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I have three products that I am obsessed with and they are from the brand No7. I went into Boots the other day (I promise I am not sponsored by Boots) and I usually just buy everyday makeup from Maybelline or Rimmel but I wanted to look for some products that I could get for my Mum as a Christmas present from my Dad. I only wanted to get her a few products and I wanted to get her some more expensive items. It was so hectic in Boots as it was the day before Black Friday and there were so many deals in the store, but I managed to look at some of the new No7 products and I wanted to try them out myself and I got my Mum the same products and I am in love with them and I know my Mum will be as well. Also, because I had purchased two No7 products I got a free No7 gift set for Christmas which I will put in my Mum's present as well.

The fist product I got for my Mum was the No7 Crème Touch Face Powder in the shade Honey Milk. I believe that Honey Milk is the darkest shade they have in this powder and my Mum is tanned all year round, I definitely haven't inherited those genes and I always have to go for the fairest shade they have. But it is always easier to buy for my Mum because I know what shade she will usually get her foundation in and she usually gets the Estee Lauder foundation in one particular shade so I just asked the lady behind the counter whether this powder would work with that particular shade of foundation. The lady was so helpful and she tested it out for me and she said that it would definitely work together and I was so happy because my Mum doesn't wear powder that much, so I wanted to get her one. This is £8.50 which I think is quite reasonable for a powder and I just love the packaging that it comes in. The only criticism I have is it doesn't come with a mirror which is something I like and also the lid falls off quite easily so I wish that it maybe had a hinged lid instead of being able to take the whole lid off. I think I am going to go and buy this powder as well for myself because I am absolutely in love with it and if you would like to buy this powder then please click here. I have used this powder before and I really loved the coverage that it gave me. My friend was using it and I didn't have any powder with me so she said I could use hers but I didn't go and buy it just because I wanted to use up my Maybelline powder first.

The second product I purchased is the new No7 Powder Blusher in the shade Apricot Blossom. My Mum told me that she didn't want a blusher that was really pink and I know that this looks like a bright pink which I'm quite worried about, so I might buy her another blusher as well just in case she doesn't like it. But I also got myself one and it doesn't come across as pink as it looks, so if you're not into pink blushers then this particular shade should be ok for you. Obviously it is always best to swatch them first in the shop, but like I said it was so hectic in Boots I just couldn't deal with it and I didn't want to spend too long in there. I really like the pigmentation of this blusher and it's not too strong which is something that I like because I don't like blushers that look really harsh on the skin. This blusher comes in 8 different shades and there is a shade for everyone and I would wear all 8 of them as well. These blushers are £9.00 which is quite expensive for a blusher, I know I have spent more in the past on designer blushers but I think it will last quite a while, even though it is so small. Also because it is so small it is perfect to fit in your handbag or makeup bag and it won't take up too much room. If you want to buy this blusher from No7 then please click here.

The final product I got is also new to No7 and I purchased two of these because when I went in the mascaras were 2 for £20. This is still the offer but I don't know how long this offer will last so if you have some stocking fillers that you need to buy them soon just in case the offer is just for this weekend. This offer applies to all mascaras by No7 which I think is really good because their mascaras can be expensive. So I got two of the No7 Dramatic Lift Mascaras and I got one in Black for me and then I got my Mum's mascara in the shade Brown/Black. I have only used the mascara for the first time today so I can't do a full review of it but I really like it. It actually does remind me of the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara with the curved mascara wand which helps to cover all of the lashes evenly and it did make my eyes look more awake. I actually really like the packaging of this mascara and the silver packaging is just really pretty. One complaint I have is that on my Mum's mascara there was these black marks on it which I didn't notice in the store. I assumed that it was dried mascara so when I was home I tried to take the mascara off and it chipped the silver away. This mascara is £13.50, even though with the offer it was £10. For that price the packaging shouldn't chip and it has not left marks all over the mascara which I'm not happy about. I think I am just going to go into Boots and buy another one for my Mum and I'll keep the chipped one because I don't want to give her a mascara which is all chipped even though I know she won't mind. Apart from that I really like the product and I will definitely buy it again I just hope they can work on the packaging and make sure that it doesn't chip so easily in the future. If you would also like to buy the mascara then please click here.

Now because I purchased two products from No7, I was given a free gift which was worth approximately £30. It was the reason why I got the products from No7 because I thought it was the only gift that my Mum would actually use. Rimmel, Maybelline and L'Oréal also were giving free gifts plus a couple of brands but the products that were included were not products that my Mum would use. Plus I preferred the packaging of the No7 free gift as it comes in a pyramid and its pink and red and has a pretty bow, whereas the other free gifts were just in a small box. In this free gift you get a smaller version of the Dramatic Lift Mascara in Black, an eye contour brush, a Pop and Glow Cream Blush in the shade pink blush and a Stay Perfect Eye Shadow which is in the top shade from the Tea Party Trio. I don't know the name of the Top shade but it is in a gorgeous lilac colour, I don't think my Mum will use this but she may. I have already told her that I want to give her my L'Oréal La Palette Nude when I go home in a couple of weeks so she doesn't need the eyeshadow in this gift. I also like the cream blush that they have given in the set and it is in a gorgeous shade which I think my Mum will use. It does not say what shade it is in because it just doesn't say but it looks quite scary and I don't know how to apply it but it actually has instructions on the actual blush on how to apply it so hopefully my Mum will use it. I really like the fact that they are all miniatures and it's perfect for travelling or if you want to just take a couple of products to a party and you only have a small handbag with you.

I am also loving the No7 gift sets in Boots at the moment and they are perfect for stocking fillers and they are all packaged really well. I got these items separately because there's no point buying my Mum a gift set with products that she will never use and it's easier to buy the products separately even though it did cost my Dad more money but he would rather she be happy than waste products. Plus also the free gift is a perfect extra gift and could also go in a stocking as a filler and I like the fact that the products are in nice shades and are useful products.

Please remember that from this Tuesday I will be writing a blog post every day up until Christmas Eve where I will be showing you crafty items, plus stocking gift guides and some last-minute Christmas gift ideas, I will also be carrying on with the handmade gift guide every Thursday and I will also do a blog post on my favourite Christmas decorations and favourite Christmas films as well as showing you how my Mum and I decorate our house for Christmas because we do go over the top. I hope you are all having an amazing weekend!!

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