Saturday, 23 January 2016


I have never been that confident when it comes to wearing bright lipsticks and I would always steer clear of red lipstick in particular. However, over the Christmas period I found that I was wearing brighter lipsticks and I wanted to buy a red lipstick that would be perfect for my skin tone, because sometimes red lipsticks can make me look really pale and just doesn't suit me. But when I heard that Max Factor were bringing out four lipsticks in different shades of red, for every type of skin tone I knew that I had to get my hands on them, and of course I had to buy all four of them. I think a red lipstick is needed in everyone's makeup bag and these are a great place to start if you want to buy a reasonably affordable lipstick.


Monday, 11 January 2016


When I was younger skincare was never really an important essential in my life but now that I have gotten older I have realised how important it is to have good quality skincare. The problem is finding a skin cream that is good quality but is also inexpensive. I was trying to find a Day Cream that I could use on a daily basis and I did for a while look at Clarins and Dior but I couldn't justify spending £40 on a skin cream. So I went into Boots and just decided to look around and found myself at the No 7 counter and I was talking to one of the makeup artists there and she was telling me that the No 7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream is really good especially for people who have dry skin. My particular skin type is Normal/Dry because I do suffer from dry skin every now and again. Basically this skin cream is used to hydrate and energise the skin to make it look healthier and more radiant, according to the lady working there and the box, and it wasn't that expensive so I thought even if it didn't work at least I wouldn't be losing £40. This cream was £13.50 and after using it for a week or so I think I'm definitely going to buy the Night Cream as well which is also £13.50.


Thursday, 7 January 2016


So I know that this is the second blog post I have written about Real Techniques and I promise I have not been sponsored by them, but this will be the last post I write on this brand for a while. I got given a gift set for Christmas which I talked about last week and I have been trying to replace my Real Technique brushes that I left at my exes house.

I have been looking into buying the Bold Metals Real Techniques collection for a while but I never got any because they are quite expensive and I wasn't sure whether they would be worth the money. One of the face brushes is £25 which I think is very expensive for a makeup brush. But I was looking on the Boots website and I saw that they had this gift set containing three of the Bold Metals brushes and a clutch bag reduced from £64 to £25. I thought that this was really cheap for three of the brushes and I could justify spending £25 on three brushes rather than just on one brush alone. I can say that after using these brushes for a couple of days I am in love with them and I will have to save up for the rest of the collection because I think they are even better than the original makeup brushes, although I do love them as well.



Urban Decay has been in my life for a very long time and I have most of their eyeshadow palettes so I didn't really need to buy anymore, but as soon as I heard about Gwen Stefani collaborating with Urban Decay to create a limited edition palette I knew I needed it in my makeup collection. I find that a lot of the palettes are more for people who love neutral shades and this palette is no exception. I love creating smokey eyes with neutral colours and I was going to buy this palette as soon as it came out at the end of November but I was trying to see reviews of it and then I just thought I would buy it and see what I thought of it myself and my first impression is I'M IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!


Friday, 1 January 2016


I, like most bloggers am obsessed with the Real Techniques makeup brushes and I have been for quite some time. However, I left all of my Real Techniques brushes at my exes and i just never asked for them back because i didn't want to speak to him and they were pretty old anyway, so i thought i would just start a brand new collection. So for the time being the only brush i had from them was a basic foundation brush and then i was going to buy a new brush each month until my collection was complete. But i did ask for a couple for Christmas from my parents and i was lucky enough to get one of the Real Techniques gift set. This is the Real Techniques Collectors Edition Deluxe Gift Set and can be bought fot £29.99 from Boots at the link above.



It is officially the first day of 2016 and I hope you all had a great New Years Eve. I don't usually put much effort into New Years Eve because usually I just can't be bothered to go out but this year I actually went to a party with my friends and family and it was amazing. I actually wrote the resolutions a few days ago because I didn't know how I was going to feel today and I actually could have done the whole post today but I didn't want to forget anything. A lot of my friends make New Year's Resolutions and I use to make them when I was younger and they would be silly ones like becoming rich and becoming an actress. But for the last few years I have not really had any resolutions and I haven't written them down at least and I have found that my resolutions are a lot more practical now that I'm 20. I had an incredible 2015, and it has shaped who I want to be in the future. Yes I had some lows in 2015 but I had some incredible highs like starting this blog which I didn't think one person would look at let alone almost 2,000 so I'm extremely grateful to all of you, plus I finished my second year at University and I am now in my third year and looking to see what I do after University.

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