Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Recently, I wrote a blog post on a fake tan that I had bought and I wasn't really a massive fan of it. I really struggle buying fake tan products because usually they are streaky, they are long-lasting (so the streaks stay for a long time) or they come out orange rather than giving me a natural tan. So I decided to give Benefit's Hoola Zero Tanlines Body Bronzer a go and see if that would work better for me. I love the Hoola range from benefit, and have been using the matte bronzing powder for a while now, plus I recently got the bronzing and contouring brush and Dew the Hoola Bronzing Liquid. Because I love those products so much I was hoping I was going to love this body bronzer as well.

This is a genius product from benefit; and I can honestly say this is one of my favourite products from Benefit. This is a gel bronzer that is to be used on your body (so is not to be used on your face). It comes with a sponge in the cap of the product, so that means it is completely hands free. This is something that really attracted me to the product because it is so annoying having to wear gloves or risk getting the tanning product on your hands. This is meant to blend instantly and you apply the gel bronzer onto the sponge and apply to your body in broad circular motions. This also is meant to make sure that your arms and legs aren't left streaky (which is something I suffer from with other tanning products). There is also the signature Hoola scent to it and it leaves you with a natural glowing tan; you will look like you have been on holiday after using this product.

First of all, Benefit's packaging is just incredible. The whole new Hoola collection that was brought out this Spring looked amazing and this product is no exception. It obviously follows on from the Hawaiian theme that Benefit loves, and I love the bronze and pink shades that have been used on the tube and the box. I also love the fact that there is a hidden sponge in the cap of the tube. Usually when I am given brushes or sponges with products, like eyeshadow palettes, I usually won't use them because I will use my own makeup brushes. However, I would only use this sponge as my applicator when I am using this product. It means that it is hands free application and you don't have to worry about using gloves or worrying about the gel bronzer getting on your hands. This is so easy to use and all you do is place a 10p size of the bronzer on the sponge and in broad circular motions apply to the area of your body that you want to give a natural tan.

I am in love with this body bronzer; although I have heard some negative reviews of this product which I was surprised about after using this product. Obviously every product is going to work differently depending on your skin type or how you apply the product, so some people will love products and then some will absolutely hate it. One of the things that I really like about this product is the fact that it does not smell of fake tan, which is something that I hate. This has the signature Hoola scent to it and it is such a subtle scent anyway that you can barely smell it.

Like I have said this bronzer is so easy to apply and I love the results it gives. This gives me a natural and glowing tan and it does look like I have been on holiday when I use this bronzer. This is not a fake tan though, this is a body bronzer. Therefore it is not long-lasting and it will roughly last for around 12 hours, sometimes longer. Therefore, if you want a fake tan, this is not the product for you. However, I like the fact that it doesn't last too long because if it was to go streaky then I can easily get rid of it after a few hours by washing it off. Also, this will not transfer onto your clothes or bedding which is really good to know because I have used tanning products in the past and woken up with my sheets orange. It blends so easily into my skin and you can build up the colour that you want. Usually I apply three layers to make sure my legs match the rest of my body but you can obviously choose however much you want to use. Since I have been using this, I have never had it go streaky and it will give you an absolutely incredible bronzed tan which looks natural. I don't use this every day but if I am wearing a short dress or a skirt I will definitely just apply some of this bronzer, plus it only takes a few minutes to apply and for it to dry. It dries matte which is brilliant, because there are some body bronzers that have a slight shimmer to them and I prefer for it to look natural.

I would definitely recommend this product if you want a bronzer than you can use every now and again to give you an amazing tan. This would definitely be perfect in the Winter months, if you have been abroad but your legs don't match the tan on your arms or vice versa. This is definitely a holiday tan in a box!!

This Benefit Bronzer available for £19.50 (here)


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