Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Happy 1st of December,

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year and I don't just mean the day itself but I actually prefer the build up to Christmas. I love the decorating, the baking, buying presents and getting to spend quality time with my family and friends. Now if I was on YouTube I would probably be doing Vlogmas but at the moment I am not planning on creating a YouTube channel just yet but I am instead going to be writing a blog post for each day of December. I will have posts on baking, gift wrapping ideas and the perfect stocking filler gifts for men and women. I am going to be calling this series Blogmas just to make it easier for me so I know what day I am on.

As it is only the 1st of the month I thought I would ease you all into the Christmas period with why I love this time of the year. When I was little all I knew about Christmas was that Santa would bring me presents and I would see all of my family. Obviously, now that I am 20 years old my view of Christmas has changed and now I prefer gifting presents and getting to spend time with those I love. I just love everything to do with the Christmas holidays, whether it is wrapping presents, decorating the tree, meeting up with friends and family, watching Christmas films or baking loads of holiday treats.

Usually I can't stand the cold weather but there is something about spending an evening watching a Christmas movie, with a blanket and a hot chocolate which I love. At the moment my favourite Christmas film is Elf, which is why I have added my favourite quote from the film to this blog post. It has such a heart-warming storyline, but is also so funny and is the perfect Christmas film for family members of all ages. Even though I have watched it over 20 times I still laugh, even though I could probably recite the whole film.

My fashion must-have at this time of the year is my cosy leggings. I buy a new pair from Primark every year and they are perfect for those nights in when you are just watching Christmas films or when you are watching Netflix. The pair that I bought this year are grey with reindeers, hearts and snowflakes printed onto them. These are only £10 and are so comfortable and keep you so warm especially when it is cold. These leggings are something that I buy every year and I probably have three pairs already in different prints.

I have already said I love baking, and I bake quite a lot throughout the year, but I find that I bake a lot more with my friends and family when it is the Christmas holidays. I make mince pies, gingerbread houses, gingerbread cake, chocolate truffles, sausage rolls and I even make my own Christmas cake each year. I have made and decorated my Christmas cake for the last three or four years and it is something that I always do with my Mum. I am always inspired by a Christmas cake that I might have seen online or I might have seen in a store. Usually I go for fairly complicated designs and last year I was inspired by a New York bakery and my favourite Christmas film which is obviously Elf. However, this year I am going a lot simpler and sticking to a classic theme and only using one colour just so it looks elegant and is not too over the top.

We don't really have any traditions in my family, although when I have children I think I will try and create some traditions that we can do every year. Although we always keep to the same colour scheme every year, and it is always purple and silver for one tree and then red and gold for the tree in our living room. Our purple tree is more modern and has more delicate decorations on it. Whereas, our red and gold tree will be more traditional and there are some decorations on that tree that are almost as old as me. But my Mum and I are so picky that the presents have to match the colour scheme of the trees. However, that is only for my immediate family and of course we don't make everyone we know buy wrapping paper to match our trees as that would be really rude. I guess our traditions are just how we plan the day out and often we will play games after dinner and the times when we open our stockings and then our presents.

At the moment, my favourite Christmas scent is a diffuser from Next which is in the scent Festive Spice. This will probably be a scent that some people will love and some with hate. I usually don't like Christmas scents because they are usually too spicy but I absolutely love this scent. One of the main reasons why I got this diffuser was just because I loved the bottle and it has red berries in it which just made it feel a lot more festive and I just felt like I needed it in my house. Plus I love the smell. The reed diffuser is only £16 and the candle is £8.


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