Thursday, 7 January 2016


So I know that this is the second blog post I have written about Real Techniques and I promise I have not been sponsored by them, but this will be the last post I write on this brand for a while. I got given a gift set for Christmas which I talked about last week and I have been trying to replace my Real Technique brushes that I left at my exes house.

I have been looking into buying the Bold Metals Real Techniques collection for a while but I never got any because they are quite expensive and I wasn't sure whether they would be worth the money. One of the face brushes is £25 which I think is very expensive for a makeup brush. But I was looking on the Boots website and I saw that they had this gift set containing three of the Bold Metals brushes and a clutch bag reduced from £64 to £25. I thought that this was really cheap for three of the brushes and I could justify spending £25 on three brushes rather than just on one brush alone. I can say that after using these brushes for a couple of days I am in love with them and I will have to save up for the rest of the collection because I think they are even better than the original makeup brushes, although I do love them as well.

As you will be able to guess from the title of the collection and the photos each brush has a different metal handle part; either gold, silver or rose gold. I love the metals they have used and I also love that the handle is more of a diamond shape rather than the round handle (I haven't explained that well). I must admit though they look amazing but I would rather they make the handle part of the brush circular because it does feel weird in my hand when I apply my makeup. I also love the clutch bag that they came in and like I said with my other brushes they are so handy when you go travelling and you don't want to take all of your brushes with you. I also like this bag a bit more than the other because it has the white, silver, rose gold and gold elements and there is also a clasp so the brushes shouldn't fall out, whereas with the other clutch bag there is nothing to stop that from happening.

103 Angled Powder Brush - "largest head yet, the angled head blends seamlessly and contours to face"

200 Oval Shadow Brush - "the full, round shape allows for all-over lid application and seamless blending"

300 Tapered Blush Brush - "the specially-designed tip highlights and sculpts across cheeks for seamless finish.

I love the heads of the brush as well because they feel a lot softer than the normal makeup brushes that Real Techniques make. They also apply the makeup really well and I am so impressed with these brushes. I've only used the powder brush and the blush brush so far and they blended my makeup really well and I didn't have to apply too much pressure when applying the makeup. The only problem I had with these brushes was the fact that I didn't realise that I had put way too much blush on the brush so I will have to be careful in the future. Apart from that these are amazing brushes but I like the normal brushes that they sell, which are obviously a lot cheaper than this collection. But these are perfect for birthday presents, especially with the offer at Boots which is only £25, and can be bought here. I think this is a great offer and cannot be missed.


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