Sunday, 7 February 2016


This perfume is either going to cause some people to instantly love it or hate it. But whether you love it or hate it, there is no denying the fact that the latest perfume from Marc Jacobs is eye catching and stands out.

I have never seen a perfume bottle like this one or the amount of detail that has been put into the packaging of this perfume. When I first saw this perfume I wasn't too keen on it, especially in comparison to the other perfumes under the Marc Jacobs collection like Daisy. However, over the last few days and seeing it displayed on my desk I have grown to love the design of the bottle and I think it is stunning in my opinion, even though I know some people will disagree with me. The bottle is fashioned after one of Marc Jacob's signature handbag and I love the colour that he has gone for which is a deep emerald jewel tone. Plus I am loving the faux-snakeskin finish on the lid, which I would usually hate, but it definitely goes with the over the top design that was being achieved. Marc Jacobs isn't the first designer to be inspired by handbags when it comes to designing the bottle, but what is different is the oversized gold chain and tassel which I am loving.


Also, I quickly want to mention how well this perfume was packaged. It came in this gorgeous emerald green box which has a velvet material feel to it. Not only am I in love with that but to make sure that the lid and the chain was not damaged, it came in a separate box within the main packaging. The lid was even wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a separate black box within the box so that nothing was damaged. I had never seen that before and I think it is the kind of case where you are getting what you paid for. This perfume is expensive but the amount of detail that has gone into the fragrance, the bottle and the overall packaging is amazing and I am so impressed with it.

I am betting that most of you will have seen the ad campaign at some point or seen the bottle in stores for yourself, and I was definitely intrigued as it definitely stood out amongst the other perfumes surrounding it. This perfume is on the more expensive end of the perfume spectrum with it starting at £49 for 30ml.

The packaging will cause some people to love it and some people to hate it and the case may be said for the fragrance itself.

I, myself, love the packaging and the smell because I am into wearing scents that are quite powerful and that is definitely the case with this perfume. But that is something that I love! A rich woody scent with top notes of plum, saffron and iris, with floral notes of rose and jasmine and a base of rich amber and vetiver. Not everyone is going to love this scent and some people won't like the fact that it can be quite overwhelming but as the day goes on and it starts to fade it smells incredible and I have had so many compliments when I have worn it. I love the scent and personally I don't think it is too overpowering, and I like the fact that the scent is not too sickly like some of the other perfumes in the Marc Jacobs collection. Due to the fact that it is so powerful it means that you don't have to put as much on and I have found that this perfume can last me up to 8 hours before it even starts to fade, and I have even smelt the perfume on my clothes at the end of the night which is my test for knowing it is a good perfume. So you are definitely getting your money's worth with this perfume and because you don't have to put as much on it means that it will last you a lot longer, in theory!

Marc Jacobs can be purchased here on the Debenhams website, in 30ml (£49), 50ml (£69) and 100ml (£96) sizes.

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