Friday, 8 April 2016


I always struggle with finding a shampoo that works best for my hair; especially as I dye my hair every three to four months which damages and dries out my hair. So I was so happy when in February L'Oréal released a new collection for their Elvive range. I was going to buy it as soon as it came out but I wanted to use up my current shampoo before buying any more. So I decided to buy the whole collection last month and I am obsessed with it.

If you are like me then you can rejoice at the fact that L'Oréal has brought out a range which is for people who suffer with oily roots but their ends are really dry! Over the last year I have realised that I have to wash my hair so much, so I am excited that L'Oréal have brought out a collection which should combat that issue. The Extraordinary Clay collection is designed to combat this problem, and absorbs any excess oil from the roots while leaving the ends silky smooth, which eliminates the need to wash your hair on a regular basis.

The collection consists of four products; a pre-shampoo masque, shampoo, conditioner and a dry shampoo. All of them contain three clays - which is a totally new ingredient to L'Oréal's line-up! It has white clay to purify the roots, a blue clay to hydrate the ends of your hair, and a green clay to revitalise the entire fibre. But the main question is do they really work?

I am so happy to say that this product does work on my hair, and even though I have only used it for just under a month I have noticed a difference in my hair already. I have found that my hair doesn't look greasy but it still has a shine to it, and the ends of my hair are left feeling really silky smooth. Also, it has allowed me an extra day between washing my hair, which is perfect if you are like me and colour your hair frequently and don't want to over-wash your hair.

Firstly, it wouldn't be me if I did not mention the packaging. It is the same as all of the other Elvive range, but it is in this gorgeous bright blue/turquoise shade. I was instantly drawn to this in Boots just because of the colour of the packaging and it does look amazing in my bathroom! Although you should never buy a product just for the packaging and also I was really interested in seeing if this formula would work at all.

I was really intrigued with the clay masque; which is the first step. You apply it for five minutes onto dry hair before washing it off. When I first used it I was worried because it is heavily scented and I have such sensitive skin as it is. But I found that it didn't irritate my skin at all. I was also worried about the colour as it is a vibrant blue and I thought would it stain my skin but luckily it didn't. It also looks like it could be quite messy but I found it really easy to apply as the texture of the mask is quite think (almost clay like) so it stays in place. After using the clay masque, shampoo and conditioner I find that my hair feels soft and clean, and it does not strip the hair or colour unlike some volumising and oil-minimising hair products can. It also leaves my hair feeling hydrated and I am now converted to just using these products for the time being as they work so well on my hair!

The real test is how long this actually works for! And I am happy to say that I can leave my hair unwashed for three days without it looking greasy. Before I would have to wash my hair every two days because my roots would get really oily. On the final day, I do have to use the dry shampoo just to freshen up my hair but I found that this works really well. It doesn't leave a horrible residue in my hair and it doesn't leave my hair feeling chalky like some other dry shampoos do.

You can buy the Extraordinary Clay collection at Boots. At the moment they are offering a bundle; which includes the clay masque, the shampoo and the conditioner for £10 and can be purchased here.

If any of you are in the same boat as me with oily roots and dry ends and are in need or a re-balance then I would definitely recommend giving this collection a try and see if it works out for you as well!!


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