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I have never been that confident when it comes to wearing bright lipsticks and I would always steer clear of red lipstick in particular. However, over the Christmas period I found that I was wearing brighter lipsticks and I wanted to buy a red lipstick that would be perfect for my skin tone, because sometimes red lipsticks can make me look really pale and just doesn't suit me. But when I heard that Max Factor were bringing out four lipsticks in different shades of red, for every type of skin tone I knew that I had to get my hands on them, and of course I had to buy all four of them. I think a red lipstick is needed in everyone's makeup bag and these are a great place to start if you want to buy a reasonably affordable lipstick.

Max Factor have brought out four different shades of red lipstick inspired by the icon Marilyn Monroe. They have the iconic Marilyn red lipstick and then three other shades of red that are suited to a particular skin tone (which I have listed below). I have worn these lipsticks so much and I have found that even though three of them are meant for certain skin tones, they all look good and I can wear all of them. I have read some reviews where they have said that one shade of lipstick looks good on them and then the others don't look so good, but luckily they seem to compliment my skin tone, so if you are looking to buy these lipsticks then you may want to use the tester just to see if it compliments your skin tone.

Marilyn Ruby Red - this is the iconic red that was Marilyn Monroe's signature shade of red and meant to be perfect for all skin tones. I love this shade the most and it is such a beautiful red and I have definitely worn this shade the most. I think if you are unsure of what shade would be best for you then I would definitely go for this one as I think its works the best on all skin tones and with all hair colours.

Marilyn Sunset Red - this shade works best on women with warm skin tones as it is more of an orange/red shade. This is the shade that I have worn the least out of all of them because my skin tone is more cooler than warm but once again it is a really pretty red.

Marilyn Berry Red - besides the Ruby Red lipstick, this is my favourite and definitely works the best for my skin tone. It is best suited for women with a cooler skin tone and to me it is more of a pink/red which is just so beautiful. I have worn this more during the day and just had one layer of the lipstick so it wasn't a really intense look.

Marilyn Cabernet Red - this is probably my least favourite shade on me as it is a darker red which doesn't look particularly great on me. However, I didn't build the layers up too much and I still liked it but it is my least favourite in comparison to the other three shades. This is the perfect red lipstick for women with darker skin tones, because of the purple undertones.

I absolutely love the pigment of these lipsticks and they really come up vibrant when you apply them. Also the lipsticks give an even finish because with some lipsticks I have found that they don't apply very well and it just looks rubbish. But that is definitely not the case with these lipsticks. Also you can build up the vibrancy of the lipstick and can keep applying the lipstick in layers to create a bold red lip or just apply one layer to have a semi-sheer look. When I wore these lipsticks I used a lip brush but I was told that you can just use the lipstick without a brush and it will create an even layer and it won't be blotchy. However, if you want to build up the intensity I would suggest buying a decent lip brush just so you can get the right shade. I also love the fact that you don't have to buy a lipliner with these lipsticks.

My two favourite shades are the iconic Marilyn Ruby Red and the Marilyn Berry Red. These two suit my skin tone the best, although I have worn all four at different points for when I have gone out. I am so impressed with these lipsticks and they are a must have in my makeup bag. Plus I love the smell of them and they do remind me of peppermint for some reason. I don't think there is peppermint and probably most of you will think I am being crazy and they smell nothing like peppermint but that's what they remind me of. Some of the ingredients in the lipsticks are shea, avocado, aloe butters and anti-oxidant white tea, which also moisturises my lips as well as creating a really pretty bold red lip. I actually found that the Berry Red is more of a pink/red shade which is really nice but I just like the fact that you have a ruby red, a darker red, a pink/red shade and an orange/red shade so its perfect for every skin tone and hair colour etc. My least favourite shade out of all of them is the Marilyn Cabaret Red which is a darker red and its the hardest shade for me to wear but when I go out I will definitely wear this, whereas the others I could wear to dinner as well as going out.

I obviously got all four lipstick shades and most of you will not want to, and therefore you will want to choose the lipstick that would work best for you. I found that the ladies at my local Boots were so helpful when my friend was looking for what lipstick would be best for you, so don't feel shy to ask for their opinion, they really aren't scary. These are relatively expensive for a lipstick, especially if you buy all four like me but they are totally worth it and I am in love with these lipsticks and would recommend them to anyone. These cost £7.99 and can be purchased online here.

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