Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Yesterday, I uploaded a post on my favourite beauty brands for each letter of the alphabet and I actually really enjoyed writing it. I couldn't believe how difficult it was so I decided why not try and do the same but instead of beauty brands, do it with fashion brands. There will be a mixture of high street and designer fashion brands, and I am also going to include stores or designers that only sell accessories like handbags and shoes. Now I will not be able to have a particular product that I like with every brand but if there is one item that I can think of or if there is a product that I am saving up for personally then I will include a link as well. Also if I am able to I will include a link to the website as well so you can check out their current collections, however some of the brands I have chosen don't have websites, like Primark.


Sunday, 20 March 2016


I saw this as a TAG a few years ago and thought it would be interesting to just try and think of a beauty brand for every letter of the alphabet. This was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be but I tried to find brands that I have used before or at least I have heard good things about. So not only have I come up with a brand for each letter of the alphabet, even for Q although it isn't one that I have used before, I have also added a product that I love from that brand and a link to that product. I have a range of high end and drugstore brands, as well as a wide range of makeup items, hair products and skincare.


Saturday, 12 March 2016


Today I wanted to share with you my favourite sunglasses that are totally affordable and won't break the bank. With Spring approaching I have found that I have been wearing sunglasses a lot more recently even though it is still freezing here in the UK. However, I find it difficult to find sunglasses that look good on me and that are affordable. I love Ray-Bans and designed sunglasses but they can be really expensive and is not in everyone's price range. Also I find that I break sunglasses so much that it is a lot better for me to buy cheaper sunglasses at the moment. So I have got four pairs of sunglasses that look good and are all under £15. I also have a slight obsession with aviator style sunglasses and I have three pairs to show you, plus a pair of oversized sunglasses and a sunglasses case that I am loving at the moment. Some people only have one pair of sunglasses, but for me sunglasses are just as important as shoes or jewellery and I like to have a few options each Summer.


Sunday, 6 March 2016


One of my very first blog posts was what was in my makeup bag and I thought I would do a more updated version. If you go back to my old post you will see that there is only one product that I still use although I do sometimes still wear the Rimmel match perfection concealer and foundation. I also thought I would include products that I use everyday. I like most beauty bloggers have quite a collection of makeup, whether it is high end or drug store but we all have those products that we use on a regular basis. So I thought I would show you what I wear most days for a natural look. I will also include links to all the products that I can find below so you can buy the same products. I have a mixture of drugstore beauty and then two palettes from Urban Decay which I have been loving recently. I'm not going to write a review on every piece of makeup because it would be way too long but I have written about some of them in past blog posts. I also want to quickly mention my new makeup bag that I recently got and am absolutely in love with. Its from Monsoon and I picked it up when I was having some gifts for my Mum wrapped up and I absolutely loving it. It's actually from Accessorise but it is the sister brand of Monsoon. It is actually fairly big and is great for travelling and the print is just so girly and definitely me. Plus it was only £12 which I don't think is too bad for  a cosmetics bag.


Saturday, 5 March 2016


I recently ordered quite a bit from Boots and I spent quite a bit on No7 products because they were having quite a few offers on at the moment. I got two makeup products and three skincare products, and I am loving three out of the five and there is one that I am totally regretting and then another one that I'm not 100% sure on. I don't usually buy much from No7, although I do buy there skincare quite a bit because it is so good for my skin but I don't usually buy makeup from them. But my first impressions of the makeup that I did buy is really good and I will definitely be buying more from them, plus I know when I got my Mum lots of makeup from No7 for Christmas she loved it as well.


Wednesday, 2 March 2016


With Mother's Day this weekend, I wanted to share with you a recipe that I love to make and is definitely one of my Mum's favourites. It is a chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache which is then layered with fresh raspberries and a raspberry mousse. This is so easy to make and will look incredible. To make it look amazing I have decided to layer it up in medium sized jars but you could easily make one larger cake and layer up with the chocolate ganache, fresh raspberries and the pink raspberry mousse. This looks so pretty with the contrast between the chocolate cake and the pink mousse and is such an incredible combination of flavours.

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