Friday, 1 January 2016


I, like most bloggers am obsessed with the Real Techniques makeup brushes and I have been for quite some time. However, I left all of my Real Techniques brushes at my exes and i just never asked for them back because i didn't want to speak to him and they were pretty old anyway, so i thought i would just start a brand new collection. So for the time being the only brush i had from them was a basic foundation brush and then i was going to buy a new brush each month until my collection was complete. But i did ask for a couple for Christmas from my parents and i was lucky enough to get one of the Real Techniques gift set. This is the Real Techniques Collectors Edition Deluxe Gift Set and can be bought fot £29.99 from Boots at the link above.

I am absolutely in love with this collection and i love the fact that not only do you get the brushes but you also get a clutch bag which you can put all the brushes in as well. In the gift set you get the following brushes:

Tapered Foundation Brush - "features a dense, rounded head for a perfect complexion"

Multi Task Brush - "for effortless application of powder, blush or bronzer"

Angled Highlight Brush - "add glow to your cheeks or use for contouring of the nose"

Base Shadow Brush - "applies a smooth, flawless foundation of colour"

Fine Liner Brush - "for precision application of liquid or cream eyeliner"

What I love the most about this collection is the fact that you get a mixture of brushes for the face and then a couple of brushes for the eyes. I love Real Techniques brushes and I find that for my skin they are the best brushes because they are fairly soft and apply the products really well to my skin. I used my new Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette and I was really impressed with the base shadow brush and the fine liner brush. The only brush I haven't used at the moment is the highlighting brush because I have run out of highlighter. I also liked the fact that this set is inexpensive because brushes on their own can be around £10 each so I think if you're not into buying so many brushes then this is such an incredible set to buy. I'm not sure how much longer they will sell this gift set. I know it's still being advertised on the Real Techniques website so it could be  gift set that they keep around.

I also love the brush bag that the brushes comes with. It's just a simple white clutch bag with a silver Real Techniques plaque. The only thing I'm not keen on is the fact that there is no separate compartments to keep the brushes, but this case is so handy especially if you're travelling a lot and only want to take the essentials with you or if you want to keep some makeup in it instead. I think these brushes are perfect for anyone who doesn't want to spend a fortune on brushes and for anyone who is starting to get into makeup and just wants a few brushes to start them off because I believe that this is a great starter kit. If you are not sure what each brush is specifically for, then on the back of the packaging of this kit was a brief summary of what each brush is for, I have included their summaries on the back of the box above next to the name of each brush, which I also really liked which is perfect for anyone who is starting to think of getting into makeup. I have used makeup brushes for years and there are still some brushes and I just think what are these for because they have complicated names and sometimes I can't tell what I'm supposed to use them for. However, with Real Techniques all the names of the brushes are simple to understand and they don't name them something that is completely irrelevant to the type of brush.

One of my tips if you're thinking of getting these brushes is to buy a good quality makeup cleaner just because you don't want to ruin them and I know with one of my old brushes I used a cheaper makeup brush cleaner and I completely ruined it and had to throw it away because the bristles didn't stay soft at all. I know Real Techniques sell a makeup cleaner which I think I'm going to get and then I will review it on my blog soon.


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