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This is the time when I am going to help you with some last minute Christmas gift ideas which will be perfect for stockings or if you are on more of a budget. These are all gifts that I have got for my friends and family and a few of them will be familiar because I have already written blog posts on these in the last week or so. There will be 10 gifts with pictures to help you but at the end of this post I will be adding links to other perfect gifts under £20 that you could take inspiration from but I was not able to buy them in time for this blog post. I have found that I have put more effort into this gift guide so the men's gift guide will have more links because I have to buy more gifts for women rather than men. I hope you like this blog post and I'm sorry it is late up but I have been having a lot of problems with my blog lately and haven't been able to upload anything for a while.

This will be perfect if you are struggling to figure out what to buy the women in your life whether it is family relatives, friends or work colleagues.

The Body Shop "Glazed Apple Feel Good Tin" - £17

I have already written a blog post on this particular gift but I wanted to include it and this is the reason why my gift guide is under £20 rather than £17 because I love this tin and I think it would make a perfect gift for anyone who love bath products especially from The Body Shop. I buy this tin every year and I will usually buy one for me and one for my friends but this year I only got one and I got it for my Mum as one of her presents. I think for £17 it is so cheap and I love the fact that you get 4 miniature products in the glazed apple scent. They also have frozen cranberry and frozen plum tins as well. I think any of The Body Shop gift sets are perfect for Christmas and would make perfect stocking gifts or main presents if you are on a budget. I would love to receive this under the tree and it just looks amazing in the bathroom as well and I always keep my miniature toiletries for travelling in these tins after I have used the products they come in to save space in my bathroom.

Aromatherapy Associates "The Star" - £10

This is something that I have always purchased every Christmas for my Mum and she loves it. I have actually purchased quite a few this year for my family as it is such a sweet gift and even though you only get a small product in it, it actually lasts quite a while. My Mum said that it lasted her three to four baths which is quite impressive seeing as though it is tiny but the thing is that you only need a couple of drops in each bath. In this gorgeous star box you get a 9ml Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil, which I have never used before but it smells amazing and I think next year I will buy the full size version for my Mum if she loves it. £10 is quite a lot of money for just one present which is tiny but my Mum loves it and I think it is something that you would never buy for yourself. I am in love with all of the Christmas gift sets from Aromatherapy Associates this year but they are fairly expensive and I couldn't include them because of that reason, but if you are spending more on someone this Christmas then I would suggest looking at the Christmas collection from this brand.

Primark "Cosy Reindeer Leggings" - £10

I got these a couple of weeks ago and I have pretty much lived in them, except for when I have had to wash them. These are so comfy and would be perfect in any stocking or given as a present to friends and family if you are on a budget or if you have a lot of people to buy for. The one thing I love about these Primark leggings is that they have so many designs that you can choose from. I went for these leggings because I loved the design and the colours. I also felt that these leggings were more my style but I did love the gingerbread leggings that they also had but I could only justify buying one pair but I did buy my best friend a pair of the leggings in the same print as mine as well. I think these leggings are amazing and they keep me so warm and are perfect for when it is cold and watching films and eating too much chocolate.

Ted Baker "Looking Glass Compact Mirror" - £6

I love the Ted Baker gifts sets this year which are being stocked in Boots. I feel like Ted Baker put so much effort into not only the products in the sets but also how each set is packaged. I think these are such sweet gifts to include in a stocking filler or as a present for someone who is obsessed with beauty. This compact mirror is only £6 which I think is a bargain, especially as it is Ted Baker and it has been included in the 3 for 2 offer at Boots recently and this is perfect especially if you have quite a few female family members that you want to buy for and therefore it will work out cheaper. I think this is gorgeous and I actually got this mirror for my Mum to say thanks for helping me proofread my essay but I also got some of these mirrors for some of my friends as I wanted to get them something little for Christmas. I love the fact that the mirror is rose gold as I am obsessed with anything that is rose gold and I think it just looks really pretty.

Primark "Rose Gold Travel Mug" - £3.50

Christmas is not always about how much you spend and I have found that you can get some really beautiful items that cost hardly anything and this is no exception. I went into Primark because I really wanted to find some more pieces for this stocking filler gift guide and in the Home department I found a selection of travel mugs and I fell in love with this one in particular, due to the fact that once again it is in rose gold. I am not a big coffee or tea drinker but I think this gift would be perfect for any coffee lover and I think it does look like it is worth more than £3.50. They had a huge selection of travel mugs in different colours and different patterns so would definitely suit anyone, especially if they have to travel to work quite a bit.

Ted Baker "Body Soufflé Bauble" - £4

I actually purchased this when I was buying the compact mirror from Boots, so I got it in the 3 for 2 offer with another gift that is also in this gift guide. I absolutely love this Ted Baker bauble and it only costs £4 which is really cheap, especially as you get a beautiful box but you also get a 50ml sample of their body soufflé. This is definitely perfect if you are stuck on buying gifts for stockings and you don't want to spend too much but you want to get something really pretty. I really love the design of the box and the body soufflé is really nice quality as well and I have used the body soufflé and I think it is really good quality and I will definitely be buying the larger size of this in the future because it made my skin really soft. I have written a full review on this on my blog a couple of days ago so go and check that out where I review it in more detail, but I think this is perfect for anyone's stocking.

Primark "Reindeer Socks" - £2

Socks are a tradition at Christmas and yes they can be boring but I absolutely loved these pair of socks and I think I got 6 pairs to give to friends and family because I thought they were so cute and I knew they would love them. Plus they were only £2 and are perfect stocking filler gifts. You can't really wear them with boots or shoes because of the red pompom but I have been wearing mine just to keep my feet warm and I only wear them inside the house. These are just so sweet and I think they are perfect gifts to put in stockings or could be included in a hamper which I am going to be doing in a blog post this Thursday, so keep checking my Twitter to see when that will be out because it will be how to make your own hamper rather than spending between £100 and £500 on a ready made hamper.

No 7 "Lip Treats Stocking Filler" - £8

I got this little stocking filler, from Boots when I got the two Ted Baker gifts and they were included in the 3 for 2 offer. These are usually £8 which I don't think is too bad especially if the person you are buying this present loves No 7 and they love make up. In this set you get two of their lip crayons in this season's best sold colours which are Day Dreamer and Delicate Pink. I haven't been able to review these because I have actually got them as a gift for my cousin so I can't test them to see whether they are good or not but I really loved the shades that they have included but I wish that you could maybe choose the two lip crayons because not a lot of people will like these shades as they might not suit everyone and I don't think they would suit me personally but they do make brilliant gifts for beauty and makeup lovers.

Accessorise "Turquoise Purse" - £15

I had to include a purse or a wallet in this gift guide because you can get some gorgeous purses at Christmas and i have got this purse for one of my family members. I just loved the colour of this and i know that my family member will absolutely love it as well. This is for a slightly older family member so would be perfect for Mums, Aunts and actually any family member. I got this from Monsoon but under the Accessorise section, so you can got to either store to buy it and I just love it and i think it would actually make a perfect present for anyone rather than just being a stocking filler. It is  absolutely gorgeous and you can buy cheaper purses or wallets anywhere and they don't cost that much if you are willing to look in loads of stores, but if you don't have the time then some great stores for cheaper purses are Accessorise, New Look, River Island and Debenhams.

Primark "Red, Green and Blue Tartan Scarf" - £5

If you have been reading my blog for quite some time now then you may have noticed that I am a massive fan of the scarves that Primark sell and that is because I think they are such great quality for the price you pay for them. I got this scarf a couple of weeks ago and I then got my friend the same scarf in black and white for her birthday last week and she absolutely loved it, so I knew that I had to include it in this gift guide as well. A lot of the gifts I have included in this gift guide have been reasonably cheap because I know with my stocking I don't get gifts that cost more that £15 due to the fact that they are small and are little gifts, so I wanted to do the same here. I think £5 for a scarf is so reasonable and I am actually going to do another blog post just on this scarf because I have worn this every day for the last two weeks and I have had so many compliments on it and people think it cost me £20 and are shocked when I say it is only £5. I love the fact that it is also in Christmas colours with the red and green and I will always have a Primark scarf in my Gift Guide for as long as I write this blog.

I also wanted to include some other items but I just didn't have the time to buy them or order them online so instead I am going to just include the link below so that you can all check them out. There are only a few more items that I really wanted to include:

NOPI Cookery Book - £28 but can be purchased from Amazon for approximately £15

I love cooking and my friend actually showed me this recipe book and I really wanted to buy it for my Dad but I just didn't have time to order it and I have already got him quite a bit. NOPI is a fairly famous restaurant in London and when I saw the pictures inside this recipe book I just wanted to make everything because it looked incredible. This is perfect for anyone who loves to cook and if you buy it from the restaurants site here it will cost you £28. However, I have found it on Amazon for around the price of £12 but obviously this might vary depending on how much the seller is selling it for but if you want to buy it from Amazon then click here to see how much people are selling the book for.

Selfridges "Rifle Paper 'Bon Voyage Travel Journal'" - £14.95

This gift is brilliant, especially for people who love to travel and would make a perfect notebook if they have a big holiday coming up and they like to plan a lot as well. This is quite a lot for a notebook but it is absolutely stunning and I would love to receive this under the tree of in my stocking. I love stationary and I always receive quite a few notebooks at Christmas from my distant relatives and I am always having to buy new notebooks every week because I always run out as soon as I get them. I think this would be a perfect present for anyone who likes stationary and is always needing new notebooks. Also the design is just really pretty and if you want to buy it then click here.

Lakeland "Handheld Spiralizer" - £14.98

This will be an amazing gift for anyone who loves to cook and I definitely want one of these as well. This is a handheld spiralizer which is a lot cheaper than if you buy the larger version and will obviously take up less space in the kitchen especially if they have a lot of gadgets already. Turning vegetables into spaghetti has become very popular recently and this would be perfect if they love to cook but they also like to stay healthy at the same time. I think this is a bargain for £14.99 from Lakeland and can be purchased here.

Jack Wills "The Alverstoke Charm Bracelet" - Was £9.50 now £7.12

Jewellery is not often given to me at Christmas, but I know that it is a popular choice but it can cost quite a lot of money, so I wanted to include one gift in this gift guide which wouldn't cost too much money and I found this really pretty star charm on a twine bracelet from Jack Wills, which is now reduced from £9.50 to £7.12. I think this is so sweet and would be perfect for a stocking gift or even a gift if you are on a budget. I love stars and I think this would be such a pretty present to receive on Christmas Day. If you would like to purchase this bracelet before it sells out then please click here.

New Look "Mint Green Metallic Earphones" - £6.99

These earphones are something that I have actually asked for in my stocking this year because I love having a few pairs of earphones because I always break them. I don't ask for the official Apple earphones because they cost quite a bit of money and I will get a new pair when I upgrade my phone in a few months, but I do need a new pair and I just think that these are so pretty and I love mint green as well. In the photo I can't actually see what part is mint green because it looks white to me but these would be perfect for anyone who loves listening to music and has to travel quite a bit whether it's to work or school. If you would like to buy these then please click here.

I hope you liked this stocking filler gift guide and it has given you all some ideas or inspiration for gifts either for a stocking or if you are on a budget. Please remember that when I purchased everything or researched it the prices were correct as of the 15th of December 2015, but these prices may have changed since. Also I cannot know whether these are all in stock still but hopefully it will give you some inspiration if you are late with your Christmas shopping and don't know what to buy.

I will have a stocking filler gift guide for men either tonight or tomorrow depending whether my blog decides to work, but a lot more of the gifts on that blog post will be links because I haven't had as much time to buy men's gifts and some of the gifts for men will be the same as some of the women's gifts as well.

I hope you are all having a great week!


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