Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Hey everyone and Happy 9th of December,

I am finally up to date with all my blogs but I am so tired and look like rubbish right now that I will not be uploading the photos for this blog til some time tomorrow because I have taken all my makeup off. But one of my favourite parts of Christmas is wearing the tackiest jumpers but I have one jumper that I absolutely love and it's got the feel of Christmas without being too tacky, even though I have plenty of over the top Christmas jumpers.

My favourite Christmas jumper is my polar bear jumper that I got for Christmas last year from my parents. It actually comes from Sainsbury's and it actually is very similar to a jumper I saw in Next last year which I fell in love with but it was £35 and I couldn't justify buying it. Its a navy blue jumper with a  white fluffy polar bear and white spots on it to represent snow. I think the polar bear is so cute and I wear this so much and I really like the fact that I can wear it after Christmas as well because I find that with Christmas jumpers I can only wear them in the run up to Christmas, whereas I have worn this jumper towards the end of January and still managed to get away with it.

I quite like the fact that it is baggy because I have got a couple of jumpers that I need to get rid of because they are too small, whereas with this jumper I feel really comfortable. I think I wore this jumper last year for Christmas and obviously you won't be able to buy it because I doubt they will bring this jumper back in stock but I am sure there are similar jumpers out there. I also really like the different textures between the knitted jumper and the fluffy bobble texture of the polar bear. Also the colour is an unusual colour for me to wear as I don't have many pieces of clothing that are navy blue, and at the moment a lot of my Winter wardrobe is either camel or burgundy in colour.

I haven't worn this jumper yet but I will be soon, especially when I'm home this weekend. Christmas jumpers always make me feel more festive because it is a tradition that each member of my family will buy a new Christmas jumper and I haven't been able to find one because I want to buy a really tacky jumper but I don't like spending too much money on those kind of jumpers when I know I will only wear them once.

I am finally up to date with blog posts and will add the photos tomorrow and a bit more, but at the moment I am almost falling asleep while I write this and I think I just need to sleep right now rather than try and take pictures of my jumper.

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