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Hey everyone and happy 6th of December,

I literally haven't left my house today because I have been trying to find quotes for my assignment and I am still struggling now so I have been so busy trying to write my assignment that I completely forgot that I haven't got a blog post for you all. I asked me friend if she could just try and find some ideas and she found a Tag for me to answer and I didn't want to do anymore Tags but I haven't got time to make anything or take any photos so I promise this is the last one and tomorrow I will be reviewing something or I might write a post on my Winter essentials, I haven't decided yet. My friend found this tag from a blog called RandomBeautyThings and I thought why not answer the questions that are on there but I have changed some of the questions slightly and added a couple more just so I could write more for you all.

What are your top two fashion essentials for the Winter?
The two fashion items I wear the most in Winter are my Karen Millen Winter coat which I got a couple of Summers ago in the sale and it just keeps me so warm and was such a good investment for me because I wear it from September to the end of April and I love it. The other piece of fashion I have always worn a lot is my tanned suede skirt from New Look that I got this Summer and I love wearing it with black tights, a black long sleeve top, ankle boots, my coat and my Primark scarf. It makes such a nice outfit and I have been wearing these two pieces so much.

What shoes do you wear the most in the Winter?
I only really wear one pair of shoes at Christmas and they are actually boots, and they would be the Uggs I got for Christmas last year from my parents. They are so comfy and are perfect for when it's raining because when I wear short ankle boots I find that my socks get soaked and then I get ill. But when I wear my Uggs my feet stay warm and they are so pretty and I love the fact that they have little bows on the back which makes them look more girly.

What is your favourite Winter accessories?
My favourite winter accessory at the moment is my burgundy checked scarf from Primark. I have worn this every day and I just love it so much. It was only £4 and I have had so many compliments on it and it keeps me so warm especially when I have to walk to University at half 8 in the morning. Plus it looks good with everything and people can't believe it is only £4 and I am liking quite a lot of the scarves from Primark this Winter. I am also loving my reindeer fluffy socks, that I left at my parents house. But they were only £2 from Primark and they have a little red pompom on it for Rudolph's nose and little antlers and eyes so it looks like reindeers, which I think is really cute.

What is your favourite Winter makeup look?
I don't really have a particular makeup look that I wear a lot at Christmas. The only thing that I definitely wear more over the Winter months is red lipstick and that is the only time I really wear red lipsticks. Apart from that I don't have a particular makeup look for Winter although when I go to parties I go for a more dramatic smoky eye but I do that all year round.

Do you prefer Hot Chocolate or Eggnog?
I have never tried eggnog before, so it has to be hot chocolate but I actually prefer the marshmallows and the cream to the actual drink.

What is your favourite Winter candle?
My favourite reed diffuser is the festive spice from Next which I am absolutely obsessed with and I am loving the same candle in the festive spice which is also from Next. I am in love with the smell and it just smells like Christmas, but one of my friends thought it smelt disgusting so that made me feel bad about the smell but I really like it and I think it smells great.

Do you still have an Advent Calendar? If so, who got it for you?
I do still have an advent calendar, I have a chocolate advent calendar from Cadbury's plus I have the Body Shop's "24 Happy Days" advent calendar which I am loving this year. My Mum got me the Cadbury's advent calendar and my friend actually got me the Body Shop one which was a complete surprise and I am so grateful so I went and got her the Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar as an early Christmas present.

Do you prefer snowboarding or skiing?
This is an easy question because I have never gone skiing and I have never gone snowboarding, so I can't really say which one I would prefer. I think if I got a chance to go somewhere where I could choose either snowboarding or skiing, I would have to choose skiing but this will never happen because I think I would be too scared and I would rather sit in the chalet in front of a fire with a hot chocolate.

Have you ever been ice skating? And are you any good?
I've only been ice skating when I was little, and I don't remember how good I was. I think I could skate on my own but I definitely wasn't great at it. I actually got scared of ice skating and I remember one time my Grandpa and my Dad took me ice skating and I refused to go on the ice because I was scared I would fall over and I think it was just because I heard stories where people had their hands cut from people's skates accidentally running over their hands and that just completely scared me.

Have you ever had a white Christmas?
I live in England and it does get cold here and I have been lucky to have experienced a couple of white Christmases where it has snowed. I don't think it has snowed really heavily when it was Christmas day but I do remember having a lot of snow days at school and I remember listening to the radio to see if one of my schools was closed because that was the only way we could find out because the website always crashed when it snowed.

What is your favourite thing to do when it snows?
When I was little it was probably making snowmen but I think if it snowed now I wouldn't care too much. But I remember at school we would have snowball fights and things like that but I think it was more ice than snow, so I remember a snowball hitting my arm and it came out in this massive bruise because it was actually ice rather than snow.

What is your favourite Christmas/Holiday song?
I think I already answered this in one of my previous blog posts but my favourite Christmas song is "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" and my favourite song from when I was little was definitely "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and it is still one of my favourites now.

What are your favourite Christmas/Holiday films?
I know I have answered this as well and it will always be Elf. Its just a really nice film to watch and I probably know most of the words from the film and it's a film that still makes me laugh even though I have seen it probably 20 times. Other films that I like are The Grinch, Love Actually and The Muppet Christmas Carol.

What is your favourite Winter snack (e.g. candy canes, gingerbread etc)?
I don't really have a favourite winter snack and I pretty much like anything besides gingerbread. I love ginger but I just cannot eat gingerbread and I don't know why I can't. I love to make gingerbread and one year (maybe this year) I want to make a gingerbread house. But probably my favourite Christmas snack is a Terry's Chocolate Orange and my Mum and I will fight over who gets the core of the orange and I usually let her win but it is just so good and we always get a few Chocolate Oranges at Christmas.

What is on your Christmas/Holiday wishlist?
I am the worst person to buy for because I am so indecisive and I've gotten to that age where I don't really mind what I get for Christmas because I will like anything. My Mum asked me for a list in September and I couldn't think of anything but instead I will say that I like something when we go out shopping and then she will sometimes buy it for me. But I don't have anything on my wishlist besides some new makeup brushes because mine are really old, but I haven't asked for anything really expensive. I'm very lucky though because my Mum knows me so well and I don't have to tell her what I like because she knows my style so well, and I know she buys most of my presents.

What are your Holiday plans?
I am going back home from University next Friday and I am so excited to be going home and getting to decorate the Christmas tree and start baking, even though I have three essays to write over the holidays. This year I will be with my parents and my grandparents and we are just staying at home this year and my Mum and I will cook Christmas dinner. It will just be a relaxing day and then on Boxing Day we always go out for Lunch with my family and that is a tradition that we always keep.

What is your favourite Holiday memory from when you were a child?
I can't really remember one particular moment from when I was little because I have the worst memory ever. I remember one year I got given this gorgeous dolls house that my Dad and I had to build and it was one of the best presents I have ever received and I still have it now and it's in our Conservatory and it will always be in my parent's house because it does go with the colour scheme in their conservatory but I remember feeling so special that I had received this dolls house. I also have a massive Tigger that I got when I was 6 months old that I still have and I also have a Christmas Minnie Mouse that I also have so its looking back at those presents which just makes me smile.

Have you ever been on Holiday for Christmas/The Holidays?
I also mentioned this in a previous blog post, and I have been on holiday for Christmas. When I was 18 months old we went to Florida for Christmas and the problem was that I don't remember any of it but there are a lot of photos. We did once go to Lapland for a day when I was 10 and it was just before Christmas and it was one of the best things we have ever done, even though I didn't want to go at first. I remember getting to meet Santa and see the reindeers and the huskies, and just having an amazing day and I would love to go back in the future.

Do you prefer to stay at home for Christmas or go away somewhere hot?
I always say I would love to go somewhere hot for Christmas, and one of my friends is actually in Australia right now spending Christmas there, but I know that its just not the same as being home with my family and friends. And I don't think I will ever spend Christmas in another country because it just wouldn't be the same.

What is your favourite part about Winter?
My favourite part of Winter is definitely the countdown to Christmas. I always know that Christmas is almost here when the finale of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! is on, and I am actually watching it while I write this post now. Plus I love the fact that it gets dark at like 4pm and it just makes it feel more like Christmas and its nice when I get to just be in bed while it's dark outside.

I hope you all enjoyed this Winter Tag and give this a go yourselves. This is the last one I am going to do for 2015 and the only reason I did write this Tag today was because I couldn't think of anything else. Tomorrow I will be either reviewing something or writing about my Winter essentials but that will probably change and I'll write about something completely different. I hope you are all having a great weekend!!

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