Thursday, 26 May 2016


As you will be aware, for my blog, I am often buying new beauty products (whether drugstore or high-end) to review and include in these posts. Even though I have a whole collection of makeup, I often find myself stuck in a rut (or stuck in my comfort zone) when it comes to my everyday makeup look and I rarely mix it up. Therefore, with it being almost Summer, I thought it would be the perfect time to change up my look and add some new makeup products to my makeup bag.


Tuesday, 24 May 2016


It would be an understatement to say that when I heard that Urban Decay were once again collaborating with Disney to release a limited edition collection, including a new eyeshadow palette and five lipsticks, I was excited. For years, I have been purchasing most of the eyeshadow palettes released by Urban Decay, but one of the palettes I really wanted to buy but never got was the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows palette that was released in 2010. So I knew that at the beginning of May, when the Alice Through the Looking Glass palette was released I was going to buy it straight away. This palette is inspired by the new Disney film of Alice Through the Looking Glass, which is being released on the 27th May.

Firstly, can we mention how beautiful this palette is; it seems that every time Urban Decay release a palette, especially when it is limited edition, they put so much detail into the design and theme of the palette. They have really managed to encapsulate the feel of Alice in Wonderland into this collection and it is such a statement piece that will definitely be going on my dressing table, as it is so beautiful to be kept in a drawer. This palette features a bright and colourful kaleidoscopic artwork which features flowers and butterflies, as well as including some of the most iconic quotes from the film. I love the fact that it looks a lot more modern than the previous Alice in Wonderland palette, and it just looks incredible on a dressing table. When you lift the lid and open up the doors inside, there is a 3D butterfly that springs up. There is a reasonably sized mirror as well; although I personally would have preferred for it to be slightly larger so it was more usable as there is a lot of wasted space around the mirror. To access the palette itself, you have to just pull open the palette's drawer to reveal the eyeshadows, which are arranged by character in columns. My only criticism is that the palette is quite larger and would not really be practical to take away on holiday with you, but for all the detail that has gone into and the fact you get 20 eyeshadows, you would expect it to be slightly larger. The palette, like most of the larger palettes, comes with a double-ended brush. I prefer to use my own brushes but I will probably use this brush every now and again, and it feels really soft and would be good for applying the shadows.

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