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Urban Decay has been in my life for a very long time and I have most of their eyeshadow palettes so I didn't really need to buy anymore, but as soon as I heard about Gwen Stefani collaborating with Urban Decay to create a limited edition palette I knew I needed it in my makeup collection. I find that a lot of the palettes are more for people who love neutral shades and this palette is no exception. I love creating smokey eyes with neutral colours and I was going to buy this palette as soon as it came out at the end of November but I was trying to see reviews of it and then I just thought I would buy it and see what I thought of it myself and my first impression is I'M IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!

First of all can we just talk about the packaging that it came in. I thought the packaging of the palette was brilliant when I saw it online and then I saw the box that came in and I just thought that is my style completely and I love the white and gold abstract look of the box. And I also love the fact that on the inside of the box it's a bright pink and white polka dot print. Only I would get obsessed with the packaging, but I think it's so pretty and usually I get rid of the cardboard packaging but I'm definitely not going to be doing that with this one.

Right I will now talk about the palette itself, because I don't think you want me to talk just about the cardboard box it came in. So I'm now going to talk about the packaging of the actual palette and I think it is stunning. I love the gold contrasted against the black and white polka dot print in the middle of the palette. Usually the packaging on their palettes is amazing but they have definitely stepped up their game with this particular palette. I think it's such a beautiful palette and I just keep looking at it when I should be writing an essay instead. It then has the Urban Decay logo with Gwen Stefani's name on a little plaque on top of the palette which has been made to look like brushed gold and I think it looks amazing, especially in my makeup bag.

When you open the palette it's just beautiful and I love the glossy black container that holds all 15 eyeshadows. Plus I love the fact that the mirror is the whole size of the palette and it is really big so it's perfect for trying to create the perfect smokey eye. Also I love the fact that in the corner of the mirror it says "MAGIC'S IN THE MAKEUP" which just shows how much detail has been put into this limited edition palette and I am so happy to have it in my collection. Like I said there are 15 eyeshadows in this palette and I am obsessed with this particular palette.

I have already used this palette and I have only owned it a couple of days, I wore it for New Years Eve and I was so impressed with the pigmentation of the eyeshadows and I love every single shade as well and I know I will wear all of them. I will need to do some research on how to wear the shades Harajuku (which is a pink) and Danger (which is a navy blue) but I will try to wear all the shades. The rest of the eyeshadows are more focused on the neutral side and I love wearing neutral eyeshadows and creating a dramatic smokey eye. My favourite eyeshadow is the shade Punk which is a burgundy/maroon shade which I wore on New Years Eve and it looked amazing. I think the shades are perfect to just create a neutral daytime look or you can use them to create a dramatic night time look as well.

I really love the fact that there is a mixture of neutrals and then there are some brighter shades as well so I think this palette is suitable for everyone. Also there is a mixture of matte eyeshadows and then some shimmer eyeshadows so you can choose which one is best for you and I love that. I used this palette to create a dramatic smokey eye on New Years Eve and I was so impressed with the results I got. The pigmentation of any Urban Decay palette is always amazing and this palette is no exception. I didn't have to add too much eyeshadow to the brush and I didn't even have to use a primer for the eyeshadow to show up really clear on my eyes. Also I was out for the most of the night and was dancing and my eyeshadow was still perfect at the end of the night and I didn't use any makeup setting spray. I am going to buy the primer and the setting spray from Urban Decay just for future use, especially when it gets hotter and eyeshadow starts to run after a while of dancing.

I have already said that one of my favourite shades is Punk which is a maroon/burgundy shade but one of my absolute favourites is the shade Pop. Punk is a matte eyeshadow, whereas Pop is definitely a shimmer shade and it is so glittery and it just looks incredible. It's a very subtle shade but you definitely see the glitter and it's between a beige and a pale peach shade and I know I will be wearing both of these eyeshadows the most when I go out. I also love the names of every eyeshadow and the detail that has gone into this palette is just amazing and I wish it wasn't limited edition.

Also, if you have not heard by now, Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani are releasing a range of lipsticks in the Spring and I cannot wait for them to come out and I will definitely be pre-ordering a couple. In with the palette, you get a sample of four of the lipsticks shades. You got a small sample of the shades ROCKSTEADY, 714, EX-GIRLFRIEND and FIREBIRD. I love all these shades and I actually wore the EX-GIRLFRIEND lipstick on New Year's Eve and it is just a neutral pink colour and it was such a nice shade and it stayed on quite a while so I will definitely be buying that one when it is released. ROCKSTEADY looks more like a burgundy colour, 714 is more of a bright red shade and then FIREBIRD is more of a brighter pink/purple shade.

I am so upset that this is only limited edition but if you want to buy it then you can get this palette from the Urban Decay website or the Debenhams website for £40.

Also, I was very excited to receive an email from a website called MyVoucherCodes, and I so wish I had been told about this website earlier because I would have saved so much on the delivery costs. I have been looking at this website and all the deals they offer and it is incredible and you all have to check it out because it offers so many deals including free delivery on Debenhams beauty offers until the 27th of February. I find that the delivery charges can be really expensive and this is such a great deal. So if you want to check them out and get this incredible offer then please go to their website stated below:

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