Saturday, 12 December 2015


Hey everyone,

I unfortunately couldn't post anything yesterday because I was travelling home for Christmas and when I did get home I was so tired and I fell asleep almost straight away. But I wanted to put this post up now before my stocking filler gift guide which will be up this evening around 7pm. This is actually the reason why my gift guide is now under £20 rather than under £15 because I really wanted to include it so I had 10 gifts to put up which will be great for anyone.

I love the Christmas gift sets that The Body Shop come out with each year and I always buy this for my friends and this year I am giving it to my Mum for one of her presents (luckily none of my family read this blog). This is the Glazed Apple Feel Good Tin and it smells incredible, I can even smell the apple flavour when the tin is closed. They do three variations of this tin, and they are the Glazed Apple (in a green tin), Frosted Cranberry (in a red tin) or the Frosted Plum (in a purple tin). I chose the Glazed Apple because it is such a lovely scent and also it looks more like an apple whereas the others have a stalk and don't look much like a cranberry or a plum, plus I thought it would be the scent that my Mum would like to have the most.

First of all I love the look of this tin and it actually looks like an apple, and they have made it more festive by adding a red ribbon to it as well. I think this is such a bargain as it was only £17 and would make a great present, not just a stocking filler. It would also be perfect if you have to buy a Secret Santa gift at work or if you know someone who loves The Body Shop or loves body creams. When you open the tin it is stuffed with red tissue paper (not sure if this is the case for the other two tins) and then there are 4 miniature Body Shop products in that particular scent. As soon as you open the tin you are hit with a really strong smell of apple. I have found that with the Body Shop products this is always the case and they always have a strong smell which lingers on your body for quite a long time.

In the set you get a miniature Sugar Scrub, a Body Butter, a Shower Gel and a Shimmer Lotion. I love the fact that you get products that are useful, because sometimes you can get gift sets which include products that you know people are never going to use. Whereas with this gift set everything can be used and nothing will be wasted. I think this gift set is definitely worth £17 and like I have already said it would be perfect for either a stocking filler or as a main present for family and friends. I would definitely love to receive this under the tree and I love the fact that this tin comes in three different scents so you can choose the particular scent that they will like.

If you want to buy this gift set then you can buy it here.

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