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Yesterday, I uploaded a post on my favourite beauty brands for each letter of the alphabet and I actually really enjoyed writing it. I couldn't believe how difficult it was so I decided why not try and do the same but instead of beauty brands, do it with fashion brands. There will be a mixture of high street and designer fashion brands, and I am also going to include stores or designers that only sell accessories like handbags and shoes. Now I will not be able to have a particular product that I like with every brand but if there is one item that I can think of or if there is a product that I am saving up for personally then I will include a link as well. Also if I am able to I will include a link to the website as well so you can check out their current collections, however some of the brands I have chosen don't have websites, like Primark.

ASOS - ASOS is one of my favourite websites to shop from because they have so many brands that you can browse through and I am always finding things that I want and then adding them to my wish list over a few months and then I will purchase them. However, I also love their own ASOS Collection as well. I have purchased quite a bit from their collection in the past and I especially love the fit of their jeans and they are really affordable and look amazing on.
Burberry - I have never purchased anything from Burberry before, but this is one of my favourite designer brands. I am not always keen on the check print, even though it is a classic because I find that there are so many fakes out there that I am worried that people would think if I bought a bag in the check print then people will think its fake. However, I do love their trench coats and I even tried one on when I was at Bicester last Summer and was very tempted to buy one but decided against it at the time as I wanted a handbag from Kate Spade instead. I am saving for something though that is in their famous check print and that is their cashmere scarf in the camel check with my initials monogrammed onto it. I have in the past said that I didn't want a scarf from Burberry but recently I have had a change of heart and it is fairly expensive but I am loving them at the moment.
Coast - This was the first brand I thought of when I thought of the letter C and that is the brand Coast. This is such an amazing brand if you are going to a special occasion and you have nothing to wear. They sell gorgeous dresses, tops, skirts, handbags and shoes and I have always loved their dresses. These dresses can be fairly expensive but if you want a dress that you will be able to wear to multiple occasions then this is one of the best brands to buy a dress from. Usually if I am going somewhere and I want a beautiful dress then I will always check Coast first.
DKNY - DKNY is not a brand I usually buy from but I have over the years got a couple of pieces from them. If you are looking for business wear then this is an amazing brand to buy for because I bought a pencil dress in black and white last Summer in Bicester and I have worn it to so many meetings and it only cost me £14 down from £120. I would never buy DKNY at full price because there are better designer brands out there but if you are ever in Biceseter Village I would definitely recommend going to the DKNY store because their outlet prices are so amazing and they definitely have some of the best deals.
Elise Ryan - This is a brand that I found on ASOS, and I found it when I was looking for a dress to wear to my friend's wedding this Summer. The dress I got is a 2 in 1 dress so looks like a crop top and a skirt and then is joined by a lace panel. This is absolutely stunning and I am so happy with it and is perfect for the Summer wedding I am going to. I love nude and neutral shades this Spring and Summer and this is perfect and really girly without being over the top. I may even do a blog post on a Get Ready With Me including this dress very soon. Elise Ryan is the perfect brand for finding dresses for weddings or even for Prom if you are looking for great quality dresses at affordable prices. If you want to have a look at the dress I purchased then please click here.
Forever 21 - I remember Forever 21 was always one of my favourite shops to go into when I was younger, and although I don't go in there much nowadays, I always find something I like when I do go in. I only really go into Forever 21 when I'm in London and a lot of the clothes in there are really reasonable. I always go in when its coming up to the festival season because I always buy clothes in there for a festival and then I don't mind if they get ruined, especially if it could rain or its going to be muddy.
Glamorous - Glamorous is a brand that I recently discovered after watching a YouTuber's haul and they mentioned this brand and I knew I had to check them out. They are similar prices to River Island and I especially love their camis and playsuits. They are perfect for going to a festival and I am definitely going to be buying a couple of playsuits and camis before I go to America this Summer. Every Spring I get into the Festival trends and I just think this brand would be perfect for the Spring/Summer plus they are fairly affordable as well and I know so many people who love this brand.
H&M - I have recently been shopping more in H&M recently. I kind of had a spell where I didn't really ever go in because some of their clothes can be fairly expensive for the quality and then some of their clothes is really cheap. At the moment I have been loving the Jersey tops with lace which are only £7.99. These are just so comfy and I wear them so much and I think I have them in every colour as well. I also love their basic T-shirts as well. Every time I have gone into H&M recently I have been just buying homeware for my room so I haven't really bought any clothes recently from them, except for basic T-shirts.
Isabel Marant - I really struggled to think of a brand beginning with I, and I am sure as soon as I post this I will think of loads. I even looked on the ASOS website for brands and I could not find anything I liked. So when I was on Selfridges I saw a brand that I had seen and it is Isabel Marant. They do sell clothes as well but their clothes are really not my style at all, but on the Selfridges website they sell the shoes and I actually liked them especially the Roxann Ankle Boots. However, they are so expensive that I would never buy them but I really wanted to include a brand for I and it was the only one I could find that I actually liked something. But I doubt it is a brand I will ever buy from.
Jack Wills - I have only really just gotten into buying clothing for me from Jack Wills. Before last year I only ever went in there to buy for boyfriends and my friends who were male because they loved the T-shirts and it was always a safe bet to go for when buying them Christmas and birthday presents. However, recently I have purchased a few items in there and I have been so impressed with everything I bought. Some of the pieces are really expensive but they do amazing sales and I have gotten some amazing bargains in there. I don't think I have purchased anything from there which was not in the sale. I love the fact that they sell casual clothes like sweatshirts and jogging bottoms but then they also have some beautiful dresses and if you can wait til they have their sale then its even better. I have bought a dress in there that was reduced from £89 down to £20.
Kate Spade - Besides Mulberry, Kate Spade is one of my favourite handbag designers. I got my handbag last Summer at Bicester village, which is an outlet for designer brands, and I have worn it every day. I got such an amazing deal as well and got my bag for £149 down from £250. I would definitely recommend going to the Kate Spade store at Bicester village because they have amazing handbags that are a lot cheaper but they are the classic designs that will never go out of style. Also Kate Spade do some really beautiful gifts that are perfect for birthdays and Christmas or even as a thank you present, and there is a gift for everyone's budget. So you can buy a £10 notebook, or a £25 pencil case ranging up to purses that are £80 usually. Plus their packaging is beautiful and even when I bought a keyring from them it came in a little dust bag in a beautiful box.
LK Bennett - LK Bennett  is not a shop that I would usually buy anything from. However, I love their Court shoes and I use to have a pair that I got in the sale a couple of years ago and I wore them to death. Obviously I got mine in the sale and they were a nude court shoe and they are priced usually at around £170-£190. If you are looking for a smart pair of heels that you can wear to work or to special occasions then these are perfect and worth the investment. This brand is also worn by Kate Middleton on multiple occasions and they just make any outfit look incredible. I have even worn then with a loose fitting T-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans and they have looked incredible. You can obviously get cheaper versions anywhere, and I have had heels from Primark, River Island, Lipsy and so many other places but these were seriously the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.
Mulberry - One of my favourite handbag designers is Mulberry and I have been obsessed with their handbags for at least five years. I am currently saving up for the Willow Tote which is very expensive but it is my favourite design and I absolutely love it and when I went to Bicester last Summer I just picked on up to look at the quality and to see it in person and I fell in love with it even more. However, what I love about the Mulberry designs is that they are so classic and will never go out of style. But also their are other cheaper brands that also do similar designs. I actually bought a tan tote bag from Accessorise which was in the same design as the Willow Tote and it was only £45. You can pretty much find a cheaper alternative for most designer products because brands like Primark, River Island and Topshop are inspired by the designer collections.
Next - I only really go into Next to buy homeware. However, it is a store that I will sometimes buy shoes from or every now and again I will find a piece of clothing that I really love and I will then buy it. I wouldn't say its a brand I look at on a regular basis. However, I recently bought a pair of trousers that were khaki green and I think they were only £25 and I have worn them so much. I prefer shopping online with Next rather than going into a store because I find that the stores near me are more for a mature women and they sell mainly business wear which I'm not really looking for. But Next also sells brands as well like Lipsy, Carvela by Kurt Geiger, Karen Millen, Superdry and so many more brands. So I often look at those brands rather than the clothes that Next sell.
Office - Office is not really a brand as it is a store that sells other brands, but I am going to count it because they do sell their own collection of shoes which I love. What I love the most is they can sell a pair of shoes for £20 and then there are some over £100. So really it fits everyone's budget and there is more than likely going to be a shoe for everyone. I don't buy much in Office anymore but I do go in every now and again and I often buy my trainers in there just because there isn't many sports shops near me.
Primark - Primark is the shop that I spend most of my time in and I spend most of my money in. I just love Primark and everything is so affordable. Sometimes I can go in and find clothes that are really cheap and look more expensive and then sometimes I can find clothes that are quite expensive for Primark and don't look that good. I also find that I have to try everything on in Primark because sometimes you think something can look good on the hanger and then it looks awful on. But I have bought whole outfits from Primark that have only cost £25 and people have thought that it was from Topshop. I also love Primark jeans as well. I must admit I love the Topshop jeans more but they are expensive whereas you can get jeans in Primark for £7-£10 and they fit me really well, although they do stretch after wearing them a few times. Primark does not have a website that you can go to and order online but I have linked their website which allows you to browse through some of their stock so you can get an idea of what they have in store.
Quay Australia - Quay Australia is the only brand I could think of beginning with Q. Quay Australia is a brand that sells sunglasses and they can be found on ASOS, but their sunglasses are fairly affordable and they cost between £25 and £40. I have only had one pair from them before and I loved them and then I broke them by dropping them on the pavement in Oxford Street last year and then someone stood on them. I don't really have much to say about them because they are just sunglasses but if you want a pair of sunglasses that are not really cheap but are not as expensive as Ray-Bans then I would definitely suggest this brand.
River Island - River Island  is without a doubt my favourite shop. I could buy everything they sell and that includes their handbags, their shoes, accessories, swimwear and of course their clothes as well. What I love the most is that they have something for everyone and for everyone's budget. Of course they are not as cheap as Primark but their quality is a lot better and I have clothes from River Island that I still wear today and I got them five years ago. I always use to buy my handbags from River Island because they were really great for School as they could fit a lot in them but they were also affordable and only cost £39. I am also loving the fact that they have just released a plus size collection, which is a huge step for people who are plus size because not many shops will sell plus size or you have to go online to buy them. I actually bought my Mum some pieces from the new collection from River Island and she absolutely loved them.
Self-Portrait - Self-Portrait is a brand that I love but I don't shop with them that often. Their clothes are gorgeous and you instantly know when someone is wearing a dress from them just because of all the intricate details on the dresses and they often have the cut-out detailing. However, they are fairly expensive and I would only buy something from them if I had an event I needed to go to and I knew I would be able to wear it again. I am currently loving the Azaelea lace dress in blue but it is £240 and I just cannot justify spending that much money. But if you have an event that you need to go to and you want something that is beautifully made and will look stunning on then I would recommend Self-Portrait. It obviously just depends on what your budget is but they do also sell tops and skirts but they are not that much cheaper than buying a dress.
Topshop - I have always had a love/hate relationship with Topshop. I have recently fallen back in love with Topshop but sometimes I can go in and want to buy everything and then sometimes I will go in and not like anything. This is the only shop that I do this with as well. I think it's more because it isn't really my style, whereas River Island sums up my style perfectly. However, I do love Topshop jeans like most bloggers and YouTubers. They are such good quality and they fit me perfectly. I really struggle with buying jeans and Topshop is the only shop where I know that I don't even have to try them on in store because they will fit me. There are two pairs of jeans that I am loving at the moment and they are the MOTO Authentic Rip Jamie Jeans which are £42 and then the Joni Jeans which are £36.
Urban Outfitters -
Victoria Secret - Victoria Secret's is one of my favourite stores to shop from, and I especially love their sports bras. They are so comfortable and they are amazing for running and going to the gym obviously. I really love them and I have quite a few sports bras from Victoria's Secret and I am also thinking of buying more gym gear from them in the future because the sports bras are incredible quality. Not only do they have underwear, but they sell sportswear, pyjamas and some clothing. I also love their pyjamas and I always ask for a paid of pyjamas from Victoria's Secret each Christmas. To have a look at some of the products Victoria's Secret sell then please click here.
WILDFOX - WILDFOX is a brand that I often look at on ASOS and I always want to buy their stuff but it is fairly expensive. Its like £89 for a jumper with a slogan on it. But I have recently become a bit obsessed with oversized T-shirts that are just comfy and have writing or slogans on them. But what I love the most from WILDFOX is their pyjamas. These are also quite expensive and cost around £83 as well, but they are such amazing quality and I am thinking of buying one of their T-shirts soon or see if they have anything in the sale because it is a lot of money and I cannot justify spending that much on a jumper or a T-shirt right now.
X - I couldn't find any brand beginning with X.
Y.A.S. - Y.A.S. is a brand that I have only recently discovered on ASOS. I haven't actually bought anything from them but their pricing is similar to Topshop and then they obviously have some items that are a lot more expensive. I was actually looking through their clothes last night and there was so much that I wanted to buy and I think I might order a couple of pieces just so I can let you know whether the quality matches the price. Some of the clothes are not really me but there are quite a few shirts that I am liking especially the Venice top in navy blue which is only £38.
Zara - I love everything from Zara and I can only go into Zara when I'm in London because there is no Zara near my Uni or back home in Suffolk. I also can't really order anything online from Zara because I have to try everything on because sometimes their clothes can be too tight on me and then some can be too big. I especially love their coats and jackets. I recently had to get rid of my Zara jacket because it was so old but it lasted me for six years and I think it was like £60 when I got it so it was really cheap and their coats just seem to last a really long time which is something that I want in a coat, because there is no point it only lasting one Winter. I also think that Zara is fairly affordable depending on what you are looking for and there has never been a time when I have not gone into Zara and not see anything I liked.

This was so much harder than trying to find a beauty brand for each letter of the alphabet. The only letter I could not find a brand for was X, and some of these brands or stores are only brands I have got from ASOS. I found this really interesting but it took me over an hour to try and think of some brands but these are particularly my favourite brands that I shop with quite a bit. Let me know what some of your favourite brands are and if you can think of any beginning with X!!


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