Sunday, 20 December 2015


When I was little, my family made a lot of effort with what we wore on Christmas Day, especially what I wore. I would always wear a tartan dress pretty much every year until I could tell my Mum what I wanted to wear. Now we put in still quite a lot of effort but we don't wear fancy dresses or anything like that and it's more smart casual because I have to help cook the Christmas dinner and I can't really do that in a tight dress plus I don't like wearing anything expensive in case I drop it all down me. At the moment I kind of know what I am going to wear but that might change because it will depend if I get something that I asked for but I will let you know later on in the blog post. First of all I'm going to tell you what I will wear to open my presents and then what I will wear for the rest of Christmas Day and what I wore last year.

So on Christmas morning, I wake up around 8am and will open my presents with my family and we will just wear our pyjamas. Last year I wore my cream onesie from Next which is completely fluffy and has ears on the hood so I look like a teddy bear. I love this onesie but it is hot and I'm not going to wear it this year. Instead I am going to wear my new reindeer leggings that I got from Primark for £10 a few weeks ago. I love these leggings so much and they keep me so warm and I have worn them so much recently and they are just so comfortable to wear. I will just wear a simple black pyjama top with my reindeer leggings and I might even wear my reindeer socks that I got from Primark as well for £2 which were included in my stocking filler gift guide for her. We usually spend a couple of hours opening presents because I have to go and collect every present from one tree and bring it into the living room so I want to be comfortable.

I then get changed around 10am because I have to help my Mum with preparing all the vegetables for Christmas Dinner. So this year I am going to make a bit more effort with what I wear. I am going to just wear a simple long sleeved black top from Primark which I for £3.50. I love these tops and I have so many of these in different colours and I wear them all the time. I also know I am going to be wearing a skirt with this top, but I don't know what skirt yet. At the moment it is my tan suede skirt that I got from New Look this September which I am in love with. The only problem with this skirt is that it is a bit too big for me and I can't take it in because of the material but I am still in love with it and I still wear it so much. However, I might not wear this skirt because I did ask for Christmas if I could get a tartan skirt. It's the only thing I asked for and I think my Mum has got me one because she wouldn't let me buy one from Jack Wills so if I am lucky enough to receive this skirt then I will wear that instead for Christmas which would be quite sweet because obviously when I was little I would wear a tartan dress for Christmas and New Year's Eve. Whatever skirt I wear, I will be wearing black opaque tights and my high heeled ankle boots that I got from New Look a couple of years ago which have cutout flower detail. However, when we go on our Christmas walk I will change from my high heeled boots to my flat ankle boots from New Look because I don't want to walk in my high heels. Also when I'm home I won't wear any shoes because I will be in my own home. Also for the walk I will be wearing my Winter coat that I got in the sale in Karen Millen a couple of Summers ago, which is so warm and I will be wearing my new scarf from Primark that I got for £5. I love this scarf so much because it keeps me warm and it has so many Christmas colours in it and it is also in a tartan print. Last year I think I just wore some leggings and my polar bear jumper that I included in a blog post a week ago. But this year I wanted to put more effort in because I didn't really last year although I prefer to be comfortable than be in something that is really tight or is just really hard to wear.

 I haven't had time to add any photos because I have to go to the carol service but I will add them tomorrow because I won't be home til quite late and will be too tired then. Hope you all have a good evening.

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