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I saw this as a TAG a few years ago and thought it would be interesting to just try and think of a beauty brand for every letter of the alphabet. This was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be but I tried to find brands that I have used before or at least I have heard good things about. So not only have I come up with a brand for each letter of the alphabet, even for Q although it isn't one that I have used before, I have also added a product that I love from that brand and a link to that product. I have a range of high end and drugstore brands, as well as a wide range of makeup items, hair products and skincare.

Avon - I really struggled to think of a product that I really liked from Avon and I was trying to think of a product that I used to like when I was younger because I don't buy from Avon anymore. But then I remembered that I use to really like the SuperShock Mascara in Black which is £8.50. I can't really remember why I liked it but I think that was all I use to wear for quite a while until I got into Rimmel and Maybelline.
Benefit - One of my favourite Benefit products is the Benefit Gimme Brow which is £18.50. This is amazing and I actually need to buy a new one because I have just run out of my current one but it is so easy to apply and looks amazing even if you aren't great with filling in your eyebrows.
Chanel - I must admit I haven't tried much from Chanel but I have tried a foundation from them before. The only product I have ever purchased from Chanel is the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Long-Wear Flawless Fluid Makeup and it ranges between £33 and £36. From what I can remember I really liked the formulation and it looked amazing on but I got a shade too dark for me but it would have been better for the Summer months when I had more of a tan. Plus I remember it smells amazing as well.
Dior - I have never tried anything from Dior but I have seen something that I am thinking of getting but unfortunately it's not out yet so I couldn't include a link to it, but it is an eyeshadow palette. So I thought I would leave a link for one that is similar and that is the 5 COULEURS Eyeshadow Palette in Tye Dye Collection and this is quite expensive at £42. However, I have heard amazing things about the Dior palettes and I really want to try them out and I think the colours in this particular palette are just stunning.
Estée Lauder - Now I have never tried anything from Estée Lauder before but I knew my Mum had. So I asked her what her favourite product was and she told me it was another foundation and it is the Double-Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation and this costs between £26.50 and £30. She said that this was her favourite foundation of all time and that the formulation is amazing and makes her skin feel so soft but it lasts a long time as well.
Fleur De Force - I have chosen a lip gloss from the Fleur De Force makeup collection. These are only £6.99 and all of them are amazing quality and the colours are stunning. However my particular favourite is the Fleur De Force Lip Gloss in Written in the Stars. This is such a perfect daytime shade and also looks amazing if you want to wear it to go out but I wore it to a wedding a few weeks after Christmas and it looked incredible with a neutral smoky eye.
Givenchy - One product I have tried from Givenchy is the Phenomen'Eyes Renewal Mascara which is £24. The unique wand ensures that the lashes are curled and separated while making sure that the product does not smudge or disappear entirely. I have actually grown to love this product again and may start using it again because I remember I use to love this particular mascara.
Hourglass - The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette is £59 and is one of my favourite products from Hourglass. I love the fact that you can use each shade separately or you could sweep your brush across all three shades and get a gorgeous blend. These are just stunning and so easy to apply although it could be quite daunting if you are new to makeup and highlighting. However, this is a gorgeous palette and makes my skin look incredible and gives it a radiant and healthy glow.
Illamasqua - I tried this product couple of days ago and I fell in love with it so much that I am going to order it soon so I can have it for when I go on holiday in the Summer. It is an eyeshadow quad from Illamasqua for £34. It is the Illamasqua Generation Q: Complement Palette. I just loved the colours in this palette and when I swatched them they seemed really pigmented and they seemed to blend fairly easily as well so I will definitely be purchasing this soon. I just think this would create a very dramatic smoky eye with the purple tones or you could go more natural with the neutral shades.
John Frieda - I actually love the whole Brilliant Brunette range from John Frieda but in particular I love the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Multi-Tone Revealing Enhancing Shampoo for All Brunettes and it only costs £5.89. I know this might sound quite expensive but this is incredible especially if you dye your hair more than three times a year like I do. It just leaves my hair feeling really silky and looking a lot healthier whenever I have used these products.
Korres - I have only ever tried the Korres Basil Lemon Body Scrub and it is £12. You only get 150ml but I must admit I loved the smell of it and I also loved the texture of it as well when I used it. I am not sure if it as good as the Body Shop body scrubs but I do like these ones sold by Korres as well.
L'Oréal Paris - My favourite product from L'Oréal is a contour palette. It is the Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette in Light/Medium and it is £9.99 which I think is a bargain. This is absolutely incredible and I really like the fact that it is cream to powder but I know that will not be everyone's cup of tea. I would say that this is probably not the best product if you are new to contouring as it can be quite difficult to apply but once you feel more confident then it is slightly easier and you can get a really nice contour with this palette.
MAC - My all-time favourite product from MAC is a nude lipstick and I think we can probably all guess which one I am talking about. It is obviously the Lipstick in Velvet Teddy for £15.50. This is just an amazing nude lipstick and I feel like every blogger will probably have this shade in her collection as it is the most talked about lipstick that MAC make. I have just run out of mine so will have to buy a new one soon and every time I try and buy a new one it is always sold out but it is an incredible shade as is most of the MAC lip products.
NARS - I have only been using NARS for a few months and the very first product I purchased was another much talked about product. I of course got the Nars Blush in Orgasm which is £23. I am absolutely in love with this blush and have used it so much. I knew a lot of people loved it and I didn't want to buy it for so long and then I just thought why not just see what all the fuss is about and now I kind of know why. It's just a stunning colour and blends really nicely on my skin.
OPI - One of my favourite OPI nail polishes is the Nail Lacquer - Soft Shades Collection in Samoan Sand which is £12.50. I love OPI nail polishes and they last so long on my nails and the Samoan Sand one is just one of my favourites as it is a beautiful natural shade. I am actually loving the whole soft shades collection as they are all neutral and fairly pale and would be perfect for Spring.
Pureology - Pureology was the only brand I could really think of and I have only ever gotten one product from them and it was a Christmas present from my exes Mum last Christmas. It was the Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and it is £13.60. I know they have lots of products for different hair types and there is the hydrate collection and one to strengthen and to add volume. I actually really liked this shampoo and I did see a difference after using it a few times and I think I will definitely buy it again and maybe try out some of their other products.
Q-Tips - I really struggled with the letter Q, and all I could think of was Q-Tips. I did find another brand on feelunique which was skincare but it was so much money for a pot of skin cream that I could not put it on this blog when I haven't even tried it out. When I went to America I had to buy some Q-Tips and they are only £2.19. Although you can buy cotton buds in the UK as well, I just wanted to make sure I had something for the letter Q.
Rimmel - My favourite product from Rimmel is their Wake Me Up Make Up Foundation and it is only £8.99. This is the foundation that I have been wearing everyday recently and I am absolutely loving it. It gives my skin a nice healthy glow and I have found that it blends really easily which is always a bonus.
Soap and Glory - I am obsessed with Soap and Glory, whether it is their makeup or their skincare. But my must-have product from them is a liquid eyeliner. It is the Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen Carbon Black Extreme and it is only £6 from Boots. This is the only liquid eyeliner that I ever use now and it applies amazingly and it also doesn't fade to a dark grey after wearing it for a couple of hours like some liquid eyeliners can do.
Tanya Burr - I have chosen a lip gloss from the Tanya Burr Collection because they are so cheap and only cost £5.99. My favourite one from her collection is the Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Lunch Date. This is such a gorgeous colour and applies so well and I think all of her lip glosses are incredible but this is the one I reach for the most.
Urban Decay - My must-have product is one that I use to wear quite a bit and I actually need to repurchase myself. It is the Moondust Eyeshadow in Space Cowboy which is £14. This is one of the most amazing eyeshadows I have ever purchased and it just turns a day look into a night look in a few seconds and it is so easy to apply.
Verso Skincare - My friend has tried this brand before and she absolutely loved it and I did one time try the VERSO 1 Foaming Cleanser and I fell in love with it and I wish I hadn't because it is £32. It is a cleanser the purifies the skin and it just left my skin feeling and looking so healthy that I know I am going to have to go and buy it. I believe you can buy each product and it each has a number on it and that's the order you do your skincare in but I am definitely going to be buying the foaming cleanser at some point because it just felt incredible on my skin.
Wella Professionals - I have only ever tried the Wella Professionals Color Recharge Conditioner Warm Brunette and it is £12.55. This was just like any normal conditioner and I didn't really see much difference in my hair when I used it but I really like it but it is just like a normal conditioner and there is nothing too special about it.
Xen-Tan - I could only think of Xen-Tan when I thought of the letter X. I have only ever tried one product from them before and that was the Xen-Tan Transform Luxe Daily Self-Tan and it is £24.99. I was really impressed with this product and it applied really well and just gave me the gradual tan that I was looking for. There is also a bronzer than I really want to try from them which I believe it approximately £21 and it looks amazing.
Yves Saint Laurent - My favourite YSL product is the Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Kiss & Blush in Pink Hedoniste and it is £28.50. This product is absolutely incredible as is most of the lip products you get from YSL. I have never tried this as a blush and only used it on my lips but I love the fact that it is multi-purpose so it feels like I'm getting more for my money when I buy this product. The formulation is amazing, as is the pigment and the colour is just gorgeous.
Zoella Beauty - I actually have two products that I love from Zoella's beauty range but the one product that I always have in my bathroom is the Zoella Fizz Bar which is a bargain at £5. I have heard a lot of people complain about this bar because nothing has happened for them but every time I have used it, I have seen it fizz and it has worked for me. I really like the scent as well and I usually use this with other products as well like a bubble bar from Lush because this Fizz Bar is obviously not meant to give bubbles.

This was so much harder that I thought it would be and I am impressed that I managed to get a brand for every letter of the alphabet. I am planning on doing an A-Z of Favourite Fashion Brands tomorrow which will probably be even harder than this blog post.


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