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My favourite part of the Holidays is the build up and decorating the house, wrapping the presents and baking. For the last few years I haven't put much effort into wrapping and I just try and get it done quickly because it can be quite time consuming especially if you have a lot of people that you have had to buy for. But this year I was well prepared and started most of my Christmas shopping in November because I just can't deal with the shops in December because they are too crowded and the queues are a nightmare. I know that a lot of you will not have the time to put much effort into the wrapping and there will also be some of you who don't care what the wrapping looks like, but I thought I would give a few simple designs that can make any present look gorgeous under the Christmas tree and they are fairly cheap and some are more time consuming than others.

One of the biggest trends this year is to instead of using wrapping paper, you use brown parcel paper which you can buy anywhere and I got mine in a Supermarket for £1, so it is so cheap because wrapping paper can cost a lot of money. I love the look of using brown paper and then I spend a bit more on trimmings and things like that just to make it look more festive. I have four easy designs which will not take much time to do and will not cost much and then I have one design which is more complicated and will be more time consuming that the other four.

Simple Red and White Twine

This is the simplest way to wrap a present, by wrapping the present in brown parcel paper and then using a simple red and white twine that I bought from Paperchase a couple of weeks ago. This is how many people will wrap their presents but I love the red and white candy cane inspired twine on top of the brown parcel paper and I think it contrasts really well. I simply wrapped the present in the twine and tied it into a bow on top of the parcel. I then tied the Noel gift tag, that I also bought in Paperchase a couple of weeks ago, and I think this just makes the present look really sweet and is so simple to achieve.

Snowflake Trim

This gift is just a simple as the first present, and it only needs a really pretty piece of ribbon and a gift tag. This is obviously a CD and I didn't know how to wrap it because you can't add much to this present because it is so small. But I got this snowflake gift trim from Paperchase a couple of weeks ago and I thought it would look stunning, especially contrasted with the brown parcel paper. After wrapping the present, I just wrapped one piece of the trim across the centre of the gift, you could put another piece of trim going the other way but I just really liked having it go across the centre of the parcel. I then tied a gift tag that I got last year from Paperchase and it is finished. I think the snowflake trim is so pretty but it can only be used on smaller gifts due to the fact you only get 1 metre of the trim.

Simple Brown and Red Stitched Ribbon

I love buying ribbon at Christmas and I got this a few weeks ago from a local fabric shop and it was really cheap, I think it was only 50p per metre. I once again wrapped the gift in the brown parcel paper and made sure that it was really neat because it is in a box. You could use any ribbon for this style but it can't be as thin as the twine because you need something that will stand out when the present is a medium sized gift, I guess. I got this brown ribbon which is edged with simple red stitching and I think it looks really effective. I tied it in a fairly large bow just to make it stand out. But this is so simple and it looks really good as well.

Holly Ribbon with Extra Berries

Once again I just covered my present in the brown parcel paper, and then I just added some simple decoration. I have had this gorgeous wired ribbon for quite some time and I thought I would add it to this parcel because it is quite a large present and I needed a wider ribbon instead of using the twine. This ribbon had holly all over it so that was the theme I went for. I wrapped my present in the wired ribbon and secured in the centre with some sellotape. I then tied my gift tag to the wired ribbon and on top of that I made a bow out of the same ribbon and secured in place with more sellotape. I wanted to add something else to the present but I wasn't sure and then I found these fake berries that must have come with a bunch of flowers so I decided to glue them on to gift tag just to add a bit more texture to the gift. This is so simple and it looks really effective and it looks stunning under the tree.

Festive Spice and Pinecone Trim

I am absolutely in love with this parcel but it is very time consuming and you have to do quite a lot in advance. First of all I wrapped a gift set in the brown parcel paper and then on the left hand side I tied the red and white twine round the parcel so it looks like three lines of twine. I then tied the gift tag to one of the piece of twine. Now this is the part which you will want to do in advance. I first of all got some pinecones from a craft store and then I spray painted them gold. After they dried I placed glue on the ends of the pine cone and sprinkled them with gold glitter. If you don't want to do this then you can leave them plain or you could just put the glitter on them. Also I saw that they had similar pinecones in Morrisons near the flower section, so you could always buy them instead. I then sliced up some oranges into thin circles and patted them dry with some kitchen roll and I then placed them on a baking sheet. You then want to bake them at 80C for 2-3 hours until they have dried out. Once they had been dried I glued them onto the parcel over the top of the twine. I then glued a cinnamon stick on the twine as well and then arranged the pinecones on top and glued it on top of the twine as well. I think this just looks amazing and would be perfect under the tree for that special someone in your life. Obviously you wouldn't want to have every present like this because it will take some time but you can dry out the oranges in batch and paint the pinecones in advance.

I hope you liked this post as much as I enjoyed wrapping them all. I took so much more time with these parcels so that I could include them on my blog and I think they look amazing and I love the fact that there are some simple gift wrapping and then the last gift is just completely over the top. Other things you could use are feathers and even cheap Christmas decorations which can look really effective just attached with ribbon on a parcel.

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