.

This palette comes with a double ended brush, one end is the spongy applicator and then the other end is a blending brush. I was disappointed with this, and I never use the sponge end because it just doesn't apply well whenever I use them. The blending brush end wasn't too bad but I have been using my own brushes and they worked a lot better for me. When I opened up my palette there was actually a massive scratch in the black shade, almost as if someone took the little sticker off and tested it and then placed the sticker back on. I think a customer has done this and I just saw that some of the eyeshadow was on the mirror but I wiped it all off and I'm not sure if I want to use it anymore.

The problem I have found is that some of the shades don't show up very well on my skin and it didn't seem to last too long. I've been told I should go and but their primer and see if that helps so I will go and purchase that and see if it helps at all. I just wish that it stood out a bit more, because even though I want a natural look, I want people to notice that I
have eyeshadow on. They do blend quite well and I'm going to give this palette another go and just see if the primer works and I will give it another go but I didn't get the dramatic look that I was hoping for so maybe I should have gone for the smoky palette. For the money I paid I guess it is a good palette but I'm not overwhelmed. I think this palette is great for a daytime look rather than trying to achieve a dramatic look when going out at night.

Like I said I will give this palette another go this weekend when I go home for my Mum's birthday and I will write down below whether I like it a bit more. I think it's a good palette for the price but I keep thinking that for an extra £15 you could buy the Urban Decay palette.

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