Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Today is the last day where I will be writing a blog post every day; as I told you at the beginning, to make up for not writing much on my blog over the last few months I wanted to write a post on each day during August. I have somehow managed to complete that and I have written 31 posts this month. The next time I will be writing a post each day will be in December! I will be uploading more often from now on but I haven't decided what dates I will be writing on each month. I always want to say a massive thank you because I hit over 5,000 views on my blog in the last month. This is a small number in comparison to some people, but it amazes me that so many people read my blog from all over the world and I am entirely grateful and I just want to thank you all for reading!

Now onto the product I am reviewing; which is Benefit's Operation: Pore Proof kit. This actually isn't for me but I bought it for my Mum to try and get her into using Benefit products but also to help her makeup stay on longer. I don't really suffer from oily skin (I am normal to dry skin) but my Mum does suffer from oily skin and I saw this little box of goodies and thought I would buy it for her. Benefit does quite a few sets like these and they are really sweet as presents and would even be perfect as little stocking fillers for Christmas. This kit is brilliant because all the products in it are based on fighting against pores and shine! Plus it comes with signature tips and tricks that will help you to achieve the most out of each product. I really like this because it is mini versions of some of Benefit's best loved products that fight pores and shine; therefore you can try out the minis and then if you like a couple of the products you can buy them in the full size. If you don't like the products then you have not wasted your money on a full size product that you don't like.

In this kit there are 5 mini benefit products and a small brush. It contains The POREfessional Pore Minimising Balm Mini, Shy Beam Nude Pink Highlighter Mini, Dr Feelgood Complexion Balm Mini, The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine Mini and The POREfessional License to Blot Mini.

I like the fact that you get a mirror in this kit (which is hidden behind the tips and tricks booklet) which is always handy to have. Plus it is really nice to have the Tip and Tricks in the kit because not everyone is going to know where to place a certain product. I personally have never seen the Dr Feelgood Complexion Balm before so I would not know where it should be placed on the face, therefore you can check the booklet to see what they recommend you do with it. I also love the fact that they are all mini version of the products, so they are prefect for travelling. Also, like I said earlier you can test the minis before committing to buying the full size version. My Mum has been using all the products and she loves all of them except for the POREfessional Agent Zero Shine Mini, as it is too small and she could get hardly any product out. Besides that the other products have help reduce pores and shine when she has applied makeup and she even uses them when she is not wearing makeup to help reduce shine. I have only ever used the POREfessional Pore Minimising Balm Mini and absolutely love it. I think it is incredible and really does what it says on the tin. I don't personally need to use the other products because I don't ever get oily skin but my Mum is a massive fan of four out of the five products and she has said she will be buying them in the full size as well. I think this is such a cute gift for someone, especially if they are new to makeup and wants to try out some new products. It is quite expensive at £28.50 but some of the Benefit Mini Products can cost £9 when you buy them separately.

This kit is available for £28.50 (here)


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