Sunday, 7 February 2016


Since the launch of the collaboration between Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani, I have been a massive fan of the collection, and I knew that I didn't want to buy all the pieces but I wanted to buy a few staple pieces to add to my growing collection. I already had the eyeshadow palette that was released late last year and now the rest of the collection has hit stores in the UK and I am so excited. One of the pieces that I really wanted was the blush palette because I just thought it looked incredible and I can definitely say that it is amazing. There are 14 products overall, with the introduction of a blush palette (£35), a brow box (£19.50), 6 lipsticks (£16 each) and matching lip liners (£14 each). I did buy one lipstick from the collection and will buy a couple more in the next few weeks but I didn't want the lip liners because I don't use them that much and the brow box only came in one shade which was not the right shade for me.

This blush palette is the star of this collection and for me is so much better than anything else released in this collection, even better than the eyeshadow palette which I love.

It is the same packaging as the eyeshadow palette but is only white and gold. I think the packaging is pretty but it doesn't stand out as much as the eyeshadow palette but I like the fact that the design is the same for both palettes, just the colours are different in each one. It has the same mirror that is in the eyeshadow palette and I think this is something that I would recommend to everyone, especially if you only want to buy one piece from the collection. I don't think the lipsticks and the lip liners are worth it because you can buy cheaper lipsticks that are just as good (although I will probably buy most of them so I have them in my collection). But this palette is incredible and definitely worth the money.

What I love the most about this palette is the fact that even though it is described as a blush palette ... that is not the case! Instead there are blushes, bronzers and highlighters in this palette, so is perfect to take travelling with you when you don't want to take individual products.

There are 6 colours in the palette. I would say there are two blushes, one highlighter and three bronzers but that is my personal opinion of how I would use the palette. At first it seems like the bottom three shades are all bronzers and look very similar but when you try them on you can definitely see a difference. Lo-fi has more of a matte finish, Hush has more of a shimmery finish and my favourite which is OC has more of a iridescent opal finish to it. I have used Angel as more of a highlighter and I think its really pretty but I won't use it as much as the other colours. The one thing I do love is the two blush colours which are Cherry and Easy (cherry being a more subtle pink whereas easy is a darker pink tone). These pink blushes are the most pigmented but I have found that they all blend really easily and look incredible on my skin.

I think this palette is definitely worth the £35 price tag and will be a staple piece in my ever-growing makeup collection for a long time to come and will be coming everywhere with me. I think it is absolutely stunning and definitely exceeded my expectations!

The whole Gwen Stefani Collaboration with Urban Decay can be purchased here and is now available on Urban Decay counters.

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