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Sometimes it can be difficult to think of ways to present gifts and one of my favourite ways is to buy smaller gifts and place it in a hamper. These can look amazing and you can create a budget and a theme to follow. I have made one this year and it is more of a pampering hamper, but you can create a food hamper, a movie hamper, a sports hamper, really you can create any type of theme that you want. I have chosen products that were fairly cheap but I do have quite an expensive gift in there as well. I don't want to go through every item individually because most of them you will have seen in old blog posts, and I will just give a quick run through of what I have placed in there but I haven't included prices because I can't remember all the prices and I can't remember where I got everything from either.

Hampers are such a great way to present gifts, especially if you want to just buy smaller gifts but you don't want to put them in a stocking. Also you don't have to put them in a wicker basket but a shoe box, wrapped in wrapping paper or any box would work for a hamper. I know that wicker hampers can be expensive and I had this one already and I didn't really use it so I thought I would clean it out and just use it for the gift. Also, I have purchased all the gifts at different times of the year so I could spread them out rather than buying loads of presents all at once which could cost quite a bit, especially as I have a bottle of Champagne in my hamper. I think I got a gift every couple of months and then the cheaper items like the socks and the chocolates I got a couple of weeks ago. Like I said I'm not going to list every item because we would be here forever and some of the presents I got back in January and I can't remember how much they cost. Also at the end I will write a list of other items you could put in a hamper if you are thinking of creating one.

My hamper is for one of my family members and I put in a variety of different presents in it. The cheapest gift was probably the socks which were £2 and the most expensive was the Champagne. This is for my Mum so I wanted a pampering hamper for her and include chocolates and her favourite movie.

In this hamper I included a bottle of Champagne, a DVD of Elf (because my Mum's version had a scratch on it), a scarf, the Star from Aromatherapy Associates, a box of chocolates, some cosy reindeer socks, Ted Baker compact mirror, Primark rose gold travel mug, a Christmas Holiday sign and homemade potpourri (which I will show you how to make tomorrow). As you can see I didn't put too many gifts in the hamper because it is a small wicker basket. I set a budget with this hamper and I did stick to it and I think I was under by £20 which I then spent on other gifts.

I really like this gift and you could buy the gifts or you could also make some of the gifts yourselves, whether its food or maybe sewing something. If you want any ideas then you can look back at some of my old blog posts where I have posted recipes and products you can make. You could also individually wrap each present or just buy some cellophane and wrap it round the basket and the tie some ribbon round in a bow to make it look more festive.

Here is a list of ideas you could use for hampers:

Movie Hamper
You could include their favourite DVDs, some popcorn, some sweets, and maybe a gift card for their local cinema.

Pampering Hamper
This could include anything like makeup, skincare products, cosy socks, a dressing gown, and maybe a gift card for a spa or for a store that sells beauty and skincare products like the Body Shop or Lush etc.

Food Hamper
This can include any of their favourite drink or food, which may be their favourite biscuits, chocolates, and anything that will not go off as it will need to last until after Christmas.

Afternoon Tea Hamper
This is one of my favourite hampers to make, it can include a selection of teas, a cup and saucer, biscuits, scones, a selection of jams and maybe a box of chocolates.

Games Hamper
This can include board games or video games and you could include some of their favourite snacks as well so they can enjoy them while playing the games.

These are just a few ideas, but really you could just buy a hamper like I did and set a budget and just fill it with presents that they would love to receive. You can also find so many other themes online or look at stores and see what they include in their hampers.

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