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Hey everyone,

Some of you might not have known that the reason why I haven't been uploading recently is because my blog hasn't been working properly and also my internet connection isn't great so I haven't been able to post much and when I get internet connection I have to write loads of posts all at once just in case I lose it again. If you haven't seen my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook then you might not have seen the Christmas Trees that my Mum and I have decorated and I wanted to include this on my blog. You all know I am not showing off but I just want to reiterate it because I love to share some things with you and I know a few people who haven't even put a tree up yet and have asked me for inspiration so I wanted to write this post.

I am very fortunate to have two Christmas trees at home, one is fake but I don't know where we got it from but I think it was only £30 and we have had it for the last 5 years, probably even longer, and then we do have a real Christmas tree as well which we always have and I think that costs £40 from our local garden centre. My Mum actually decorated the fake tree at the beginning of December and she went and got the real tree on the first weekend of December so I could decorate it when I got home from University. I have been home for a few days now and have pretty much not stopped and I still have lots to do this week with going to Christmas Carols and quizzes and seeing friends which will take up so much time, but I wanted to put aside a couple of hours just to decorate the tree because this is something that I have always done since I was a little girl and it's one of my favourite things to do at Christmas.

So in our house we always keep to a theme for each tree, and I'm not saying there is anything wrong with just mixing colour schemes because I think they can look just as beautiful but in my house we have always had a theme and we always stick with that theme for some reason and that's just always been the case. I'm going to go through each theme and then talk about some of my favourite Christmas tree ornaments that mean something to me. I won't be able to remember where any of them are from unless we got them in the last year but the ones that mean something to our family are not new and are almost 15 years old and still look amazing. Each year we always add a new decoration to one of the trees and this year I have added three from Marks and Spencer, one was a glass penguin, the other a glass polar bear and the other one was a snowman made out of pompoms.

Our first tree is the fake tree and our theme for this tree is red and gold and it's more traditional in the fact that we have lots of random decorations but they are all in that colour scheme. This also has our novelty decorations on it like we have a stocking with the character Eeyore on it, and we have a snowman made out of pompoms so it's not just all baubles and glamorous decorations but instead it does have novelty decorations on it and older decorations as well which my Mum and Dad have had before I was born. I love the red and gold theme because it is more traditional colour scheme and it does work well in our living room, which is where we have this tree. I think a lot of people are going for the copper and rose gold theme, which seems to be really on trend at the moment and i think if we had another tree that would be the theme i would go for as well because i think it can look amazing if it's done well. But i can't just change the theme of our trees because its not my house and also we have all the decorations and we don't want to buy new decorations and we have no room for another tree and that would be a bit too much to have three trees although next year i might have a tree in my room but it would be a fake tree and only if I haven't moved out by then.

I only have one decoration on this tree that really means something to me and it is a gold bauble which we got in Florida 10 years ago. It is a gold wired bauble with mickey mouse ears in it and it always makes me remember a really happy time because my family love Florida and we went that year with our family friends Pat and Paul and their daughter Charlie. That was one of the best holidays I have ever had and even though it was a happy time it still makes me slightly sad because Pat is unfortunately no longer with us but this bauble just reminds me of her and the happy times we had with her and her family. All I know is we got this bauble from the Christmas shop which is either in one of the theme parks or was in Downtown Disney, which I believe has changed its name to Disney Springs. I don't know how much it was, and obviously I doubt they will still be selling this bauble but the thing I love about this decoration is that I reminds me of a place that I love and I love the fact that all the baubles on this tree are more special and mean something to us as a family.

The second tree we have is real, and it is in the conservatory. The other tree is more traditional whereas this is more modern and is mainly silver, white and glass with a hint of purple through the normal baubles and the butterflies. I really love decorating this tree because a lot of my favourite baubles are on this tree. But I still love the other tree because that just reminds me of my childhood. I really like having this theme because you can add any particular colour you want with the silver and glass and you know it will look good. There are a few Christmas decorations that I love on this tree and there is one from my childhood that I made when I was in Reception.

There are quite a few decorations that I absolutely love on this tree so I have narrowed it down to three otherwise this post would be really long and would probably be really boring for you all as well. So here are my three favourite decorations from this tree.

My first favourite Christmas decoration is the only decoration which doesn't mean something to me but it is so gorgeous and it is always on the tree every year and it is this glass reindeer. I think we have had this decoration for at least 7 years now, so I have no clue where we got it from or how much it was but I think it was quite expensive but it wasn't more than £10. This is always the first ornament I put on the tree and I don't know why but I always have to make sure that this is the first decoration on the tree, probably because it is one of my favourites.

These decorations mean more to me because once again we got them in a place that means something to our family. They are these crocheted snowflakes which are all so intricate and each one if individual like snowflakes are. We got these on holiday in Spain a few years ago and once again it was when we were on holiday with Pat and Paul and therefore it once again reminds me of all the happy times we had with them. Plus I love the fact that these are all handmade and look stunning on the tree and just makes it feel more special.

My final favourite decoration on this tree isn't really my favourite but it is my family's favourite and I have been told that it will always be on the tree and no one can destroy it. It is a decoration that I made when I was 4 years old in my first year at Primary School and it is an Angel made out of a paper plate and some other pieces of paper. I know it is not the best decoration you have ever seen but I was only 4 and it's the only decoration we have that I have made when I was little and I think it means more to my Mum and Dad that we have it on the tree because it reminds them of when I was a little girl. I think its really sweet that they have kept this decoration and it will always be on the tree at Christmas which just makes it even more special and that means that this decoration is 16 years old.

I think it doesn't matter what theme you go for with your Christmas tree, whether it is just throwing everything on a tree or sticking to a particular colour scheme and having a tree is not even that important because it is family and friends that mean even more to you at Christmas, but my one tip if you are going to have a Christmas tree is buy a special ornament each year so they will mean more to you in the future and you could even pass down to your children or grandchildren in the future and there will be a story behind each ornament.

I hope you liked this post because I loved writing it and talking about the trees but also my favourite decorations which helped me remember some really happy times.

I hope you are all having a great week!

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