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I first of all want to apologise for not being on my blog much recently. I have had a lot going on in terms of university work and other things that I do outside of Uni as well and I just have not had the time to write any posts but I am back now properly and I wanted to get this post up as soon as possible, even though it is a Tuesday.

I have been going into Primark quite  a lot recently because I have been updating my wardrobe, and I have been donating a lot of clothes to charity shops or giving some pieces to my friends. And really I just wanted some new pieces from Primark. But besides buying lots of clothes, I went to the Home department of my local Primark and fell in love with so much of the d├ęcor. After University I will temporarily be moving back home while I complete a postgraduate course and I really want to re-do my bedroom and buy new furniture and just make it a lot nicer than it is as the moment. It hasn't really mattered what my room looked like, back home, for the last three years because I was at University most of the time. But I really wanted to buy some bits that I could have in my room and the theme is different shades of blue and almost having a beach vibe.

I must admit I hardly ever go into the home department at Primark because the colours they tend to stock would never go in my bedroom, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that different shades of blue was the most common colour in stock at the moment so I went on a bit of a spending spree. It does look like I didn't buy much but with some items I brought a couple of them and I walked away with three massive bags but I am so happy with what I got and it is still so much cheaper than if I was to go into Next and buy all of this.

Home Wooden Sign

I am absolutely obsessed with hanging up signs with sweet little quotes on them because they just make me smile so much. And when I saw this sign in Primark I knew I had to buy it. It's a really simple wooden sign which spells HOME and I love the fact that the O is a house with a heart cut out, because it just looks so sweet. I am also a massive fan of the distressed look and I love the fact that the wood underneath the paint is showing through which makes it look more expensive than it actually was. This sign was only £2.50 which is so cheap because I have seen similar signs where they can cost anywhere from £5 to £25.The only criticism I have is the fact that I got a black skirt at the same time as buying this sign and the paint transferred onto the black skirt and ruined it. Luckily Primark were very understanding and gave me a new skirt but if you go into your local Primark store and buy this sign I would ask for it to go into a separate bag on its own so it doesn't ruin your clothes or anything else you buy. But apart from that I love this sign and think it will look really sweet hanging on my wall or from my wardrobe.

"Today is a Good Day" Cushion

Probably my second obsession is having really sweet cushions, it doesn't matter if it is on the sofa or on my bed, I just love buying cushions. I never really look at the cushions in Primark because they never match the colour scheme in my bedroom but I saw quite a few cushions that I absolutely loved and had to buy and this was one of them. I love this cushion and I do like the fact that it has a little quote on it which just makes me smile so much and will look perfect on my bed. It is a cream cushion with the quote "Today is a Good Day" in a cobalt blue colour and then around the edge it has little pom poms in the same blue shade. I have been looking at similar cushions that have cost £20 and couldn't justify spending that much on one cushion, although I have spent that much in the past. However, this was only £5 from Primark and I think it is such a bargain and when I showed this to my friend she thought it was £15 and couldn't believe it was from Primark. My favourite part of this cushion has got to be the pom poms because it just makes it look so sweet and I just love anything with pom poms on.

White Heart Shaped Cushions

When I was looking at the cushions I saw this bed display which was blue and white and on the bed I saw these little heart cushions which I thought looked so adorable. Usually I'm not keen on anything heart shaped but I saw these and thought they would look perfect on either my bed or on an armchair that I am going to have in my room. I did buy two of these cushions because I will either have these on the bed and the other cushion I got will go on the armchair or vice versa. I think these are so cute and reminded me of these cushions that I saw once in a hotel in Scotland. I love the material as well as thought they would be perfect for the theme of my room. These only cost £3 and I think that is so cheap for a cushion and that is why I had to buy two of them because I can always give one to my Mum if she wants it or I can keep it for when I eventually move out. I have seen similar cushions in other stores that are selling for £20 so I think this is a real bargain. I love the frill and the broderie anglaise material which just makes it look so sweet.

15 White Rose LED Lights

A couple of months ago I purchased LED lights from Primark but they were rose gold stars and I loved them so much. So when I went into Primark I decided I wanted to buy some more because they are so handy as they are battery operated and therefore you don't have to worry about having the near a plug socket or buying an extension lead. I was only going to go for simple LED lights that were plain to go round the bed frame of my day bed and then I saw these and fell in love. When I was little I always wanted a day bed which had rose lights wrapped around them and I finally get my wish. These are so sweet and even though this was something I wanted when I was a child they don't look childish. I like the fact that they make my room more girly because obviously with the different shades of blue it doesn't always come across as being a girly room. These were £6 for 15 lights and they are definitely worth the money and I would recommend these to everyone because LED lights can be expensive. I got two of these lights because I didn't know how long they were going to be and I didn't know how many I would need to wrap round my day bed. I think these are so sweet but they have such a variety of LED lights to choose from which will suit anyone's style.

Apple Orchard Candle in a Glass Jar

I don't often buy candles that are cheap anymore because since I got a Jo Malone candle for Christmas from my Godparents I have been obsessed with those candles. But when I went into Primark I saw these candles and was in love with the jar rather than the fact it has a candle in it. At the moment a lot of my bedroom back home is a pale duck egg blue and I just wanted some darker blue pieces and I am loving the navy blue colour of the glass jar with the distressed silver lid. I actually want to place these on my bedside cabinet and maybe one on a bookcase. I got two of these candles and they were only £3 each. I don't think I am going to burn these candles because I want to keep them in the jar and I would rather burn my Jo Malone candle instead because I am not too keen on the smell of these candles and I really did just buy it for the jars. It's not a horrible scent but it isn't one of my favourites and kind of reminds me of apple mixed with washing powder, although as I am writing this the scent is slowly growing on me. I just think they are so sweet and I can definitely say the scent is strong I'm just still not sure whether I like the scent or not at the moment. Also if you are looking for candles to just have as decorations and you don't want to spend £40 on a Jo Malone candle then I think the Primark candles are just as good but I have never burnt one of their candles so I don't know how good they actually are.

Madagascan & Vanilla Scented Pillar Candle

I could not go into Primark without buying a Madagascan & Vanilla candle. At University I have the vanilla and coconut candle in a ceramic bowl and it smells incredible. So when I saw these vanilla pillar candles I had to buy them, and when I saw they were only £1.50 I had to buy two. Once again these candles are not to be burned but instead I just want them for decoration either on my bedside table or on a shelf. They are simple pillar candles and I even like the brown paper that surrounds them and I think I might even keep that on because I won't be burning them. I just love the smell of them and they are quite sweet so if you are not into sweet smells then these are probably not the candles for you but they do look more expensive than £1.50 and I love having them in the bathroom as well as decoration around the bath. I think I may have to go back into Primark and buy some more of these candles because they are so cheap and I think they smell amazing.

Large Blue and White Check Throw

While I was looking at all the cushions in Primark, I saw this throw and once I felt how soft it was I knew I had to have it. In my bedroom, it is always freezing even when the heating is on, so I am always having to wear really thick jumpers in the Winter and sometimes that makes me too hot. So I have been wanting to buy some throws that are more like a blanket but are made of a soft fleecy material. And I saw this one in Primark and I knew I had to buy it, especially because it matched the colour scheme of my room perfectly. This throw is 180cm by 220cm and it is so soft and will definitely keep me warm in the Winter. I am also in love with the blue and white check pattern and will just be perfect for when I want to watch Netflix in bed in the Winter. And sometimes in the Summer it can be a bit cold in my room so will be perfect especially if I don't want to be under the duvet. This throw was only £11 and although I have a throw in my bedroom at home, it's not really one that keeps me warm and is more of a decorative throw whereas this will probably just go under my bed when I don't need to use it.

Small Blue and White Striped Throw

So even though I had already got the larger throw in my basket, the final item I got from Primark in my homeware haul was a smaller throw. Technically I didn't really need to buy this throw because I had already got the larger throw in my basket but there was a reason for my madness and that was the fact that I really wanted a soft fleecy throw that I could have at University because it is really cold in my room as the heating just doesn't circulate around very well. So instead of using my new throw which could get dirty and I didn't want to use until my room was completely decorated, I wanted to buy a cheaper throw that was smaller but maybe in the same colour scheme as my room at home. And I found this blue and white striped throw in the same material as the larger throw. This throw is 125cm by 150cm and is just perfect. At the end of University I will either have it in my room or my Mum can have it in the conservatory and put it on her armchair in there. This was only £5 and I think it is such a bargain because this could cost £25 in most stores and the larger throw would be even more. I also like the fact that these throws come in different colours and you can get them in a plain colour rather than going for a pattern.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and it is something quite different for me. Over the next few months there will be more homeware hauls because I will be buying more for my room as University starts to wind down. I will have another blog post up tomorrow and I will be keeping to the schedule of posting every Wednesday and Sunday from now on.


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