Monday, 1 August 2016


I have been wanting to try Lancome's Miracle Cushion Foundation, but at £30, it is fairly expensive, especially as I rarely use cushion foundations. So when I heard L'Oréal were bringing out a cushion foundation and cushion de soleil I was eager to buy both and try them out; to see if I can get on with cushioned products and to determine whether I should buy the Lancôme cushion foundation as well. I purchased both the L'Oréal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation and the L'Oréal Glam Bronze Cushion De Soleil. These are only £14.99 each and therefore are half the price of the Lancôme foundation.

The packaging of both products are identical, with the only difference between the two are the colour of the products; the cushion foundation is a lilac shade and the cushion bronzer is a copper/brown shade. The products are lightweight and are fairly compact, which makes it perfect for travelling abroad. The plastic container makes it look fairly cheap, although I do like the contrast between the matte finish and the metallic finish of the lid. When you lift up the lid there is a small flat sided sponge; which almost feels like a rubber. I am not keen on using the sponges that comes with products, but I have been using the sponge for touch ups on the go. However, I usually apply the foundation and bronzer with either a Beautyblender or a brush. There is another lid, which provides and airtight container for the product to sit in.

I was really sceptical with cushioned products because I always wonder how much product is being soaked up by the cushion and would it waste a lot of the foundation or bronzer. However, you only have to tap very lightly to get a lot of product out, and I find that I only have to tap on the cushion a couple of times to cover my whole face.

I am in love with this foundation; although at first I was not 100% keen on the finish that it gave my skin. This leaves my skin feeling luminous, glowing and natural, while leaving a beautiful dewy finish to my skin; therefore this is not for anyone who is looking for a matter foundation. What I love the most about this foundation is the fact that you can choose what finish you want, and you can easily build up the coverage. I have often suffered with foundations leaving my skin looking patchy or it won't even out my skin tone evenly; although with this product I have found that it evens my skin tone perfectly and leaves my skin looking natural as if I am not wearing foundation at all.

This also lasts a long time on my skin, however I do often have to set it with powder. However what I love about the product is that I do not have to wear a primer or set my makeup with setting sprays. My only criticism with this product is that to make it blend into my skin, I have to put my concealer on first, otherwise I find it can look a bit patchy.

The bronzer is a liquid in a cushion format. There is only one shade at the moment in this collection and luckily for me it is a perfect shade for anyone who has fair skin. (Hopefully they will add more shades in the future for people with deeper skin tones!) It is matte and warm in colour and I am still trying to get to grips with using a liquid bronzer. It does blend really nicely and like with the foundation, you can easily build up the coverage and leave your skin looking sun kissed. I like how it gives a warmth to my skin, without looking orange; which is something that I have found in some bronzers.

Personally, for me I love both products, however I am not sure whether it is worth £14.99. I think there are cheaper foundations that are just as good but I would definitely repurchase this in the future because I do like the finish it gives. In terms of the bronzer I like the format and think it is really innovative, however I am still a fan of powder bronzers, like Benefit's Hoola.


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