Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Fashion is something that I have been passionate about since I was little; I have always been the kind of girl that has to make sure everything goes together, even down to shoes and accessories. However, I don't blog about fashion as much (which will hopefully change in the future!) but I recently did a bit of shopping in Jack Wills and did some damage to my bank account. When I shopped before, I always use to buy clothes that I knew I would never wear or I would go into a shop like Primark and spend a fortune on clothes that I knew would not last me that long and I would be giving away a few months down the line. However, I have now decided that when I go shopping I am only going to buy items that I know I will wear and are great quality; don't get me wrong I will still go into shops like Primark but I probably won't spend as much as I use to in there. I have tried to pair tops with different skirts but they will all go with jeans, trousers, or even plain tops.

Jack Wills has been one of my favourite shops for the last few years and until now I have only purchased a few items from them. However, I am away with my family at the moment for a couple of days by the seaside, and I went into two different Jack Wills shops and purchased quite a few items. Even though it is a lot to buy in one shopping trip; I have chosen pieces that can be mixed and matched and have gone for the same colour scheme throughout, which is navy and white. Not all of these items were full price either as some was in the sale, however I know that these pieces will last and I will be able to wear them during the day and in the evening. Plus all of these items will go with other pieces that I already have in my wardrobe.

In the first Jack Wills store, I saw this navy skirt and fell in love with it and thought it would be a classic wardrobe staple. It is a simple navy skater skirt; and it feels like it is made from a jersey material, even though it is cotton and polyester. It has a nice weight to it as well so it won't blow up in the wind and it hangs really nicely on the body. I am a big fan of skater skirts because they suit my body shape, as I have an hourglass figure. This skirt is so versatile and can be worn with so many different tops as well. I would wear it with a plain t-shirt, although I did try it on with all of the tops I bought from Jack Wills and I think they all work so well. I think everyone needs a simple skirt in their wardrobe (either in black or navy) because they go with so many other pieces and can be worn casually, or dressed up for an evening. This would also be a perfect skirt to wear to a job interview or for a University application interview.

I have paired the navy skater skirt with three tops that I bought from Jack Wills as well. The first is a really pretty navy and white striped top. I really loved this top when I saw it because I thought it would look perfect with the skirt; and when I tried them on together it looked like I was wearing a dress. It has a beateau neckline, and it could be worn off the shoulders as well if you want to. This is more of a cropped top, however it is a reasonable length and worn with a high waisted skirt or high waisted jeans it wouldn't show too much skin. Like I said when paired with this skater skirt, it looks like I am wearing a dress.

Although it is the Summer, I did decide to buy a jumper as well. I have been really liking the cricket style jumpers that I have seen everywhere and there was a jumper from Topshop that I absolutely loved but didn't like the fact that I would have to wear a vest underneath as it was more of an open knit. What I really like about this jumper is that it is the style of a cricket jumper but it is a finer knit; rather than a chunky knit that I associate with cricket jumpers. I also like the navy striped detail around the collar, hem and the cuffs. This is also considered a cropped jumper, however with a high-waisted skirt or high waisted jeans it would not show too much skin.

The final top that I decided to pair with the skater skirt is this white sleeveless shirt. I thought this would look really sweet and once again I think a white shirt should be a staple in everyone's wardrobe. It has a peter pan collar, with a  pocket on the chest. I really liked the fact it was a button-down shirt, because sometimes shirts have no fastening, of they only have a few buttons near the neckline, which can be quite annoying to take on and off. Also with the fact that it is a button-down you could tie it at the hem into a knot, to give a more fitted look. However, I really like the fact that it is fairly loose and I decided not to tuck it into the skirt because I liked the way it looked more. It is made out of cotton, so is perfect for the hot weather and there is a self-pattern running all over the shirt. I like how delicate this looks but it is also casual at the same time and would look amazing with a pair of jeans and sandals.

Finally, I got two items in similar patterns, and I decided to pair them together to make them look like one dress. I got this navy broderie anglaise skirt, and I thought it looked really sweet on the mannequin in the store. It is fully lined but you are able to see the broderie anglaise layer over the top. It has a full skirt and I really like how it hangs when I wear it. This would look amazing with the white sleeveless shirt or just a plain top in navy; for a more casual look. I finally bought this navy broderie anglaise sleevless top. It has a scoop neckline, and I really like the fit of this top because even though it is slightly bigger, it can be made to look fitter by tucking it into a skirt. The broderie anglaise pattern is slightly larger than on the skirt, so you would definitely have to match your underwear to the top. However, I think this looks so pretty with the broderie anglaise skirt that I bought and even though the pattern is slightly different, it does look like you are wearing a dress when you put them together.

What I love about all of these purchases is that they are staple wardrobe pieces that can be worn at any time in the year, day or night and can be dressed up or down. Plus you can also mix and match the tops with the skirts, or the skirts can be worn with plain t-shirts, and the tops can all be worn with a pair of jeans and sandals. I think when shopping for key items it is best to stick with one colour scheme because then you know that you can mix and match all the pieces and you will have a combination of different outfits. I would probably take all these items away on holiday with me and just take a couple of plain tops and a pair of jeans and I would then have enough outfits for the whole week. I am also loving the whole navy and white look (if you had not realised) as I think it looks so classic and is perfect dressed casually for the day but all these items can be dressed up for the evening!!


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