Saturday, 5 March 2016


I recently ordered quite a bit from Boots and I spent quite a bit on No7 products because they were having quite a few offers on at the moment. I got two makeup products and three skincare products, and I am loving three out of the five and there is one that I am totally regretting and then another one that I'm not 100% sure on. I don't usually buy much from No7, although I do buy there skincare quite a bit because it is so good for my skin but I don't usually buy makeup from them. But my first impressions of the makeup that I did buy is really good and I will definitely be buying more from them, plus I know when I got my Mum lots of makeup from No7 for Christmas she loved it as well.


I purchased the No7 Glistening Coral Blush Palette after seeing it in an Instagram post from a couple of other bloggers and I think it was also posted on No7's Instagram page as well. I just thought it was stunning and I loved the design of it. In some lights it looks like it is a blush with a bronzer and then I think it is a highlighter, I'm really not sure though but I guess you could use it as both if you wanted to. I love the abstract design of the blush and almost a bronzer in the palette. I usually don't like buying palettes where there is a mix of blush and highlighter or bronzer, but I knew I needed it in my makeup bag. It is fairly pigmented especially the bronzer/highlighter, I think the blush could be more pigmented but it would be perfect for when I'm more tanned in the Summer. I love the colour combination in this palette and I don't usually go for coral shades but I think I will be taking this with me when I go to America this Summer for a month. It is meant to give you a healthy glow and I think is probably more suited with a tan so I will be putting this to the side until my holiday. I also like the fact that the bronzer/highlighter has a slight shimmer to it but the actual blush is matte. I just feel like there is more bronzer than blush and I wanted it to have more of the coral shade. It is £12.50 and I think it is worth the money, the packaging is gorgeous and I love the colours. My only issue with it is the fact that it didn't seem that pigmented when I swatched it when I first got it but I'm hoping it will show up more when I use it. I have had cheaper blushes that are just as good as this product but I think it is definitely worth the money.

I also purchased the No7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define because in the Instagram post of the blush palette, it had this next to it. I got this in the shade Glistening Ray and it was £8. When I first got this I wasn't sure if it was meant to be an eyeliner or a cream eyeshadow, and I have not found that it is meant to do both, which I really like. I don't think I would use this colour as an eyeliner though, so I will be using it as just an eyeshadow. It comes in lots of other colours but I though this shade would be perfect for just a natural makeup look and I didn't want anything that was too extreme just in case I didn't like the formula. The colour I got isn't as pigmented as I would like and when I swatched it on my hand I couldn't see it in some lights (although it is a cream/gold colour so wasn't expecting it to be extremely pigmented). However, I do like the fact that it is quite subtle and if you get a darker shade then it will be more visible. I also love the fact that it has a slight shimmer to it which you can see in some lights. It is very easy to apply and last a long time which is something that I always look for in a product. Plus I liked the fact that it applied easily even though I wasn't wearing a primer.

I have always been a fan of the No7 skincare and I use the Beautiful Skin day and night cream a lot. So when I saw that they were releasing a new Beautiful Skin range I knew I wanted to get a couple of products just to see whether I liked it or not. I'm not that impressed with the new range and I think it is more to do with the scent of the products. It's not a very nice smell for me anyway and it lingered for so long and I'm just not sure at the moment. The first product I got was the No7 Beautiful Skin Gorgeous Glow Body Scrub. This is a product that I am going to carry on using because it has done wonders for my skin and I will just have to deal with the smell. The scent in this product is not as strong so I can easily mask it with perfume after I use it. This body scrub is not like any other scrub I have used before. It is so dense and you have to scoop it out which I was a bit worried about because it is almost solid and I didn't know how it would apply to my skin. I actually really like the consistency and it isn't too harsh on my skin either. A lot of body scrubs that I have used in the past have left my skin feeling good for a short amount of time but the effects didn't last that long. Whereas with this scrub it leaves my skin feeling soft and does make it look a lot healthier. This is £13.50 and I don't know if I will repurchase it after I have used it because I'm not 100% keen on the scent but I might just because it has done wonders for my skin.

One product that I am regretting so much is the No7 Beautiful Skin Pampering Dry Oil Body Spray. This was an impulse purchase and I just wasn't impressed. First of all it had obviously leaked slightly and it had caused the label to come off and then it had been stuck back on and it didn't look very neat. I thought this would just help leave my skin smooth and instead it did nothing for my skin. It was meant to absorb into my skin almost straight away and it just left my skin looking greasy and it would not absorb unless I rubbed it in for 5 minutes. The scent of this product is a lot stronger and it did give me a headache. I just don't think it was worth the price I paid, which was £11.50 and I wish I had gotten another makeup item from them instead. I'm just seriously disappointed with this product.

I don't often self-tan much but every now and again I just want to give a healthy glow to my skin and I live in England, where we get hardly any sun. So I wanted to try out one of the self-tan products from No7. This is the product that I am not 100% sure on at the moment because I haven't been using it for that long. I decided to get the Naturally Sun Kissed Gradual Body Tan. There has been a lot of criticism over this product, from the quality to the scent. I don't have a problem with the scent because I have tried other self-tanning products which have smelt a lot worse. I have only used this a couple of times so I haven't seen any results yet so I can't come to a proper decision about whether I like this or not. But from the reviews I have seen it doesn't really do much. I'm going to keep going with this product and see if it does anything but I'm not expecting much from it. This was £9.95 but I got it for free because it was 3 for 2 in Boots. I don't think I will buy this again, unless I see any dramatic results because I know there are other self-tanning products that I like more.

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