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Hey everyone,

This post was meant to be up yesterday but like I said in my previous blog post, for the last couple of days I have had to write and edit my assignment which is due tomorrow. I have now submitted and I can now keep up to date from now on as I am actually going home this weekend. Now these two items are going to be in my stocking filler gift guide this weekend but I wanted to write a post on them because I am absolutely loving the Ted Baker beauty collection, which is being sold in Boots. I actually got these two items with something else as it was 3 for 2 and I wanted to share these two items with you in greater detail. I have always been a fan of Ted Baker and I always love the way they package all of their items and this is still the case with these two stocking items. Not only could they be stocking fillers but you could buy them for a work colleague, or a family member or a friend and they will absolutely love it, especially if they are into their beauty.

I went into Boots recently and was looking for something for my stocking filler gift guide but I also wanted to get something for my Mum to thank her for helping proofread my essay last night. I know she loves Ted Baker as well as me and she really wanted the Ted Baker Gift makeup set but unfortunately Boots had sold out by the time I checked, so I thought I would look at what else they had to offer and I was really surprised with how lovely the items were but also the fact that they weren't too much, especially for the quality of the items. Obviously the larger gift sets were more expensive but if you want to buy someone a gorgeous gift which looks expensive but you are on a budget then I would definitely recommend looking at the Ted Baker section in your local Boots.

I only got two items and I just think they look beautiful. The first item is the Ted Baker Looking Glass Compact Mirror. First of all can I just say how gorgeous is the packaging on both of these items and I love the fact that they have gone for a floral pattern as well as having a pattern which looks like crystal drops but I wasn't entirely sure if that is what they are meant to be. When I showed it to my Mum she loved it instantly and she thought that the mirror alone was around £15. In fact it is only £6 and I obviously got it in the 3 for 2 offer as well. I think this is such a bargain for Ted Baker and the quality is incredible. When you take the mirror out of the box, it's very petite and will fit in any handbag because sometimes with compact mirrors they can be quite bulky and you don't want to take it with you anywhere. It has a gorgeous enamelled lid which has this crystal drop pattern in different shades of pink which I love with a rose gold T in the middle. But the thing I love the most about this mirror is the fact that it is rose gold and I love anything that is rose gold and I knew my Mum would love it just as much. What I really like about this mirror is that it has two mirrors and one is just normal and then on the other side it is a magnifying mirror so you can check to make sure that your makeup is properly blended in. I just really love this item and my Mum has already asked me to go out and buy some more for her friends and I think it is perfect for a stocking filler or if you are on a budget.

The second Ted Baker item I got was also from Boots and I technically got it for free because it was also in the 3 for 2 offer, and it was this little bauble which has the Ted Baker Body Souffle in it. I love the amount of detail Ted Baker does with their packaging and you just never want to throw any of it away. I also like the fact that there is a ribbon so you could hang it on the Christmas tree if you wanted to. You can either get this in the duck egg blue like I did or they did have a pink version as well but they both have a 50ml body soufflĂ© in them. I actually think that if you were to get the compact mirror and the bauble in pink then it would match and then make a perfect present and it won't cost too much. This bauble is only £4 usually and obviously I got it for free because of the 3 for 2 offer and I would definitely love to receive this in my stocking. I haven't tried the body soufflĂ© before but I remember I was going to buy the bigger pot but I didn't want to pay too much money for something that I might not like, because in the past I have received beauty gift sets from Ted Baker before and I haven't really liked the scent. However, I thought if I got this then I would be able to see if I like it and then I can buy the bigger version soon. I have only looked at it briefly but I really like the scent but I don't know how it will react on my skin, due to the fact that I do have sensitive skin.

These are gorgeous presents and I love the fact that they are not that expensive and would make really nice presents on their own. I have got quite a few of these for my friends as they do look like they cost more than they actually were.

I will be writing two blog posts this weekend which will be a stocking filler gift guide for her and for him. I did say in a previous post that it would be under £15 but it will now be under £20 because I have a couple of items that I want to include but they do cost more than £15 but there will be nothing more than £20 and most of the products are actually under £15.

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