Monday, 6 June 2016


I have never been the type of girl that loves to wear loads of jewellery and when I do wear necklaces or bracelets, I usually go for more delicate pieces as I find bolder pieces do not suit me at all and can sometimes look too much. However, I have recently been trying to wear more jewellery and even though most of my jewellery comes from Primark or from high street stores like River Island, Accessorise and New Look; I wanted to buy some jewellery that is slightly more expensive and that I knew would last me a lot longer that the jewellery I already have.

I have always been a massive fan of the jewellery from Ted Baker, and I always thought that it was more expensive that it really is. Don't get me wrong, some of the necklaces they sell are still £99 and are a bit too bold for me. However, they have bangles on their website for £35 and earrings for as little as £19 which I think is a really good price for jewellery that is going to be of a high quality and be a really special piece for anyone; I think Ted Baker jewellery is perfect for birthday presents or even graduation presents, as students are coming to the end of their final year at school or University.

I recently went shopping with my Mum and we came across a Ted Baker Outlet store; which sold products from past seasons and collections at a discounted price. I tried on a couple of pieces and when I was coming out of the dressing room, I noticed they had some jewellery pieces on display and I saw these gorgeous stud earrings. When it comes to earrings, I prefer wearing studs rather than drop earrings, as they do not suit me.

These earrings have a light blue centre stone surrounded by a halo of smaller clear crystals. At first I thought that these earrings might be too big and only suitable for the evening, but that is definitely not the case and I have worn these every day since I have got them. Even though they are quite big, they are not too over the top and just sit really nicely on the ear. Also I am in love with the colour of the light blue stone in the centre, because I have been wearing a lot of blue clothes recently and they just look really pretty. They are also perfect for if you want to wear your hair up or down, as they still show through my hair even when it is down. Usually when I buy jewellery, and stud earrings especially, I always buy clear crystals just because I think they suit me more but now that I have bought these I think I am going to buy other pieces of jewellery in this shade of blue as well. Not only can these been worn during the day but could also be worn in the evening and would look amazing with your hair up. These earrings were only £20 reduced from £39 and you could spend that on a necklace in Topshop so I think the prices are really inexpensive; especially as Ted Baker is a designer brand.

It would not be my blog if I did not talk about the packaging, and even though I bought these earrings in an outlet Ted Baker store, the packaging was still beautiful. Not only do you get the lime green gift bag that is provided with any purchase, but you also get a separate card pouch to keep your jewellery in as well. With every piece of jewellery you buy from Ted Baker, you will also be provided with a small dust bag, which I really like because it is high quality jewellery and it is nice to be able to keep you jewellery safe and clean so they don't get damaged. I think it just makes such a special gift and you don't even have to wrap it up because I would just love to receive it in the car pouch, dust bag and in the Ted Baker bag. Ted Baker jewellery is definitely a perfect gift for graduations and birthdays and is suitable for most ages, as they do have some more delicate pieces as well as the bold and bright necklaces.

Unfortunately these earrings are no longer sold by Ted Baker online, but you may still be able to find them in an outlet store or even in a Ted Baker store. However, I have found on the website a bangle which has the same design, so if you liked the style of these earrings, this might be an appropriate alternative. I love this bangle and it would be a perfect present, if the person doesn't have their ears pierced or they prefer wearing bracelets instead of earrings. The Crystal Bangle in Light Blue is gorgeous and would be perfect for prom and it comes in a variety of different colours as well. They do also stock some outlet pieces on their website if there is not an outlet store near you.

I also went on the Ted Baker website, and although they do not sell these earrings on the website anymore, they do have similar earrings; either similar design or colour. I have found these really sweet Crystal Stud Earrings in light blue, which would be perfect if you prefer wearing smaller stud earrings. Also if you want the drop version of these earrings that I have bought, they can be found on the Ted Baker website here.

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