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Earlier I uploaded my Stocking Filler Gift Guide for Her and today I wanted to upload the Stocking Filler Gift Guide for Him. This was meant to be up at the weekend but unfortunately my blog has been playing up so I have only just been able to write this post now. If you are late with your Christmas shopping or you are struggling to find smaller gifts for men then hopefully this will be able to help. In today's post I had 10 gifts that I managed to take photos of and then I had a few more gifts that I gave the links to which I wanted to buy. Unfortunately, I didn't have as much time to buy all of the stuff I wanted to buy for this gift guide so there won't be as many gifts that I can show but I will have lots of links at the end of this blog which I would have got if I had the time to buy all of them. All of the gifts are under £20 and these gifts are all towards the £15 to £20 price whereas with the women's gift guide I did have a few gifts that were a lot cheaper. But the links that I will link at the end will have some expensive items as well as having cheaper gifts, which will be perfect if you are on a budget. You will also find that some of the gifts were included in the women's gift guide and some of the gifts linked below could also be purchased for women as well. I think there is only 7 proper gifts in this gift guide because I don't have that many men to buy for as there are more women in my family but I will have 10 links at the end for more gifts to help give you inspiration.

This will be perfect if you are struggling to figure out what to buy the men in your life whether it is family relatives, friends or work colleagues.

Jack Wills "Men's Travel Kit" - £18

I got this travel kit from the Jack Wills store, but I do know that they are also selling this gift set in Boots as well for the same price. I love this gift and it is perfect for any many who has to travel quite a bit. I actually got this for my Dad for Christmas as he does have to travel with work and it is perfect because he always needs a new wash bag. First of all I love the wash bag which looks expensive but also you get a flannel, a cavalry twill shower gel and shampoo combined, and a cavalry twill body spray. I love Jack Wills gift sets for men this year and I think it is a perfect gift for anyone, whether it is just as a stocking filler or as a main present. I think it is fairly cheap for the amount that you get because I know that the shower gel is £6, which is listed below on it's own as well.

Jack Wills "Cavalry Twill Soap on a Rope" - £5

I also got this from the Jack Wills store before I got the travel kit, but this is a gift for one of my cousins which will include something else and the shampoo from Jack Wills as well. This was only £5 and can also be purchased from Boots as well as I don't think they are stocking this on the Jack Wills website and I know that not everyone has a Jack Wills store near them. This is perfect if you just want to buy smaller stocking fillers rather than buying a bigger gift set. Sometimes I find with the gift sets for men they include products that no one would actually use so you could create your own set instead so you know that the person will use everything.

Jack Wills "Cavalry Twill Shower Gel and Shampoo Combined" - £6

I got this at the same time as buying the soap and it is the same scent but it is just a shower gel which is also a shampoo as well, which is handy for anyone that travels so they don't have to take two individual products. I really like this and would be perfect if you are struggling to find stocking fillers for men. I'm including this with the soap and something else for my cousin and I know he will love it because he loves everything that is to do with Jack Wills. I think £6 is quite expensive and you can buy cheaper shower gels in other stores but I really like this scent and I think it would be perfect in any gift.

Marks & Spencer "Multi Striped Scarf" - £15

This gift is probably more for the mature gentleman, and I have actually bought the same scarf for both of my Grandads because it is definitely their style but I think it looks so expensive and it does look like it is worth more that £15. This is three times more expensive than the scarf I included in the women's gift guide but that is because I didn't like any of the scarves for men in Primark but I loved these. I think this could be a main present for grandparents, Dads or Uncles and it would be perfect, especially if they like wearing this style of scarf. It is so soft and I would have got more but I couldn't think of any other man in my life who would wear it. I also love the colours in this scarf and I believe there may be the same scarf but in three different colours.

"Jurassic World" DVD - £12.99

This is a unisex gift but I  didn't include a DVD in the women's gift guide. However I wanted to include one in this gift guide and it has to be Jurassic World DVD. I have actually got this for my Dad because he loves this series and I always buy him a DVD each Christmas and it has become a tradition. Obviously not everyone is into Jurassic World but you could buy them any DVD that they like and either give it as a main present or put it in their stocking. Obviously you can buy DVDs anywhere and is such a good option, especially if you have left it too late to do your Christmas shopping. I got this DVD from HMV and it only cost me £12.99 but I could have got 2 for £20. I think a DVD is always a perfect gift at Christmas and obviously these can also be given to women as well for Christmas.

Elvis Presley "If I Can Dream" Album - £9.99

This is another unisex item which I didn't include in the women's gift guide because I had too many gifts for that guide. I know people don't buy CDs much anymore, so you could give the person an iTunes voucher or something like that, but I wanted to include this Album in the gift guide because it is a great Album. It is the new Elvis Presley Album and I have actually got it for one of my family members because they have not stopped talking about it and I thought that they can play it in their car and they could also put it on their phone. Like with the DVD you don't have to get them the Elvis Presley Album and this might be more for Dads, however that doesn't mean that it can't be given to anyone. I think an Album is a great present to give at Christmas because I think it is one of the only times that I ever get Albums. Other Albums could include Justin Bieber's new album Purpose or One Direction's new Album Made in the AM which I know I have been listening to on repeat on my phone. But obviously you would buy the Album that they want to have in their car or put on their phone. If you don't want to buy the album then you could give them an iTunes voucher instead so they can just buy it there instead. Most of the Albums in HMV were £9.99 unless it was a deluxe version.

Totes "Black Cord Mule Slippers in a Gift Box" - £18

I am in love with these slipped from Totes and I think they are perfect gifts for men. I always buy my Dad slippers each year and I have bought him a pair of these mule slippers from Debenhams, but the thing I love about this brand is the fact that they have so many styles and in so many different colours which are perfect for any age. I also loved the packaging that they came in and they do remind me of the packaging of Uggs with the natural coloured box and I just thought they looked really nice and just make a lovely gift. £18 is quite expensive for a stocking filler so they would make a perfect present for under the tree but if you want to spend a bit more on your stockings then this would be a brilliant gift. I think for £18, these slippers are a bargain and I bought a couple of these in different styles because they were so much cheaper than the other brands that Debenhams were selling.

I also wanted to include some other items but I just didn't have the time to buy them or order them online so instead I am going to just include the link below so that you can all check them out. There are more of these than there are of the gifts with photos due to the fact that I didn't have the time to buy everything and I knew none of it would come in time, but you can order them online by clicking the links below or checking them out in store. There are only a few more items that I really wanted to include:

NOPI Cookery Book - £28 but can be purchased from Amazon for approximately £15

This was included in the women's gift guide earlier but it is obviously unisex and could be bought for men as well, especially if they love cooking or want to get into cooking. I love cooking and my friend actually showed me this recipe book and I really wanted to buy it for my Dad but I just didn't have time to order it and I have already got him quite a bit. NOPI is a fairly famous restaurant in London and when I saw the pictures inside this recipe book I just wanted to make everything because it looked incredible. This is perfect for anyone who loves to cook and if you buy it from the restaurants site here it will cost you £28. However, I have found it on Amazon for around the price of £12 but obviously this might vary depending on how much the seller is selling it for but if you want to buy it from Amazon then click here to see how much people are selling the book for.

Lakeland "Handheld Spiralizer" - £14.98

The handheld sprializer was included in my gift guide earlier but it is once again a unisex gift and I think it would be perfect for any man who already loves to cook or if they want to get into cooking more, then this is the perfect gift for them. This will be an amazing gift for anyone who loves to cook and I definitely want one of these as well. This is a handheld spiralizer which is a lot cheaper than if you buy the larger version and will obviously take up less space in the kitchen especially if they have a lot of gadgets already. Turning vegetables into spaghetti has become very popular recently and this would be perfect if they love to cook but they also like to stay healthy at the same time. I think this is a bargain for £14.99 from Lakeland and can be purchased here.

John Lewis "RED5 Tech Tool Pen" - £10

My friend actually got this for their Dad and I think this is such an amazing gift for any man. First of all I want to just mention that it is out of stock online, however I did see a couple in my local store so you may be able to find it in your local John Lewis or you may be able to find it online on somewhere like Amazon or find something similar to this. I think this is such a clever idea because not only is it a pen but it is also a spirit level and has a screwdriver in one end of the pen which is always handy especially if someone is into DIY. Even though it is out of stock online, I will still include the link so you could maybe find it somewhere else and so you know what it looks like and it might come back into stock but obviously I don't know. The link for this pen is here.

John Lewis "LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Keyring" - £7.99

I couldn't include gifts in this gift guide without including some Star Wars related products. I only have two and obviously these can also be bought for women but I didn't want to include it in today's gift guide because I had too many gifts, but I know that Star Wars is enjoyed by both men and women. I think this is such a cute stocking filler gift and will be such a nice present for anyone who love Star Wars. You can also buy a Stormtrooper keyring, a Chewbacca keyring and a Yoda keyring. Some of the other keyrings are £6.99 instead of £7.99 but I know that the Darth Vada keyring is £7.99. You can buy the Darth Vader keyring here.
FootJoy "WeatherSof Golf Glove" - £10

This gift is perfect for anyone who loves golf. My Dad is obsessed with Golf and I think this is the first year that I have got him no presents that involve golf but usually I would buy him a glove and I know that FootJoy is one of the best brands in Golf. I don't know much about this sport, except when I took lessons I found it quite boring but if you do know someone who loves golf then this might be an idea for a present for them. It is a glove for playing golf and apparently it is a really good glove. In the past I have actually made my Dad a hamper where I have included loads of golf products in it, so if you wanted to spend more money then you could buy loads of gifts and put it into a hamper, but this is perfect for a stocking filler and can be purchased here.

Debenhams "The Collection Credit Card Holder" - £16

I included a purse or wallet in the women's gift guide, so I knew I had to include a wallet in this gift guide as well. This is actually a card holder from Debenhams and was one of the cheapest I could find. I actually really liked the style of this card holder and it was quite simple which I feel is more suitable for a card holder. It comes in black or brown and I think £16 is fairly cheap for a good quality card holder. Wallets can be really expensive but this is a good option as well if you don't want to spend too much money on a gift. You can buy the card holder here.

Debenhams "Silverlit Automatic Hover Ranger Helicopter" - was £30 but now £15 in the sale

This is perfect for any man who loves their toys. This probably wouldn't fit into a stocking and technically it's not usually under £20 but at the moment it is in the sale in Debenhams for £15, and I don't know how long it will be in the sale for so I would buy it quickly if you do want this gift because it will probably go up to £30 again pretty soon. This is a remote controlled helicopter and is perfect for any age and I know a few people who would absolutely love this gift under the tree. If you want to buy it while it is still £15 then click here.

Debenhams "Star Wars Darth Vader Giant Mug" - £10

This is the final Star Wars present and could be bought for a women as well as I know Star Wars is loved by both men and women. I think this gift would be amazing in anyone's stocking, if they love the film franchise, and I would definitely have got this for my Dad and some of my friends if I had seen it earlier. This mug is £10 which is quite expensive for a mug but it holds 27 fl oz. I think any Star Wars fan would love this gift in their stocking or under the tree and I think it is just a fun novelty gift. You can buy it here on the Debenhams website.

John Lewis "Novelty Reindeer Socks" - £8

I included reindeer socks in the women's gift guide earlier but they were a lot cheaper and only cost £2 from Primark. I found these reindeer socks on the John Lewis website for £8 and I think it is quite cheap for a pair of socks, especially for men as I find that they can actually be quite expensive. I looked at the Jack Wills socks and they were £15 for two pairs of socks whereas they are only £8 for two pairs of socks from John Lewis. I really like the pattern on these socks and I also love the fact that one pair is navy with the red reindeers and then the other pair is red with the navy reindeer pattern. I think these will be perfect in any stocking and you will probably be able to find a cheaper pair in Primark but unfortunately Primark don't have a website so I couldn't check myself. If you want to buy the John Lewis socks then you can buy them here.

John Lewis "Vintage Stag T-Shirt" - £15

I was trying to find a piece of clothing that could be included in this gift guide which would be good quality, had something to do with Christmas and was under £20 and it was really difficult and I couldn't look at Primark because they don't have a website. Usually I would buy something from there but then I saw this John Lewis Stag T-shirt for only £15. I actually really liked it and I think it is relevant to Christmas due to the fact that the stag has a red nose so it looks more like Rudolph. I think this would be perfect in a stocking or just under the tree and even though it could only be worn at Christmas I think it is such great quality and could still be worn in January and February. If you would like to buy the T-shirt and look at the other designs they have then please click here.

I hope you liked this stocking filler gift guide and it has given you all some ideas or inspiration for gifts either for a stocking or if you are on a budget. Please remember that when I purchased everything or researched it the prices were correct as of the 15th of December 2015, but these prices may have changed since. Also I cannot know whether these are all in stock still but hopefully it will give you some inspiration if you are late with your Christmas shopping and don't know what to buy.

I hope you are all having a great week!


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