Saturday, 12 March 2016


Today I wanted to share with you my favourite sunglasses that are totally affordable and won't break the bank. With Spring approaching I have found that I have been wearing sunglasses a lot more recently even though it is still freezing here in the UK. However, I find it difficult to find sunglasses that look good on me and that are affordable. I love Ray-Bans and designed sunglasses but they can be really expensive and is not in everyone's price range. Also I find that I break sunglasses so much that it is a lot better for me to buy cheaper sunglasses at the moment. So I have got four pairs of sunglasses that look good and are all under £15. I also have a slight obsession with aviator style sunglasses and I have three pairs to show you, plus a pair of oversized sunglasses and a sunglasses case that I am loving at the moment. Some people only have one pair of sunglasses, but for me sunglasses are just as important as shoes or jewellery and I like to have a few options each Summer.


My first favourites are from H&M and have been a pair of sunglasses that I have been wearing since last Summer and I still love them. I wore these so much last year and I was gutted when I snapped the arm off and I was really hoping that they would re-stock these this year. So when I went in last week I was so happy to see them back in stock. I love the gold frame with the duochrome effect on the lenses. They just add a fun twist to my outfits and I love the purple, green and teal lenses. I think these are going to be my absolute favourites once again this year. I couldn't actually find these exact ones online but they were in store last week, but they do come in other colours and can be purchased from H&M here for £5.99, which is an absolute bargain.

As you may have noticed my absolute favourite style of sunglasses is aviators, as I just think they suit my face more. So I wanted to buy a couple of other pairs and I saw these in Accessorise and just had to buy them. They have a silver rim and then the lenses are blue and green duochrome effect, which I am really liking. I haven't worn these ones yet as I think they are definitely more suited for the Summer months but I think I will get quite a lot of wear out of them. I got these in the sale for £6 down from £12 and I was unable to find any of the sunglasses from Accessorise on their website, although they might have similar ones in store.

The third pair of aviator sunglasses that I am loving are these silver ones. I really wanted a pair of sunglasses that would look good in the colder months as I feel I can only really wear the H&M ones in the Summer. I saw these in Accessorise and they were £12. They aren't my absolute favourite ones but I have worn them quite a bit until I got a pair from River Island which I am absolutely obsessed with. Plus these are just handy to keep on my bag and I'm not too worried if they break because they were not too much money. I just find that I prefer aviators that have bright coloured lenses instead. I couldn't find the exact same ones on the Accessorise website but I have found a similar style which are £12 here.

As I have already mentioned my absolute favourite sunglasses are from River Island and are these oversized sunglasses in black, with gold detailing. I just love these and they are so comfortable to wear. I usually don't wear oversized sunglasses because sometimes they can look too big for my face but I have worn these so much recently and have had so many compliments on them. The best thing about these is that they were only £14 and I think they look a lot more expensive than they actually are. Plus the arms on the sunglasses are really sturdy so I know they aren't going to snap too easily. I think these are perfect if you want a cheaper alternative to the designer oversized sunglasses and River Island have such a variety of different styled sunglasses as well. I love the fact that they look so simple but they have the gold detailing on the arms. These are definitely my favourite sunglasses for this Summer. These can be purchased from the River Island website.

Also if you are looking for a sturdy sunglasses case then I would recommend the black snake skin print sunglasses case from River Island. This does also come in white, but in my local store they only had the black case in stock. These are only £6 and are a hard case which I prefer to the fabric ones because I just feel that my sunglasses are better protected. My only issue with this case is that they are better for holding oversized sunglasses because when I put my aviators in them they shook about and I was worried they would break in my bag. However, this case is perfect for my oversized sunglasses from River Island and is a bargain at £6. These can be purchased from the River Island website as well.

Now I would be lying if I said that I didn't love designer sunglasses and I do own a couple of pairs of Ray-Bans which were birthday presents, but I do know that some of you may want to buy designer sunglasses and not pay the price. So I was looking to see where you could buy designer sunglasses for less and saw that TK Maxx is one of the best. They don't sell every designer but they do sell Valentino, Celine, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen and so many other designers. The prices are really reasonable and you can buy a pair of Valentino sunglasses for £49.99 down from £165. I have not purchased anything online from TK Maxx so I don't know how they are packaged and what their service is like but I definitely will be looking at their website a lot more in the future for sunglasses. Here is a link to all of the sunglasses that are on the TK Maxx website and they seem to bring in more stock every so often to keep it updated.

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