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Hey everyone,
I haven't been able to do another post on my homemade Christmas gift guide because I had to order a few items and they have not arrived yet so I will hopefully get it by Monday or even sooner, but I will let you all know as soon as my order arrives. But I wanted to make sure that I still had a post for you all and I was in Lush today and I could have purchased everything in there. It was so busy in my local Lush store and I could not cope and there was a couple buying everything in there but I wanted to look specifically at the gift sets that they were offering this year, and I was so impressed. I only got one gift set to try and show you, but there are so many and I like the fact that they have a gift set for every price range.


I believe the cheapest gift set was £8.50, which is the snow fairy one and the most expensive was £155 which is a lot of money, but you do get 36 items in it and if you can afford that then it would make an amazing present for anyone. I only got a small gift set which was only £8.95 because I did buy it for myself as a little treat for me and I didn't want to spend too much on a gift set. But as I've already said I love the fact that Lush have gift sets that are reasonable prices and then there are a few that are more expensive.
I got the Golden Wonder Gift Set, which like I said was £8.95 and it contains two bath bombs. This is my favourite bath bomb and I buy it every Christmas because it just smells so good. I actually have the wrapped box next to me and I can smell the bath bombs and it just makes me so happy. It's not that much of a good deal because it costs more than if I got them separately but I just got it because I loved the packaging and it was only £2 more expensive that if I had got them individually. I just love the gold wrapping paper and the gorgeous white, blue and gold ribbon and would look amazing under any Christmas tree. I showed this to my Mum and she just loved it.

So in this gift set you get a 200g Golden Wonder bath bomb (which individually sells at £3.95) and you also get a 90g Star Dust bath bomb (which individually sells at £2.95). I will tell you what the main oils used in each bath bomb at the end of this blog post. I sometimes find that at Christmas, a lot of candles and bath products are full of spices and smell of mulled wine, which is not a smell I am keen on. I do have some candles which are like that and I find it gives me a headache and also I'm not keen on mulled wine either. I prefer more citrus smells and these bath bombs are exactly that and I just love them. The star dust bath bomb is in the shape of a white star and it's pretty simple but still smells amazing. Whereas the Golden Wonder bath bomb is a gold present with a white bow on top and just looks so pretty in the bathroom and I like the fact that the wrapping has almost been made to look like the bath bomb. I've used the Golden Wonder bath bomb before and it turns the water gold to start off with and then all of a sudden you will see that it is actually turquoise on the inside of the present and I believe there might be some pink in it as well but I can't remember, so in the end the water turns this stunning turquoise blue. I have never used the Star Dust bath bomb before but I do believe that inside the bath bomb there are multi-coloured little stars in it which then float in your bath which I think is really sweet and I love anything with stars.

I am so happy with my gift set and I think this would be perfect for maybe a secret Santa gift with your work colleagues or to give as gifts to friends. Plus you don't have to worry about wrapping this gift set because they have already done it for you.

You are probably wondering what they smell like and I am just going to quote what is said on the gift tag rather than try and tell you what I think it smells like. So, the Golden Wonder bath bomb says "for a golden, lustre-filled bath with refreshing lime oil and the uplifting scent of a sparkling cocktail." And the Star Dust bath bomb says "soak in starlit waters bearing exotic gifts of Fair Trade vanilla and precious Peruvian rosewood." They both smell amazing and is perfect for anyone who like citrus fragrances and also likes quite sweet smells as well.
I've got another post hopefully going up in an hour or so, I know on Twitter I said this would be up at 5pm, unfortunately I had to update my laptop and it took two hours to update so I couldn't write this post until now but I do want to upload another post around 9pm tonight.
I hope you liked this post, and if you want to check out the Christmas bath bombs then click here.
If you want to go and buy the Golden Wonder gift set then click here.
And finally if you want to see what other gift sets Lush has to offer then please click here.

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