Monday, 11 January 2016


When I was younger skincare was never really an important essential in my life but now that I have gotten older I have realised how important it is to have good quality skincare. The problem is finding a skin cream that is good quality but is also inexpensive. I was trying to find a Day Cream that I could use on a daily basis and I did for a while look at Clarins and Dior but I couldn't justify spending £40 on a skin cream. So I went into Boots and just decided to look around and found myself at the No 7 counter and I was talking to one of the makeup artists there and she was telling me that the No 7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream is really good especially for people who have dry skin. My particular skin type is Normal/Dry because I do suffer from dry skin every now and again. Basically this skin cream is used to hydrate and energise the skin to make it look healthier and more radiant, according to the lady working there and the box, and it wasn't that expensive so I thought even if it didn't work at least I wouldn't be losing £40. This cream was £13.50 and after using it for a week or so I think I'm definitely going to buy the Night Cream as well which is also £13.50.

So the reason I actually brought this Day Cream was because I have noticed that whenever I put on makeup that there is obviously dry skin underneath so the makeup will sometimes look blotchy. The main problem was that the dry skin was not visible until I put on my concealer and foundation. So when I went into Boots that was what I was looking for and obviously the Beautiful Skin Day Cream was pointed out to me and I thought I would give it a try. I was advised to get the cream for Normal/Dry skin, but you can also get them for Normal/Oily skin and for Dry/Very Dry skin as well. My first impressions of this Day Cream is that it has worked and is definitely worth the money I spent on it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

I have only been using this Day Cream for a week or so and already I have seen a difference in my skin and it has looked a lot more healthier. I have been using this cream after I have my shower in the morning, just before I apply my makeup, and I have found that after a week of using this Cream that I don't have to wear as much concealer and foundation, which is definitely a positive. You get 50ml and I have found that you don't have to put a lot on your skin, otherwise it can make your face quite oily if you put too much on. One of the things that I really like about this skincare is the fact that it doesn't have a horrible scent to it, unlike some products, and it does make my skin smell really nice after I have used it. Like I said I have only been using this cream for a week so I wasn't expecting miracles but I have found that my skin is a lot smoother than before and it does look healthier, like I have already said. I've also found that I don't have as many breakouts since using this cream. I am hoping that this will be the case for the future as well, the more I use it. I do think I am going to buy the Night Cream as well because that's when my skin becomes a lot drier. So obviously both Skin Creams together would cost £27 which some will spend on one cream so I think it is a bargain and maybe in the future I will invest in more expensive skincare but for the moment I am really pleased with the results I have gotten already.

I also love the fact that it provides an amazing base for my makeup and it doesn't make my foundation look blotchy and I have found that my foundation and concealer applies better after I have used the Day Cream. Also this Skin Cream has SPF 15 which is definitely handy for when it is Spring and Summer. It also says on the packaging that it is also hypo-allergenic, which means that it is unlikely to give people allergic reactions or the amount of allergic reactions is reduced. However, I would suggest that if you do have sensitive skin I would suggest asking for a sample of the skin cream so that you can test it for 24-48 hours to make sure that you don't suffer from an allergic reaction. I have sensitive skin and in the past I have suffered from allergic reactions from cheaper products and I should have asked for a sample before I brought it but luckily I haven't had any allergic reactions to it. I am in love with this Skincare and one of the best things about buying it from the No 7 counter in Boots is due to the fact that every now and again they will give vouchers for £5 off skincare and makeup from No 7 and they are doing that at the moment so you could get this Day Cream for £8.50 instead of £13.50.

If you are thinking of buying this Day Cream then you can buy it from Boots here.


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