Tuesday, 19 July 2016


When I heard that L'Oréal were going to bring out three pure clay masks, I was so excited and as soon as they were released I went and bought all three from Boots. I have currently been using the Extraordinary Clay shampoo and conditioner that L'Oréal brought out earlier this year, so I knew that I would be a fan of these masks. I often find it difficult to find masks that are affordable and that actually work, but I am already in love with these clay masks and I have only been using them for a couple of weeks.

Each clay mask has the same three core clays in them; which are Kaolin, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul clays. However, these are the base ingredients and it is the fourth ingredient added that targets specific individual's need. Purity has Eucalyptus, Detox has Charcoal and Glow has Red Algae added to the three clays.

I have only tested the Purity and Detox mask and saw visible results after just one use. What I love the most about these masks is the fact that you can either use one mask all over your face to target individual needs, or you can multi-mask and place all three masks on certain areas of the face to target specific areas of the face. I am definitely going to be trying this as I find that certain parts of my face have different needs when it comes to a face mask. From testing all three of the masks on my arm, I did notice that the glow mask has a different texture and is a lot coarser and feels more like an exfoliating scrub; wheras purity and detox are a lot smoother and easier to apply.

Each mask targets certain needs; with Purity focusing on working deep into pores to leave skin feeling purified and matte-looking, Glow works on brightening and exfoliating the skin and Detox works to cleanse deep into pores.

I applied the face mask quite thickly and as soon as I washed them off I could see a change in my skin; and it left my face feeling softer and clearer, which is something that I desperately need. The more you use the masks, the more you will notice visible results. Once the mask has been applied, it is expected that you leave it to dry for 5-10 minutes. I have fairly sensitive skin and was worried that it would react badly to the mask, as they are heavily scented and don't have the same Earthy scent that I associate with clay masks. I did feel my skin start to itch, however, I did not break out it left my skin feeling amazing. I found that when it dries, it made my skin feel really tight which was quite irritating, but the more I used them the more I got use to the feeling. Once the mask is left on for up to 10 minutes, you are expected to wash it off with a damp cloth. I did find that I had to scrub a lot harder with the Detox mask, as it kept leaving my skin with a grey hue, but after washing my face for around 5 minutes it came off fairly easily.

Overall I absolutely love these masks and are a more affordable option, only costing £7.99 here


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