Monday, 28 December 2015


I hope everyone had a great Christmas or just had a great day if you don't celebrate Christmas. I know my Christmas Day and Boxing Day was incredible and it was so nice just being able to spend time with my family and just get to relax and not worry about studying or writing for this blog but I am not back. Up until Christmas Day, I did blog every day. This won't be happening again until probably after my exams finish in May where I will blog for the whole month but I might do a week of full blogging in the lead up to Valentine's Day but I will have to see how busy I meant to have a blog post up yesterday but if you don't follow me on Twitter, which you can if you click here, then you won't know that I actually went shopping yesterday.

The sales in the UK start on Boxing Day although I did get emails from some brands on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day telling me about their online sales starting. But on Boxing Day my family and I always go out for a meal and it's always too busy too go shopping on Boxing Day and I just wanted to relax with my family rather than go shopping. We actually went to a outlet centre yesterday called Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. I actually went with the intention of buying a dress for New Years Eve and in the end I came home with three dresses from Coast, which I will do a blog post later on this week, I also got some cleaning products for my Uggs and then I got a Gilet from Jack Wills which is what I wanted to write about today.

I have never been into Jack Wills until we got a store near my University and I went in quite a bit to buy for some of my friends and family and I included a couple of their toiletries in my Men's stocking filler gift guide. But I have never purchased anything for myself, and I saw that there was a Jack Wills store at this outlet shopping centre and I thought I would go in and just see if there was anything that I liked and I saw this gilet. Now I have been wanting a new coat with a hood for a long time and I just haven't found one that I really liked, and then I thought I don't need a coat with a hood but I would like a gilet that has a hood as well. Well I saw this one in the store and it had everything I wanted, including a hood which was detachable, and a fur trim to the hood and it was so warm as well when I tried it on. If any of you live in the UK then you may know that this Winter in some parts of the UK it hasn't been that cold and I haven't been needing to wear my think Winter coats or warm scarves, so I thought a gilet would be perfect.

I tried the gilet on and fell in love with and I knew I wanted it but I couldn't justify buying it. Also I hadn't looked at every shop and I just thought was I going to buy it for the sake of just having piece of clothing in my wardrobe. Basically my rationale is that if the gilet was still there by the end of the day then I would buy it and guess what it was still there and I just knew I wanted it. I hadn't got anything else apart from the dresses and Ugg cleaning products and it was a really good bargain. It was down from £98 to £39 in the sale which is really cheap for a gilet and for something from Jack Wills. I saw the exact same Gilet, but in white, in Crew and that was £65 so I knew I was getting a bargain.

So the gilet is in black and has a hood which is handy for when it's raining because where my University is it's really windy and there's no point having an umbrella up. The thing I liked about this gilet was the fact that it had a detachable hood which is trimmed with a grey faux fur. I just really liked this gilet and thought it would look good with jeans and any coloured long sleeve top which is something that I wear quite a lot to my lectures. I also liked the fact that two types of material have been used and you have the contrast between the padded section and then the more fleecy section near the shoulders. It was so warm when I tried it on and I know that I can just wear the gilet and a long sleeve top and I will be fine, rather than wearing a heavy, think Winter coat.

I'm guessing that because this was in an outlet store that they won't sell this particular gilet in their normal stores but I could be wrong. Also I couldn't find this particular style online either which makes me think that it is from a previous collection. But obviously they do sell gilets online and in store and I did see a couple online that were selling for between £49 and £64 and some were in the sale as well.

I hope you liked this Blog post. I will have another blog post up on Wednesday which will be on the three dresses that I got from Coast at Gunwharf Quays and I got some really good bargains there, and then I will have another blog post up on Thursday and Friday because it is New Years and then there will be a blog post up on Sunday as well. I will also be finally updating the design of my blog which I have been talking about for the last month and I just haven't had any time. I won't be doing much to the design until after the 18th of January because that's when my second to last assignment gets handed in. I hope you all had a great weekend!

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