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Hey everyone,

I was meant to upload this blog post last night but the traffic was so bad after a Christmas party that I did not get home til midnight and I just thought it would be easier to post this today instead. So technically it is Christmas Eve and I will have a post up following this one and I didn't really know what to talk about. I knew I couldn't write a review or show you how to make something because it is too late in the month now for you to recreate anything that I had planned. So I knew that I wanted something that I could just write about and it be a quick and easy post because today is very busy for me and I have so much to do.

So I mentioned this in an old blog post and I thought I would expand on the time when I went to Lapland for the day. One of my friends actually asked me for some tips because she wants to go next year and so this will probably be handy if you are thinking of going yourselves. I went quite a while ago and I was still in Primary School and I'm sure I was only 9 so this is 11 years ago and therefore a lot might have changed since but this is what I can remember and I'm sure that not much has really changed since I went all those years ago.

I think when I went to Lapland, we only went a few days before Christmas and it was only for the day. So we took a plane to Lapland early in the morning and then we were back that same evening. I do remember that when I got told about the fact we were going there I cried and said I didn't want to go but after I came back I just wanted to stay out there. I don't know if it's still just a day trip or whether you stay over night. One of my favourite memories of the trip was the fact that on the plane everyone was singing Christmas songs and I think the flight attendants were dressed up like elves and it just made the trip more special and believable, especially for a 9 year old.

When we got to the place, we had to put on a ski jacket, trousers and I think a hat but that might have changed since and we could choose between travelling to the village on a sleigh pulled by reindeers or by snowmobile. My Mum and I chose to go on the sleigh and my Dad chose the snowmobile. I remember it was so cold and at one point in the day it was -37C, which is very cold. It was so cold that my dad got frostbite on the side of his cheek where it was not completely covered. Apart from that the rest of the trip was incredible.

Some of the activities we did was to be pulled by a reindeer, meet Santa and receive a gift, feed the reindeers and also be pulled by huskies as well. We also went shopping in the local village and had hot chocolate in Santa's chalet. The part that I loved the most was that everyone who worked there made such an effort to make it as believable as possible especially for the younger children. For most of the day we could do whatever we wanted but if we wanted to go shopping we had to go on a coach and we had a set time period that we could shop which was something that we weren't too keen on.

I think this trip was so special and it is something that I will remember for the rest of my life although I wish it hadn't have been so cold. I would recommend everyone to experience this at one point in their life, especially if you have children.

Sorry this was such a short blog post, and there are no photos because I don't think we were able to take any but we did receive a DVD of me meeting Santa. Also it's so short because I can't remember all the specific details of how long the flight took because when I was 9 I was only excited to see the reindeers and Santa.

I have two blog posts going up today and one will be going up in half an hour and then one will be going up at some point tonight.

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