Thursday, 24 December 2015


Hey everyone and Merry Christmas Eve,

I cannot believe that it is finally the big day itself tomorrow and I am so excited. My favourite part of the holidays is the build up with seeing friends and family and getting to do something that I love which is bake and cook a lot of food. Over the past month I have shown you the Christmas trees and the cake that I made but I wanted to just show you some of my favourite decorations that we put up around the house each year for the Holidays. I didn't want to write too much because I am quite busy today but I have taken lots of photos and included some photos that you have already seen in previous blog posts as well.

I love decorating the house at Christmas and each year my Mum and I will buy a couple of decorations that we can add to the collection. I could spend a fortune at this time of the year but we have to be realistic with the fact that these decorations will only be up for just over a month and therefore we don't spend too much each year on decorations. A lot of the reindeers that sing we have had since I was little and it's tradition to have them out every year. We don't go over the top at Christmas but we love to have nice decorations up at this time of year. We always put the decorations up on the first weekend of December which is something we will always do.

The Holidays are definitely my favourite time of the year and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you all have an amazing day tomorrow!!

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