Friday, 15 April 2016


I thought I would share with you all my five top drugstore lipsticks that I love having in my makeup bag and find myself reaching for most of the time. I will in the future do a blog post on my top five high-end lipsticks, but I find that I will reach for my drugstore lipsticks more just because they don't cost as much as lipsticks from Yves Saint Laurent or Mac. I use to never wear lipstick until a year ago and would always find myself reaching for the same lip gloss all the time. But now I am obsessed and you will notice from my top five drugstore lipsticks that I either love a nude lip or I go for a darker red. I do have one lipstick in this collection which would never be a colour I usually go for but I find I reach for it so much, especially in Spring and Summer.

All of these lipsticks apply smoothly and are long-lasting (with the exception being Maybelline's Peach Poppy which has more of a glossier finish, and therefore doesn't last as long as the others) and they all finish of my makeup looks perfectly without breaking the bank!

I picked up the Maybelline Peach Poppy a couple of months ago and I have worn it so much that I had to buy another one a week ago. This is a total pick-me-up shade and is usually a shade that I would never even look at. But I remember reading someone's blog and they spoke so much about this lipstick that I had to buy it for myself. It is absolutely stunning on my lips and even though it looks like a really bright peach colour, it does come off quite subtle on the lips. It also looks great on my skin tone (and I am quite pale) but it also looks amazing when I'm tanned as well. Like I already said this is not as long-lasting as the other lipsticks due to the fact that it has a glossy finish. Also, I have found that I have to moisturise my lips before putting this lipstick on because it can show where your lips are dry but apart from that it is my favourite lipstick this Spring. I love to wear this lipstick when I'm going for more of a natural makeup look but I just want to add a brighter colour to my lips!

Last August I wrote a whole blog post on the lipsticks in the Kate Moss Nude Collection by Rimmel. I feel like the 90s brown lipsticks have really made a comeback since Kylie Jenner was seen wearing it and I just think this lipstick is the perfect nude/brown shade and looks perfect on any skin tone. I mentioned in that blog post that there is only one shade that I really wear and that is in the Shade 43. That is still the case and I am absolutely in love with this shade. The formulation is incredible; with them being opaque, creamy and with a semi-matte finish.

I am a massive fan of Revlon lipsticks and they are just so creamy and pretty much every shade of lipstick is a shade that I would wear. One of my favourite shades is Blushed. This isn't really a nude shade as it is slightly more pink but it looks very natural on the lips and it looks incredible with a smokey eye.

I have always been shy of wearing a red lipstick but the very first red lipstick I bought was the Rimmel Kate Moss 107. I feel like this is a lipstick in every blogger's makeup collection and it is just a must-have red in my eyes. I love the fact that it is not a bright red, but in fact it is darker red and looked perfect with a bronze-toned smokey eye or even on its own with just mascara.

Revlon Black Cherry is a gorgeous shade of lipstick and is the lipstick I find myself reaching for the most when I want a darker lip. When you first see it, It does look like a dark brown but when it is applied to the lips it is a really dark red (almost like a black cherry) and I absolutely love it on a night out. I probably won't wear this that often during the Spring and Summer because it is more of a darker shade and is more perfect for the Autumn and Winter months.

Please let me know in the comments which are your favourite drugstore lipsticks


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