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I have always had a stocking since I was a little girl and I still have it because my Mum made it for me when I was 7 years old and it just gets filled with silly little presents that don't cost much. Some people will have the same as me and it will be smaller presents and then sometimes people just have a stocking which may have a variety of smaller and larger presents in it, or some might not have a stocking at all. So I wanted to show you how to make your own stocking with felt reindeers appliqued on it and it will look amazing hanging over a fireplace or just hung on the door, like mine is.

These would be perfect for anyone, but they would definitely be amazing for children and you could even get your children involved when you make it. I sewed all of my design but if you want to make this with children then you could glue the reindeers onto the stocking with fabric glue. I made the whole stocking out of different pieces of felt and ribbon but if you don't want to go out and buy felt then you could use any scrap pieces of fabric you have around the house. Also you don't have to do the same design as mine and you can do whatever design you want to.

First of all I got some tracing paper and I just drew the shape of a stocking onto the piece of tracing paper in pencil. You can find templates online as well and you can make the stocking any size you want. I made mine a bit too small but remember if you are making the stocking from scratch and are going to sew it then leave a couple of centimetres round the edge to sew round. I then cut out the tracing paper stocking and pinned it onto a double layer of felt and cut round it so I had two identical stocking shapes. If you don't want to make the stocking from scratch then you could go and buy a plain stocking already made from a store and then apply your design onto that, this is good if you are not great at sewing or if you are making it with children.

I then put the two pieces of felt to one side and got some more tracing paper. I drew out the design of my reindeer, including the face, the eyes, the antlers and the nose. Make sure to draw these elements separately. If you are not great at drawing then you can find a template online and trace over that instead of drawing it freehand. I then pinned the face of the reindeer onto the light brown felt and cut round it. I then pinned the eyes onto the white felt, the antlers were pinned to the dark brown felt and then the nose was pinned to the red felt and I cut round them all. In order to get the black pupils for the eyes I just cut out two circles from black felt. Once I had cut out everything then pin all the elements onto the face and sew round them all, with a simple running stitch. If you are not great at sewing then you can always stick everything together with fabric glue, but obviously leave it to dry for a couple of hours. I made two reindeer faces, but you could just have one or you could have more than two of the reindeer faces.

Then I pinned the reindeer faces onto one of the stocking pieces and sew round it, once again you could stick them onto the felt with fabric glue. Then you want to just pin the reindeer stocking piece on top of the other piece and on a sewing machine just sew round the stocking, 1 cm from the edge. Leave the top of the stocking open so you can put the presents in them.

The final step is to just cut a piece of ribbon, I chose a red and white check design, and then sewed it into a loop on one corner of the stocking. To make it look more pretty I made a bow out of another piece of ribbon and sewed it on the corner of the stocking, over the top of the loop.

This is such an easy design and took me an hour to make and you could make multiples of these really easily if you have a lot of people to make stockings for. I would have loved this as my stocking when I was little and you could also personalise it by adding the initials of the person you want to give it to or you could put their whole name on it. I think these will be really sweet and you can match the colours of your stocking to the colour theme you might have chosen for your tree or you could just use festive colours for your background felt.

I hope you loved these. I will have another post up at some point tonight about how to create your own luxury hamper, if you are running out of ideas for what to get people for Christmas. I don't know what time it will be up because I do have a party to go to tonight so it may be in an hour or it might be later on tonight.

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