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This would usually say happy 7th of December but you might have realised that I have been busy for the last couple of days writing my assignment. I have now handed that in and I am going to be writing this post which was meant to be up on Monday. I went out shopping and I got some essentials that I need for gift wrapping. This is a very quick haul because most of the items are for my stocking filler gift guide which I don't want to include in this haul as I will be writing these this weekend. I have five items in this haul which are for Christmas presents and then I will have a couple more items to add to this haul when they are delivered this weekend. I know this will be quick but I want to get back up to date.

I love Paperchase at this time of year because they do some really lovely gift wrapping as well as gifts that I would want to receive. I have some bits that I have ordered online and then I want to go back in tomorrow because I am going to be writing a post on how to wrap a present and make it look really festive. So I will add those items when I buy or receive them and will let you know on my Twitter.


London Christmas Tissue Paper

I am absolutely in love with this tissue paper and I don't actually know what I am going to use it for at the moment but I thought it was just really cool and I just had to buy it. This is tissue paper which has iconic symbols of London on it, like Big Ben, a black taxi, a red postbox, a red double decker bus as well as having Christmas trees on it. This isn't as cheap as their plain tissue paper which is normally £1.50 for 5 sheets but it was just amazing and I couldn't not resist buying it. There are only 3 sheets in this packet but I don't have many presents that I will be using tissue paper for and it cost £2.00. I think it is quite cheap because in Paperchase one sheet of wrapping paper can cost that much. I just really liked the print and I love visiting London and spending time there so I thought why not buy some tissue paper with London on it.

Red and White Twine

This is something that I buy every year and I have already got two of them already, although I gave one to my Mum and then I used the other lot on my blog posts. But it is the red and white striped twine which I love to use when I wrap my presents in brown paper. This look has become very popular over the last few years and I thought why not give it a go myself with some of my presents. You get 3 metres of twine for £2.00 and I won't be using it on every present but I think it just makes any present look nice and will look good with the gift tags that I have got as one of our trees had red and gold decorations on it.

Red Felt Snowflake Gift Trim

This gift trim was quite a lot of money for the amount of trim you actually get but I just really liked it and I thought it looked really sweet. It is a red felt snowflake gift trim which I thought would be nice to place on some of my smaller gifts that I am giving as stocking fillers to my family. I was actually debating whether to get the snowflakes or the stocking gift trim but the problem with the stocking one was that I could see some of the felt was starting to peel off where it had been glued down so I thought I would get the snowflake one instead. I probably won't buy anymore of this because it was £2.50 for just 1 metre of trim but I can always re-use the ribbon for next Christmas.

Gold and White Noel Gift Tags

I wasn't as impressed with the selection of gift tags that Paperchase were stocking this year, as most of them were felt designs and I wanted to go for a more traditional design this year. I think I mentioned in a previous post that when it comes to our trees, our presents have to match the colour scheme. We are very lucky and we have a fake Christmas tree which is red and gold and then we have a real tree which is purple and white and silver. This year most of my presents will go under the gold tree and I got these three tags which were £1.50. I repurchased these as you may be able to tell because they were used for all my handmade gifts in a jar blog posts. They are white which a gold design which says "NOEL" and I think they will look really pretty with the theme I am going for. I know it's quite a bit of money for just three gift tags and when I first got them I actually thought there was more in there but they are so pretty and I do re-use them the next year so I do get my money's worth.

Pink Tissue Paper

I know pink tissue paper is not a Christmas colour but there is a reason why I needed pink tissue paper. If you read my post on the Joules Ready for the Weekend bag I mentioned that the tissue paper wrapping up all the toiletries had started to rip because I had to take them out to photograph for my blog. So I wanted to go and get some more tissue paper to re-wrap them so my Mum wouldn't have ripped tissue paper in her bag as it doesn't look very good. I always buy my tissue paper and all my gift wrapping from Paperchase because I always love their Christmas collection and I always spend too much money in there. You get 5 sheets of tissue paper in each packet and it only cost £1.50 which I think is quite cheap and I love the fact that they come in a range of different colours that go with any gift bag. I also want to go in and buy some white tissue paper and red tissue paper as well.

I have another two posts going up today and I will also be adding more to this haul blog post in a couple of days when I receive my order but I wanted to put it up now as I am really behind with posts.

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