Monday, 29 February 2016


I am going to be writing a blog post on the last day of every month with my monthly favourites. This month I have mainly focused on my favourite beauty products, but in the future it might include fashion, hair products, skincare, beauty, foods etc. I wanted to do this in January but I had so much going on that I could not find the time. Everything in this month's favourites is still available to purchase but one of the items was purchased in the sale so may not be on the website for much longer. These are obviously just a few of my favourites and in the future there may only be 5 favourites and sometimes there may be 15 favourite products.


Sunday, 21 February 2016


I always love Lush products and it is the one shop that I could spend a fortune in but I try and avoid going in on a regular basis just so I don't spend a lot. However, I will go in every month and buy a few products that catch my eye and the six products I got a couple of weeks ago definitely did that. Usually I always get bath bombs but this time I got a mixture of bath oils, bubble bars, bath bombs and even a soap. These are all products that are new to me besides the Flowering Tea Reusable Bubble Bar which I have had in the past and is a favourite of mine. I must admit some of the scents are not my favourite and take some time to get use to but I mainly purchased these products because I loved the design of them and just thought they would look really pretty in my bath. These are all really affordable as well with the cheapest product being £2 and the most expensive being £4.95.


Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Every so often I go through a stage where I will rely on a few pieces of makeup the most and at the moment I am definitely doing that with lip products, whether it is lipsticks or a lip gloss. I have been relying on five at the moment (three are a lipstick and the other two are a lip gloss). They are all fairly affordable and what I would consider a drug store brand but there is a lipstick from the Gwen Stefani collaboration with Urban Decay that I am absolutely in love with. I have quite a few lip products in my makeup collection but these are the ones that I have been loving the most. They are all fairly neutral apart from one which is more or a berry red colour, but I will be doing another post soon of my favourite red lip products as well in case neutrals are not your favourite.


Tuesday, 9 February 2016


It is pancake day and I thought I would share with you the recipe that I use to make my pancakes. It is not my own recipe because pancakes are fairly straightforward to make and it is actually a Jamie Oliver recipe to create American-style pancakes. However, for some reason something went wrong with the pancakes even though I followed the recipe and I had to throw a lot away and that hardly ever happens so in the pictures I have put a lot more on the pancakes than I usually would because I was starting to run out of pancakes and I really wanted to take pictures of them. I also ran out of mixture so the last pancake topping has no picture but it is only two ingredients so that is ok, hopefully! I was questioning whether to even upload this post but hopefully you will all have a better time with this recipe and can be inspired on different toppings to put on your pancakes.


Sunday, 7 February 2016


Since the launch of the collaboration between Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani, I have been a massive fan of the collection, and I knew that I didn't want to buy all the pieces but I wanted to buy a few staple pieces to add to my growing collection. I already had the eyeshadow palette that was released late last year and now the rest of the collection has hit stores in the UK and I am so excited. One of the pieces that I really wanted was the blush palette because I just thought it looked incredible and I can definitely say that it is amazing. There are 14 products overall, with the introduction of a blush palette (£35), a brow box (£19.50), 6 lipsticks (£16 each) and matching lip liners (£14 each). I did buy one lipstick from the collection and will buy a couple more in the next few weeks but I didn't want the lip liners because I don't use them that much and the brow box only came in one shade which was not the right shade for me.

This blush palette is the star of this collection and for me is so much better than anything else released in this collection, even better than the eyeshadow palette which I love.



This perfume is either going to cause some people to instantly love it or hate it. But whether you love it or hate it, there is no denying the fact that the latest perfume from Marc Jacobs is eye catching and stands out.

I have never seen a perfume bottle like this one or the amount of detail that has been put into the packaging of this perfume. When I first saw this perfume I wasn't too keen on it, especially in comparison to the other perfumes under the Marc Jacobs collection like Daisy. However, over the last few days and seeing it displayed on my desk I have grown to love the design of the bottle and I think it is stunning in my opinion, even though I know some people will disagree with me. The bottle is fashioned after one of Marc Jacob's signature handbag and I love the colour that he has gone for which is a deep emerald jewel tone. Plus I am loving the faux-snakeskin finish on the lid, which I would usually hate, but it definitely goes with the over the top design that was being achieved. Marc Jacobs isn't the first designer to be inspired by handbags when it comes to designing the bottle, but what is different is the oversized gold chain and tassel which I am loving.


Tuesday, 2 February 2016


I first of all want to apologise for not being on my blog much recently. I have had a lot going on in terms of university work and other things that I do outside of Uni as well and I just have not had the time to write any posts but I am back now properly and I wanted to get this post up as soon as possible, even though it is a Tuesday.

I have been going into Primark quite  a lot recently because I have been updating my wardrobe, and I have been donating a lot of clothes to charity shops or giving some pieces to my friends. And really I just wanted some new pieces from Primark. But besides buying lots of clothes, I went to the Home department of my local Primark and fell in love with so much of the d├ęcor. After University I will temporarily be moving back home while I complete a postgraduate course and I really want to re-do my bedroom and buy new furniture and just make it a lot nicer than it is as the moment. It hasn't really mattered what my room looked like, back home, for the last three years because I was at University most of the time. But I really wanted to buy some bits that I could have in my room and the theme is different shades of blue and almost having a beach vibe.

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